Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: The Tale of the Storm

"Eye of the Storm!"

"How can it be possible?!"

Yun Xi and Xiao Cao wore a surprised look after they heard that taboo name.

The demon's sea. The abyss in hell. The place no one returns from.

It was the most mysterious area in the middle of the White Lotus Sword Domain. Even ordinary people had also heard of its existence.

Eye of the Storm. It was said that if you looked down from the sky, only this area was covered in darkness. It was an area of the sea that was covered by countless storms.

Many hero ranked beings had tried to explore this area of the sea in the past, but most of them had lost their way before they had ventured deep into this area. This area had swallowed a lot of people’s lives.

Many people believed that there was a terrible monster living within this area and that mortals should never come to this area. This was the most frightening forbidden area in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain. Even the ship, White Lotus, also specifically kept a distance from this area in the past, because no one could predict when the overwhelming black storm would come.

“No one can return from the Eye of the Storm”, was an old saying spread within White Lotus Sword Domain. It accurately described the weird area's properties.

Were they in that legendary forbidden area?

"Remember the hero ranked adventure team I talked about before? They were eliminated within the surrounding region of Eye of the Storm. Unfortunately, we have gone deeper than they did, probably in the middle area." Hua Yue didn't want to acknowledge it, but that was the most likely truth.

After all, who would think that White Lotus would fly off the airline route and crash in the most dangerous area in the entire Sword Domain?

This was a real dead zone that may have indescribable monsters! Maybe the monster who could even swallow the hero ranked adventure team was on this seemingly common island!

"In legends, White Lotus's secret treasure is in the Eye of the Storm..." Hua Yue murmured.

She remembered an unsubstantiated old tale. The White Lotus Sword Domain was just a common lower-level sword domain, but it had a rare "secret treasure". No one knew what the secret treasure was. Someone said that it was a matchless weapon, another said that it was a supreme sword skill, and yet another said that it was a flag that could dominate all beings.

The only thing that could be confirmed was that the secret treasure did exist, because there was a trace of the secret treasure's shadow in Sword Palace. It was said that only when the Sword Domain was in danger, would the master of White Lotus Sword Domain use it.

As for what the real secret treasure was... no one knew. People only knew that once upon a long time ago, when the Sky Sword God's Domain was just born in the void, the secret treasure had appeared in the White Lotus Sword Domain. After it released its earth-shaking power, it disappeared with not the least of a trace to be found.

It was said that someone realized the rules of the world after seeing the secret treasure's shadow in Sword Palace, and finally became a "Sky Sword". It was said that when the "Sky Sword" was still a mortal, he was born in the White Lotus Sword Domain and left his legacy in the sword domain. He was Yun Hai. Before he became a Sky Sword, people called him "Yun Hai, the Sword Master". He was the only Sky Sword who was born in a lower-level sword domain.

Due to this, every time the Sword Palace began to organise their entrance test, there were always a lot of geniuses across the star bridge, coming to take part in their test from various sword domains. Their goal was the secret treasure's shadow in the Sword Palace.

At the same time, every few years, some hero ranked warriors would form a team to explore the most terrible forbidden area in the White Lotus Sword Domain: the Eye of the Storm.

Their goal was very specific: come to search for the legendary secret treasure, because all the other areas in the White Lotus Sword Domain had been searched. Only the Eye of the Storm hadn’t been thoroughly searched.

Year in and year out, one group after another came to the Eye of the Storm, but most of them couldn't even get through the surrounding region. A few people entered the inner area, but none of them returned.

Theoretically, legend ranked beings couldn't enter the White Lotus Sword Domain unless they wanted to destroy it. In that case, the strongest person that could go to explore the Eye of the Storm was still at the hero rank.

After many hero-ranked adventure team were eliminated in the Eye of the Storm, almost no one dared to challenge this dead zone again. The Eye of the Storm was the only forbidden area in the White Lotus Sword Domain.

"If this island is in the deepest area of the Eye of the Storm, unless the master of Sky Sword God's Domain comes to change the Sword Domain's rules to allow legend-ranked people to enter this area, we'd better give up waiting for rescue..." Hua Yue analysed with a depressed look.

She felt too hopeless, so she only told Yun Xi and Xiao Cao this cruel news.

"Are you sure that we are in the Eye of the Storm?" Yun Xi took a deep breath. His eyes didn't look depressed but had become brighter.

"Yes..." Hua Yue looked at "Mei" and was enchanted with his determined look.

What a pair of beautiful eyes!

In her black pupils, it was comforting enthusiasm and confidence, as if being trapped in the Eye of the Storm was just a miniature disaster in her eyes Even though she was facing the Eye of the Storm, the dead zone which had swallowed one hero ranked being after another, her eyes were still saying that she would never give up!

"In that case, I think that we should make a long-term plan." Yun Xi had to prepare for their future after knowing what cruel situations they would be facing.

Of course, he wouldn't give up nor did he feel desperate. Compared to be hunted by the White Holy Dragon sent by his four overlord ex-girlfriends, what was the Eye of the Storm? It was nothing. If he couldn't even escape from this place, how would he escape from his ex-girlfriends and their Apostles?

He must become stronger and stronger!

Since it was very likely that the terrible monster who could even eliminate a hero ranked adventure team was on the island, then he would get in touch with it in his next star trial.

In his next star trial, he would find out what the most frightening thing in the Eye of the Storm was and face it!

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