Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 139

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Chapter 139: Eye of the Storm

Across the forest and a part of the swamp the girls hadn't been before, in the deepest point of the volcano cave, a large spider nest was formed. A dark shadow spider that was about three metres long and had four eyes, was hanging upside down from a large web, looking at the prey captured by its avatars with a dissatisfied look.

Judging from the various sizes of prey, its avatars had done very well. They had even captured a python which was over seventeen metres long. The python was one of the top predators that were at the top of the food chain on the island. It never thought that someday whilst sleeping, it would be caught in spider threads and fail to move an inch, and see several small spiders dragging it into a dark cave underground. It had suffered numerous privations along the way.

"Hiss!" With a cruel hiss, the spider's sharp leg stabbed into the python's head, starting to draw its brains and body fluid. After a few seconds, the python had become only a piece of snake skin. In addition to the python's skin, there were also several ferocious beasts' bodies on the large spider web. Most of them were only remains of their skins and furs.

After absorbing the python's flesh and blood, the dark shadow spider's body became a little larger. Looking at itself, the spider expressed a resentful look. Yun Xi's sword really hurt it. He had not only eliminated its core, the body part that released its supernatural power, but he had also broken its life element.

As a hermaphrodite, it had to abandon its "male" part and barely let its "female" part escape into the forest, but it was still hunted by Xiao Cao and Hua Yue. Finally, its "female" part also sustained a fatal injury. It was forced to split again, into a new body which only had 25% of its original power. It then ran to the most remote area on the island.

If it wasn't a void creature and its body was totally different from common animals within White Lotus Sword Domain, it would have died under Yun Xi's attack. Now, it had only a weak new body and three avatars. Its combat power had reduced to 10% of its original power - even after it had eaten almost all the large creatures it could find around the cave.




Remembering who had made it lose half of its body, the dark shadow spider opened its mouth, screeching as if it had gone mad. Once a dark shadow spider lost its "male" part, it couldn't produce offspring again. It was doomed to live completely alone after losing its male part.

Its hate was irreconcilable! Its angry scream echoed within the cave, around and around, for a long time.


The tenth day after White Lotus dropped from the sky, Hua Yue, Xiao Cao, and Yun Xi sat together with a serious look.

"Something is wrong. According to my calculation, rescuers should have come..." Hua Yue said, sharing her worry with Xiao Cao and Yun Xi.

"The sword domain should have known that something had happened to White Lotus. Ten days have passed. That was enough time for them to report the accident to the Sky Sword God's Domain master. However, we still haven't seen any rescuers. Maybe the situation is worse than we imagined."

Yun Xi and Xiao Cao looked at each other. They were just civilians. Naturally, they didn't know this. Although they were trapped on the island, but they had the materials from White Lotus and the tropical island was fertile, the pressure of their survival had been reduced after building the temporary camp. The materials they had collected would help them survive on the island for at least three months.

"So, what's the reason that makes the rescuers unable to come here?" Yun Xi asked.

He also felt something was wrong because the seeds told him that Hua Huo and the twin witches' location hadn't changed at all from the beginning. They could fly! Theoretically, they should have found this island by following traces of White Lotus's debris. However, their seeds hadn't moved from the first day they fell from the sky.

"I have two guesses. The first, they have sent rescuers but the rescuers are all being stopped by 'that thing'. Maybe they are fighting in the sky as we speak."

Speaking about "that thing", Hua Yue shook her head. If that was the truth, they shouldn't expect any rescue. After all, an 8th ranked monster was far beyond ordinary people's range. The rescuers wouldn't have any chance to defeat it.

Why did such a monster appear in White Lotus Sword Domain? It’s too strange!

"The second guess is that we are not at our original location. Maybe this island is far away from the place where we encountered the monster!" Hua Yue lifted her second finger.

This was her main guess. According to the position of the sunset and the sea breeze's direction of movement, Hua Yue calculated and drew an inconceivable conclusion. This island wasn't on White Lotus's airline, but at a place that was ten thousand kilometres away.

In the entire White Lotus Sword Domain, none of the noble families had been to this place, and no one knew what was in this place as if it was a natural forbidden area since the dawn of White Lotus Sword Domain.

In legends, there were countless terrible dark currents in the sky and in the sea in this area, and anytime and anywhere, this area would have devastating storms. Even if it was a floating ship like White Lotus, once it was caught in any of the storms, it wouldn't have any chance to fly away.

This corresponded to the tropical storm happened ten days ago. Hua Yue remembered that when the storm appeared, the sky and earth were covered with darkness. She remembered her fear when she saw the storm sweep through the sky. Even a hero ranked warrior wouldn't be able to do anything in the face of such a terrible natural disaster. If the storm hadn't suddenly disappeared just like it had suddenly emerged, she couldn't imagine what a dire situation the girls on the island would have faced.

"Storm Sea... Probably this is where we are. This island should be in the middle of the Storm Sea." Hua Yue said and sketched a map on the ground.

It was a weird map which looked like a giant monster's single eye. From generation to generation, the noble families of White Lotus Sword Domain always warned their descendants not to come to this area: Eye of the Storm!

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