Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 142

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Chapter 142: The Monster

Walking through the moist tropical jungle, Yun Xi curiously looked at Mumu bouncing and vivacious like a bunny. Looking at her from her back, the strange headwear on Mumu's head looked like a pair of cute long rabbit ears.

"Mumu, who made your headwear?"

"It was papa. It was papa's gift. Mama always told me that papa was a great man. He can do many things that no one else can do. He knows how to dig out unusual meaning from any trifle! So, Mumu's papa is a very, very, very great man!" Mumu opened her arms, trying her best to describe her papa, the man she hadn't even seen once.

"So, what was his job?" Yun Xi felt confused hearing Mumu's words.

What kind of person was Mumu's father? He abandoned his wife and daughter, but they still loved him and never complained about him.

From Mumu's words, Yun Xi felt that her father was an amorous, unreliable man, but Mumu still thought that he was a great man.

"Papa knew how to make beautiful things. He had created a cute doll that could act like a living human. He had written an old long poem, which recorded the truth and future of the world. He had created a gem that was as beautiful as the sun and as mysterious as the moon. Even the gods contended with each other for his gem. Anyway, Mumu likes him best! He is the greatest father in the world!"

Is that so?

According to Mumu's words, Yun Xi imagined her father's appearance in his mind.

He should be a man about thirty or forty years old and was unfettered. Maybe he was an innocent, unworldly artist?

Since he could even enchant Mumu's mother, who must be a great beauty, his artistic talent must be very high and unique.

He knew how to write poems, make gems and dolls, and his artworks were popular among the upper classes. Because he was too absorbed in his artist creations, he didn't pay too much attention to his emotional life, and his daily life was also a complete mess.

After Mumu's mother conceived and had Mumu, he didn't want to undertake family responsibility, so he ran away without leaving a message. And it seemed that he had also had relationships with other women.

Sigh. Were artists all irresponsible like him?

Mumu is looking forward to meeting you. She even came to look for you alone.

Since you have a child, why don't you return home and enjoy the happiness of a family union?

A child like Mumu will be very poor if her father can't stay with her.

However, it was impracticable to look for Mumu's father on the island. As an artist, he probably had run to the high society in the Western God's Domain.

"I hope you can find your father." Yun Xi walked to Mumu, staying on the summit of the volcano together with her. He looked around the island, suddenly, he felt something wrong.

Was it due to the atmosphere or the island's shape? Yun Xi couldn't accurately describe his weird feeling.

Every time, when he stood at this place and overlooked the island, he always had this feeling, as if he subconsciously noticed something wrong in his sight.

His instinct had discovered it, but his mind still hadn't discerned it.

"The island... is something wrong?" Yun Xi murmured unconsciously.

"Of course. Because this is an eye." Mumu answered naturally.

"Eye?" Mumu's words made Yun Xi see the light. He finally noticed it.

The island was too flat! Especially the coastline, there were no reefs which should be on all natural islands!

The island's shape looked like a narrow eye.

The highest volcano he was standing on was the center of the eye, and the volcanoes around formed the pupil together with it.

Could it be... the truth of the island was... Looking at the ground under his feet, Yun Xi felt creeped out.

If the whole island was an eye of a massive monster, then how big was the monster?

Could it be bigger than the White Holy Dragon who was a hundred kilometres long?

"The secret treasure in the White Lotus Sword Domain... Can it be..." Yun Xi had a crazy guess in his mind, but he quickly shook his head.

He shouldn't speak it out. He wouldn't expose the truth to others.

The island under their feet was just a part of a creature... That was too creepy.

If the creature woke up, then none of the girls on the island would survive!

Why? The White Lotus Sword Domain was just a lower-lever sword domain. Why was there a sleeping super monster?!

Yun Xi finally understood why the star trial hadn't started. It must be a giant project to drag the sleeping monster into the stars' dream.

Yun Xi could think of no way to defeat the sleeping monster in the star trial.

It had nothing to do with his will or courage. It would be just as desperate as using an egg to break a stone, when the stone was a diamond that was one million times larger than the egg!

"I saw it when I fell from the sky! This is its eye, that is its tail, and that is its heart!" Mumu waved her hand, pointing out the big secret hiding in the Eye of the Storm.

"It's a very, very big guy! It seems that it had slept for a very, very long time. Maybe the storms in this area are its dreams."

Did she see it? Had she also found out the truth about the Eye of the Storm?

Yun Xi looked at Mumu in surprise. When Mumu fell from the sky, she had found the weird part of the sea area.

Hua Yue was right. There was really a frightening monster in the Eye of the Storm.

Hua Yue just didn't expect that the monster was actually this massive.

They were standing on the monster's eye!

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