Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: The Scent of Milk

Yun Xi smelt a very pleasant scent. It was sweet, soft, and smelt like milk. Unlike Ye Li's milky odor, it was more mature and richer.

He tried to open his eyes but failed to do this simple action.

Oh, right. Yun Xi remembered. He overdrew his strength, finally releasing the God's Sword Skill, Sky Flying Sword, which he had always failed to learn in the past. With the Sky Flying Sword and the Crane Wings Twin Swords' attack power, he finally tore through the dark shadow spider's steel shell, dealing a deadly blow.

What happened after that? Had the dark shadow spider died? Had the girls been saved? Where was it now?

"Master, are you awake?" Mei'er's voice echoed in Yun Xi's mind, finally making him recover a bit from his condition.

"Mei'er, what happened to my body?" Yun Xi asked his star elf in confusion.

"Nothing. You are just too weak after overtaxing your strength. You will recover after about 24 hours. Master, you had depleted all of your energy! Unfortunately, the dark shadow spider abandoned its old body. It split itself into a new body and escaped away with its core. Otherwise, you could use its seed to recover yourself." Mei'er told Yun Xi the result in an apologetic tone.

"However, its old body has been destroyed. It should have already been downgraded from the hero rank and ran to the deep side of the island. It won't be a threat temporarily. After all, there is nothing that it can use to recover itself."

Sigh. As he had expected, it wasn't that easy to defeat a hero ranked being.

However, this was still a good result that Yun Xi could accept. After that, Yun Xi felt his body being lifted up. He could feel a reassuring, soft, and resilient cushion on his back.

"Ah..." He heard a familiar voice. It was Hua Yue.

"No, she doesn't open her mouth. In that case, I can't feed her anything." Yun Xi could feel Hua Yue's anxiety from her voice.

"No problem, my fair lady. I know how to solve this problem. You can feed her with your mouth." Yun Xi heard Ling Ling's voice from his back. It seemed that they were looking after him.

"Hum... Well... I... It seems that I have to do that..."

Was it an illusion? Yun Xi felt that Hua Yue's voice sounded very happy.

"Cheer up! You can do that!"

Yun Xi felt that the milky smell was getting closer and closer. After a while, he felt the girl's warm lips touched his mouth with the warm milk.

Despite Yun Xi not being able to open his eyes, he still knew what Hua Yue was doing. With the warm milk, her small tongue stirred in Yun Xi's mouth, sending the milk down Yun Xi's throat.

"Bang!" Yun Xi’s body was still fatigued. Only his heart was pounding faster and faster.

The thread between their seeds was rapidly becoming tighter. Yun Xi could also feel Hua Yue's pounding heart.

Excitement, agitation, tenderness, expectation, and addiction. Various emotions flowed into Yun Xi's heart through the thread. The thread was giving a sweet, curative, instrumental performance.

"Cough..." Yun Xi felt that his drained seed was being activated by Hua Yue's emotions.

He slowly opened his eyes, looking at Hua Yue's pink-white face. She was so nervous that she closed her eyes tighter, so she didn't see that Yun Xi had awakened.

Hua Yue let out a sigh of relief after pouring all the milk into Yun Xi's mouth. Although Yun Xi just fainted, but his pale face and feeble breathing really scared her.

"Sorry, if we were stronger at that time..." Hua Yue muttered. She swallowed another sip of milk, trying to feed Yun Xi again.

Then, she saw Yun Xi's wide-opened black eyes and his shy look.


Hua Yue instantly blushed. Her face turned from a red apple into a red sun, emitting an attractive temperament. For the first time, Yun Xi saw her shy look. She behaved as if she was a kitten who was found secretly eating. It was too cute. Especially when the white milk was still dripping from her mouth. That gave him an indescribable allure.

"What's the matter?" Ling Ling was behind Yun Xi, so she didn't see that Yun Xi had opened his eyes. She still instigated Hua Yue, "Don't be shy. This is just a necessary feeding behavior."

"Hum..." Due to the milk in her mouth, Hua Yue couldn't say anything, but looking at Yun Xi's feeble appearance, she showed a determined look on her face.

Ling Ling's suggestion was effective! Therefore, she needed to continue, even though she had never done this before. Hua Yue got up her nerve and kissed Yun Xi again. She sent the warm milk and her tongue into his mouth at the same time again.

"Gu... Gu..." Yun Xi was forced to swallow the milk. He felt that his exhausted body did obtain a bit of new strength from that.

"Oh... Oh! The female element is effective! Master, let her feed you! In that case, your recovery time can be greatly reduced!" Mei'er looked at this scene with a contented look.

Compared to the milk, Hua Yue's female element was a better medicine for Yun Xi's recovery!

Why do I feel that I'm an abnormal negative character... I'm an upright gentleman! Yun Xi retorted his star elf in his mind.

"Ok, is that enough? Mei?" After feeding Yun Xi the milk for ten times, Hua Yue's face was hotter.

"If you feel it is enough, blink your eyes once; if you don't feel it is enough, blink your eyes twice."

Yun Xi strenuously blinked one of his eyes once, signalling her that he didn't need her to feed him again.

Even if she did nothing, his body could recover itself after a dozen of hours. However, Yun Xi forgot that his body was still uncontrollable now. After the first blink, he uncontrollably blinked again...

One, two... two blinks. Hua Yue felt nervous.

Was the sequela of the battle too serious?

"Not enough? Well, let me feed you some more..."

The next an hour, Yun Xi's body and Hua Yue's body were full of the scent of milk.

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