Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 135

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Chapter 135: Flying Yun Xi

The third second.

In the first one tenth of the third second, four huge black ribbons floated and crisscrossed in the air, forming a weird shape that looked like a large eye. This was one of the dark shadow spider's strongest abilities: Dark Shadow Evil Eye, a nightmare spun by itself.

Looking at Yun Xi, the dark shadow spider grinned. It laughed at the little bug's overconfident behavior. Its gigantic Evil Eye stared at Yun Xi, staring at his skin, black hair, and flappy maid's uniform.

In the third one tenth of the third second, in the blink of an eye, a weird curse easily cut through Yun Xi's body.

"Hiss!" A heartbreaking scene appeared in front of the girls. Yun Xi's maid's black uniform was pierced through by countless black light points. He was thrown out and flew in the air like a tattered paper doll.

His strength, blood, and soul were all annihilated by the Dark Shadow Evil Eye. This skill was the dark shadow spider's super power and its trump card. To a mortal whose life and soul wasn't stronger than the dark shadow spider, this was an inescapable, unstoppable, deathly blow.

"How dare you!"

"Go to hell!"

At the instant Yun Xi was hit, Hua Yue’s White Gold Crossed Sword and Xiao Cao’s black iron sword cut the air, smashing on the dark shadow spider's broken legs from both its sides. With Yun Xi's cover, Hua Yue and Xiao Cao finally launched their attacks. However, their attacks only made a few slight wounds on the dark shadow spider's body.

Not everyone could cross the wide gap between the mortal rank and the hero rank like Hua Huo. Even though the dark shadow spider was badly hurt, its shell was still far harder than steel. In fact, the dark shadow spider had noticed Hua Yue and Xiao Cao when they sneaked up on it. It just ignored them. After all, compared to Yun Xi, they were just a pair of honey bees.

In the middle of the third second, as the dark shadow spider triumphantly looked at Yun Xi's body dropping to the ground, the Crane Wings Twin Swords suddenly emitted rays of cold lights.

"Blow up!" Yun Xi used his last Green Hippo's Seed to recover his physical strength.

When the dark shadow spider's Evil Eye had stared at Yun Xi, he was almost killed - if he hadn't used the Green Hippo's Seed, which he had hidden in his body just in case. The Evil Eye Curse only plundered all of Yun Xi's physical strength. His blood had almost frozen at that time. However, that was just the curse's side effect.

The most powerful part of the dark shadow spider's Evil Eye was directly released into Yun Xi's soul. The black Evil Eye put one piece of dead information after another in Yun Xi’s body within one tenth of a second, making him fall from the sky, making his whole body scattered and disunited.

Pouring kerosene on his body and burning him to ashes.

Tying him up on the cross, hanging him in the air, and making him die under the sun.

Tying him up and fixing him in concrete, then sink him in the water till he was drowned.

Hanging him to death.

Throwing him into a snowfield and making him die of cold and hypoxia.

Chopping him into pieces with swords.

The dark shadow spider had made eighteen death methods to torture Yun Xi, to make him fall into the worst nightmares it wove.

To most living beings, a near-death experience would become the worst nightmare of their life. Most people couldn't even hold on till the end of the dark shadow spider's first deathly nightmare. Their blood froze, and their lives were taken away. It was hard to recognize which part was reality and which part a dream, and if they failed to distinguish the parts, they would die in the reality and the nightmare at the same time.

Once people's brains were fooled into thinking that they had died, then they would really die in the real world! However, the dark shadow spider wouldn't have expected that although Yun Xi hadn't had any death experience in reality, but its deadly nightmares were just a piece of cake to him, for he had died in the star's trails countless times.

Dying eighteen times? That pain wasn't even more painful than what the green hippo had done to him. The damage the dark shadow spider's Evil Eye had caused Yun Xi was actually zero, because he was already used to such since a long time ago.

Only the Dark Shadow Evil Eye's side effect, which froze Yun Xi's blood and drained his life, forced Yun Xi to use his last Green Hippo's Seed, so that he could restore his energy at the last possible instant.

All these things happened just in a second. Wandering between life and death, a new door suddenly opened up to Yun Xi in his mind.

Quicksilver Motion reached perfection.

Flying Swallow Sword reached perfection.

Both of the two skills had reached perfection at the same time. They overlapped together, opening the door leading to the God's Sword Skill for Yun Xi. Nothing could be better than a real life-and-death battle to force a person to release their full potential.

The girls' expectation and prayer. The Killing Princess's Legacy was activated in his blood. Hua Huo, Hua Yue, Xiao Cao, and all the other girls' seeds released their powers for him, to help him reach an unattainable realm.

"Sky Flying Sword!" Yun Xi put one foot on the male sword. Transparent waves emerged around him.

Yun Xi didn't have the Sky Flying Bloodline, so he couldn't fly in the air like Hua Huo. However, with the Crane Wings Twin Swords' help and his boiling blood power, he finally created his own Sky Flying Sword.

Speed up!

Speed up!

Once he started, he couldn't stop, and wasn't ready to stop!

Stepping on one of Crane Wings Twin Swords, Yun Xi turned into a flash of lighting, hovering in the sky. With his full strength, he flew to the dark shadow spider, who was in a debilitating condition after casting its Dark Shadow Evil Eye.

One transparent halo after another emerged in the air. They displayed deadly rhythms, announcing the dark shadow spider's death. The Crane Wings Twin Swords crossed in the air. As if they were a pair of poison stingers, they penetrated into the dark shadow spider's compound eyes, splashing its blood in the air.

“Oh, so the spider had black blood.” Yun Xi thought in his heart. He had used up his energy. He felt a fit of dizziness, then he finally couldn't keep flying and heavily fell to the ground.



"No, Mei!"

Oh, white, and white, and white.

Yun Xi toppled down onto the summit of the volcano, seeing a lot of warm, snow-white, alluring, and cute bodies.

One, two, three... thirty-eight. They were all here. Not one less.

That was really, really good.

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