Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: Dark Shadow Gems

Thanks to Hua Yue's feeding and her girl element, Yun Xi's physical strength finally recovered to an extent that he could open his mouth.

"Enough... Hua Yue..." If Yun Xi didn't hear it for himself, he wouldn't believe that the deep, attractive voice was his own voice.

What the hell was the Great Sword Maid's Legacy?!

"Mei! Oh, great!" Hearing Yun Xi's voice, Hua Yue’s face brightened up, as if she was soaking in the sun.

Her golden hair hung down on Yun Xi's face. He could even see the tears in her beautiful eyes.

"I'm sorry to have worried you." In that moment of life and death, they understood each other's minds.

For the girls who were captured by the dark shadow spider, Yun Xi risked his life to challenge the hero ranked monster. For Yun Xi who protected them regardless of danger, the girls also transferred all their powers to protect him.

After the dark shadow spider's attack, Mei had become even more important in all the girls’ hearts. When Yun Xi had released his Sky Flying Sword, flying to the seemingly unbeatable dark shadow spider, all the Starwings Female Knights had cried.

After defeating the dark shadow spider, Yun Xi toppled down to the ground. This scene made all the girls feel worried and cry their hearts out. Fortunately, they finally made sure that Yun Xi just fainted due to exhaustion. They finally smiled through tears. The links amongst them were becoming tighter due to the crisis they faced together.

Yun Xi could feel that the threads between him and the girls were becoming tighter and brighter. At the same time, a lot of girls had broken past their limits during the crisis. Especially when they saw Yun Xi toppling down to the ground, ten girls had upgraded to the 2nd rank at the same time.

Now, the Starwings Female Knights had two 3rd ranked members, a dozen of 2nd ranked members, and the remaining girls were all at the 1st rank. Even in the entire god domains, it could be regarded as a super strong knight group now.

"Is everyone ok?"

"Don't worry, Mei. You saved everyone."

"That's fine."

Yun Xi barely opened his mouth. He felt that none of his body parts were in good condition. His muscles were torn due to overexertion. Especially his feet, the most important parts required to release Sky Flying Sword, had almost lost feeling.

The secret of the Sky Flying Sword was to control the air waves under the feet. This was a God's Sword Skill that could let the user fly in the air. Strictly speaking, Yun Xi's Sky Flying Sword was incomplete. He didn’t have as much energy as Hua Huo, so he couldn't fly in the sky all by himself.

His Sky Flying Sword was a simulation of Hua Huo's Sky Flying Sword, based on his Flying Swallow Sword and Quicksilver Motion. With the Crane Wings Twin Swords' flying ability, he was able to step in the air. It looked very similar to Hua Huo's Sky Flying Sword but lacked both explosiveness and dexterity. Sky Flying Sword (incomplete), one could call Yun Xi's strongest sword skill that way. After all, God's Sword Skills weren't something mortals could learn.

Half a month ago, Yun Xi wasn't even a 1st ranked swordsman. It was already a miracle for him to master the incomplete Sky Flying Sword. Even though it was incomplete, it was still a God's Sword Skill. It had raised Yun Xi's battle power to the hero rank within a few seconds so that he could defeat the dark shadow spider.

If one didn't have hero ranked power, they would not defeat a hero ranked monster (Hua Huo was an exception). One must pay something to control the god sword as a mortal. Yun Xi created the embryonic form of his god sword within three seconds. Even though he had eaten the Green Hippo's Seed, he was still exhausted after the battle.

After saying a few words, Yun Xi had to close his eyes and fell into a deep sleep again. When he opened his eyes again, it was already evening. The scent of milk still lingered in his mouth and on his lips, however, he sensed something different from Hua Yue's scent.

They were... Xiao Cao, Ling Ling, and... and a lot of other girls. Yun Xi tried to move his body, then strenuously stood up.

"Very well. I can move now." Yun Xi exercised his arms and legs, letting out a sigh of relief.

Looking up, Yun Xi found that he was in a cave. Probably being worried about being attacked by the dark shadow spider again, the girls had moved their camp into the cave, which was easy to defend but hard to attack.

Bright lights illuminated the originally dim cave. It seemed that the girls had collected a lot of goods and materials from White Lotus whilst he was sleeping. As the strongest weapon of the whole White Lotus Sword Domain, White Lotus really carried various goods and materials. From temporary tents to various foods, vegetables, and weapons. Even though they had just collected a few items, it was sufficient for them to build a camp.

"Mei, are you awake?" Xiao Cao carried her black iron sword, stepping into the cave from outside.

The distance between her footsteps were all the same, as if she had measured them with a ruler. Not only her footsteps, her breathing and the rhythm of her heartbeat were also as calm as an old well. Her spiritual state was already beyond mortals' imagination. Obviously, the battle between the dark shadow spider and Yun Xi had stimulated Xiao Cao and Hua Yue. They grew fast through battle.

"Hua Yue went to hunt the spider, and I had just killed several of the spider’s avatars, too. We will avenge you!" Xiao Cao casually threw several black gems to Yun Xi, but her eyes were full of pride, as if she was saying, "Praise me! Praise me!"

"This is..." Yun Xi looked at the black gems, feeling some scent of deep darkness from them.

"Hua Yue says that they are dark shadow gems. They are the spider's life essences. Oh, the biggest gems were taken from the wounds you caused to the spider," Xiao Cao said. She sat beside Yun Xi and gazed at him, as if she was a puppy that was waiting for its master's praise.

"Xiao Cao, you did well!" Yun Xi smiled and gently stroked her hair.

"Hum hum, I will do my best. Mei... Don't die!"

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