Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: Hunger Crisis

After the storm, the originally safe platform was muddy now. Fortunately, Xiao Cao's mysterious friend had dispelled the storm, otherwise, the situation would have been worse.

Due to the impact from when they had fallen from the sky, almost everyone's clothes were tattered. The girls often unintentionally exposed their skin to the air, making Yun Xi feel pretty embarrassed and awkward. Fortunately, the island had a tropical rainforest climate. Even during the night, the weather wasn't cold, they could endure it. However, there was something they couldn't endure with their will.

"Whoooa! We are out of food!"

"I'm hungry! What should we do?"

"Can we go to the forest to look for wild fruits?"

After surviving the largest crisis in their lives, other than Xiao Cao who had eaten her fill with her friends, the other girls' stomachs were growling. Even Hua Yue also showed a helpless look.

"Let me prepare dinner." Yun Xi said. As the only baker (incidentally, he was a 3rd ranked baker) amongst these female swordsmen, Yun Xi had to stand up.

When Yun Xi had searched for the girls along the coast, he had thought about the problems they may face in the coming days. He had collected a lot of goods and materials from the broken ship and stocked them in a place not far away.

He hadn't expected that a tropical storm would come, but there was a distance between the coast and the place he had stashed those goods. In that case, those goods shouldn't have been damaged too much. Conversely, the storm washed more materials up onto the shore that had dropped from White Lotus.

"Mei, you are great!"

"I'm saved! I thought that I would starve to death! I know nothing about how to survive in the wild!" Several noble female swordsmaidens let out a sigh of relief at the same time.

"We'd better not eat wild fruits because none of us know them. Mei, let’s go carry the goods you found." Hua Yue said. Her charisma reassured the girls.

"Ok. Mumu, be good," Yun Xi said and touched Mumu's head. His fingertip slipped through her silver headband, and he felt a smooth and cold sensation. Yun Xi had never seen such material before. It was like a kind of metal, but also like gemstone. Undoubtedly, it was a priceless treasure.

"Eh. Mei's smell is agreeable. You're not a bad person!" Mumu sniffed, then stood on her toes and softly kissed Yun Xi's face.

"Mumu likes sweet, soft food. It's better if it tastes like cream."

Haha, all children like sweet food. Yun Xi remembered that Hua Huo, El'phyllis, Milei, and Ye Li, were not an exception.

Fortunately, Yun Xi knew that there was something in the goods he had collected that met all the requirements of "sweet", "soft" and "creamy".


Two hours later, Yun Xi, Hua Yue, Xiao Cao, and a few other girls smoothly brought back several sealed big boxes from the place where Yun Xi had stashed the goods.

"Wow, White Lotus really had everything!" Yun Xi identified the goods in the boxes from their inventories.

As White Lotus Sword Domain’s ultimate weapon, the food White Lotus stocked was sufficient to let three thousand people eat for a hundred days. There was a special freezing storeroom in the ship that could retain the freshness of vegetables for a hundred days, and potatoes for a whole year, not to mention a variety of meat.

Yun Xi was a 3rd ranked baker, well, actually this was a pretty rare career. Due to this, he had talked with the head chef on the ship. He knew about the consumption of materials on the giant ship from the head chef.

Normally, White Lotus had a thousand sailors and passengers. It needed tonnes of meat, a hundred thousand potatoes, countless loaves of bread, and fresh milk every month. The ship also stocked a great amount of emergency rations as a last reserve. When necessary, they were enough to support the ship battling in the air for a hundred days. Moreover, all the goods and materials were sealed in sealing boxes which were waterproof and fireproof, in accordance with the war standard. This really helped them a lot.

"Flour, eggs, and assembled simple cookware. No wonder it is a military reserve box!" Yun Xi tore off the sealing tape and opened the box. At first sight, his eyes were caught by the snow-white flour and eggs that were perfectly placed on cushions.

With these two raw materials, he could play his role as a 3rd ranked baker now! Yun Xi was a 3rd ranked baker, but that didn't mean he only knew how to make bread. Yun Xi chose this career simply because he liked to make bread. In fact, Yun Xi was well versed in all kinds of household duties. He had learnt to cook since he was six years old, and the breads he made always let Hua Huo, El'phyllis, Milei, and Ye Li show bright smiles on their faces. Now that Yun Xi came to think of it, he thought that perhaps his childhood sweethearts' smiles were the most important reason why he had absorbed himself in making bread.

He adroitly selected the best flour, then mixed it with yeast, egg wash, and milk, stirring it attentively. His movements were as smooth as floating clouds and flowing water. The girls were all dumbfounded, for none of them had made bread before.

"Well, this weight should be enough." Yun Xi estimated the weight of the flour, thinking that it was enough to make about forty buns and fresh fruit salads.

He started to knead the dough and called Xiao Cao to help him. He let Xiao Cao help him because she had experience in cooking. At least, she was far better than these noble girls.

"Is the bread done yet? I'm hungry. I can even eat raw flour!"

"Vegetables! Vegetables! I can eat raw vegetables!"

"Xiao Cao, be quick! I'm starving to death!"

These girls had never been so hungry in their lives. They gazed at Yun Xi and Xiao Cao with a pathetic look.

"The fresh fruit salads are done. You can eat them to whet your appetites."

Yun Xi ordered Xiao Cao to send the diced fruits to them. Under these girls' hungry eyes, he had to increase the raw materials he had prepared for making bread. Maybe he needed to make sixty buns to satisfy their stomachs?

About thirty minutes later, Yun Xi put sixty doughs into the simple ovens. The girls had just finished eating the fruit salads at this time, but that didn't fill their bellies at all. They felt even hungrier. After all, fruits wouldn't fill their empty stomachs. They were used to whet their appetites.

"Ah ha... please wait for a while..." Looking at their eyes, Yun Xi felt as if he was surrounded by a group of hungry wolves now, and as the smell of baking bread spread in the air, the hungry wolves' eyes were becoming more and more green.