Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 121

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Chapter 121: Abandoned Child

"Where... Don't you know where you are?" Yun Xi looked at the silver-haired girl peculiarly. Her name was... Mumu? How could she be so naive? How could her parents allow such an innocent girl to leave her home alone? She needed a team of guards!

"I don't know. My head aches. I forget many things." Mumu said. She held her silver, bunny-ears-like headwear with a troubled look.

"I remember that I was looking for my papa, but something happened on the way and I fell down. After I woke up, I was already on this island."

"Poor girl." Xiao Cao relaxed her vigilance. She realized that Mumu was harmless. Her threat degree wouldn't even be higher than a squirrel.

"Did you lose contact with your father?" Yun Xi's heart melted after seeing her worried look.

Her worry was from the bottom of her heart. That couldn't be a disguise.

Besides, Yun Xi didn't think that this girl knew the meaning of disguise. Probably her head was hurt and forgot many common senses, for she didn't even know what squirrels were.

"No. I'm looking for my papa, but we didn't lose touch with each other. Mom told me that papa abandoned us when I was very young. I need to find him after I grow up!" Mumu said and proudly puffed out her chest, but the truth contained in her words was really poignant.

Who are Mumu's father?! How dare you to abandon such a cute child! Don't you have a heart?

And Mumu's mother too! Why did you take such a little girl out the door?! I know you want to see your husband again, but don't you know that the world is too dangerous for your daughter?

"Where is your mom?" Yun Xi looked around, trying to find where Mumu's mom was.

"I left home alone, because mom said that I could leave now."

Mumu blinked and told Yun Xi the startling fact.

"What?! You are too young. How could you leave home alone!" Yun Xi opened his eyes wide with a flabbergasted look.

What a bad mother! Weren't you afraid that you child would be kidnapped?!

Judging from her silk-like clothes and her silver headwear, she must be from a rich family. Yun Xi wouldn't be surprised if she said that she was a princess.

How could such a princess-like girl leave home alone?!

"Come here, little girl. Let's take you to a safe place."

Yun Xi stretched out his hands and softly held Mumu in his arms. She wasn't Xiao Cao, who could walk in the forest with her naked feet as easily as through walking upon a level road.

"Mei, be careful." Although Xiao Cao had relaxed her vigilance, she still looked at Mumu with doubt, for she felt that something was wrong.

"Don't worry. She is just a harmless child," Yun Xi said and put his seed into Mumu's thin body. His seed detected the girl's inside and found that her true strength was feeble and pathetic just like what she looked like.

"Warm, delicious... hum... I'm sleepy..." After having Yun Xi's seed, Mumu gently stretched herself and slept in Yun Xi's arms.

Yun Xi's heart melted as he gazed at her angel-like face.

He didn't know the reason, but when he looked at her, he felt an indescribable affinity with her. He naturally knew that she wasn't dangerous and he had to protect her.

Even her appearance was so sudden and mysterious.

"No... I don't mean that..." Xiao Cao didn't know how to describe her heart as of now.

Was it... hostility?

To Xiao Cao, this was a very strange feeling. It was obviously that she liked to have friends.

One person alone and two people together were two totally different situations.

Sharing your happiness with your friend, the happiness would be doubled.

Sharing your sadness with your friend, your sadness would be reduced to one-second.

It was always so happy when she stayed together with Mei.

However, unlike Hua Yue or other female swordsmen, when Xiao Cao saw the girl, she suddenly had a foreboding that her "Mei" would be taken away.

The girl named "Mumu" had a natural spiritual attraction, catching her eyes like a magnet.

Maybe Mumu didn't do it by intention and that was her natural talent.

But… she is my enemy...

Xiao Cao took a deep breath, remembering the words her new friends told her.

"You can only have one best friend. If she is your only one, don't let her go. Become her most important person! Love... Cough, for your sacred friendship, don't lose! Puff, puff!"

Xiao Cao patted her own face. She gazed at Mei and Mumu in Mei's arms with a determined look.

Xiao Cao won't lose!

Puff, puff!


As Xiao Cao and Yun Xi returned, the girls were clumsily putting up tents on the platform. The female swordsmaidens immediately saw them.

"Mei, Xiao Cao, welcome back!"

"Great! Now everybody is here. Not one less!"

"What a miracle! Mei found everyone!"

After their hearty welcome, they found the little angel who was sleeping in Yun Xi's arms.

Her silver hair, which obviously didn't belong to the Eastern God's Domain, and her snow-white, were too eye catching.

"Ah... Who is this child?"

"Was she on White Lotus? Why don't I remember her... "

"Mei, where did you find her?"

Yun Xi told them Mumu's story. After that, everyone looked at Mumu with compassion.

"Whoooh! She is so young, but she has the guts to look for her father alone!"

"That man who abandoned his wife and Mumu must be a bastard! How could he abandon such a cute child! He is really scum!"

"The girl's mom must be a beauty! How can any man have the heart to abandon them? I can't understand that!"

"Yes, yes! What a heartless bastard her father is!"

Yun Xi had the same feeling. Any people who dared to do such a thing would be cursed with bad luck during their lives!

"Ah... Hum..." Mumu was awakened. She slowly opened her eyes, and her ruby-like big eyes made the girls scream.

"She is so cute!"

"No! Her appearance is too dangerous to my heart!"

"If I can have a child like her... I can die without anything to regret!"

"Hi, hi, is your name Mumu? Don't worry. There are no bad men here, only beautiful big sisters!"

"Humph. There is no good man living in this world. They should die!"

Well... Yun Xi embarrassedly looked at himself.

What an unexpected allegation!

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