Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: Yun Xi's Bread

In the ovens, the doughs Yun Xi made by mixing flour with egg wash were sending out tempting smells.




As if they were frogs in a rice field during summer, the girls' stomachs were growling, unladylike at all. This was their lives' instinct. They were all allured by the wonderful smell of freshly baked buns.

"Don't worry, be patient. I have made sixty buns. You'll all get one." Yun Xi looked at these girls, feeling stressed in his heart.

"Mei really knows everything!" Hua Yue sighed.

Mei not only had perfect sword skill, but also had wonderful cooking skills. Hua Yue wanted to have such a maid too!

If Mei wasn't Hua Huo's maid, she wouldn't hesitate to use her family's privilege to obtain her. Where else could she find another black-haired maid who knew how to cook, battle. and warm her bed?!

"Yes. These buns can't be normal! I can smell that!"

"Is this the skill called 'Sun Hand'? That's a culinary arts that can bring out the raw materials' full advantages by controlling the heat."

"I know! That's a skill only 3rd ranked pastry chefs can use! It requires a very high talent!" Several noble girls immediately guessed Yun Xi's cooking rank. After all, no one could play tricks at this point.

"En. They are almost ready." Yun Xi placidly changed the topic. He didn't want to expose his true identity.

"Ding! Ding! Ding!" There were a row of ovens. The first several ovens opened automatically, exposing the sweet, golden buns inside them to the air.

Considering that everyone was very hungry now, Yun Xi chose to make toast with a few black raisins as embellishment. Incidentally, they were also one of the main and the most popular products at Yun Xi's bakery.



"Yummy! Why had I never eaten such delicious toast before!"

"Whoooa! My life will lack the means if I can't eat Mei's toast again!"

The girls bit a small piece of toast in their mouths and instantly, a gust of a strange but wonderful flavour spread inside their mouths. That was the perfect result after mixing wheat flour with milk and egg wash.

The baked toasts were soft and warm. With the raisins' crunchy taste, the girls' eyes were moist when they ate the toasts. That was the sun's taste! They had only eaten a few fruits before that hadn't filled their stomachs, but had made them feel even hungrier. To them, they felt that they were in heaven at this moment.

"Ding!" Another row of ovens opened. The buns in these ovens were pineapple buns, the choicest goods amongst all the buns and the sweetest buns which were popular amongst young girls.

"Pineapple buns!"

"Great! I like pineapple buns!"

"Mei! You're amazing!"

Before they finished eating their toast, some girls had eagerly taken away the freshly-baked pineapple buns and gulped. Compared to toast, the pineapple buns fit these girls' flavour much more. After their stomachs were slightly filled, pineapple buns were their favourite choice.

The last was Yun Xi's masterpiece, his trump card which was usually used to feed his strongest childhood sweetheart in the past: butter bread.

"Come here, Mumu. This is the butter bread you wanted." Yun Xi opened the last three ovens, then waved his hand to the silver-haired girl, who was putting a thick toast and a yellow pineapple bun in her mouth at the same time.

"Awwoo! Awwoo!" Mumu had a thin body, but her appetite was incredible. Normally, a brick-shaped toast was enough to fill a girl's stomach, but she had eaten three toasts and ten pineapple buns in the twinkling of an eye.

Yun Xi was very confused about how her thin body could consume so much food.

"Awwoo!" At the first second Mumu ate Yun Xi's butter bread, she showed a surprised and happy look on her face. She moaned with satisfaction on her white, small face, as if she was going to cry with joy.

"Take it easy. There are still plenty raw materials. I will make as many types of bread as I can to fill your belly!" Yun Xi gently patted her back. He thought that she choked.

"Whooooh! It's delicious! It's the best food I have eaten!" Mumu said with a look of anguish, "When I was young, I was only allowed to eat crystals. These crystals were too hard! It took me a lot of time to digest them! But mom said that I wouldn't become stronger if I refuse to eat these crystals. If I want to find my father, I have to eat a lot of crystals! They really gorged me with crystals! I never thought that there was such delicious food in the world!"

Crystal? Was it edible? Could it be a local food from a country I don't know?

Yun Xi feed Mumu the butter bread and felt puzzled in his heart.

"Yummy!" Xiao Cao picked up a piece of butter bread, putting it into her mouth bit by bit. She was so careful, and didn't even let a crumb of bread drop on the ground.

Children who grow up in families which are short of money are better prepared to deal with the problems of adult life than children who are brought up by wealthy parents. The staple food in her village was black steamed bread. The bread was made with fine flour and was already a luxury food in the villagers' eyes, not to mention the bread made by a 3rd ranked baker.

"Mei, do you want to join my family?!" This time, even Hua Huo couldn't stop Hua Yue's eyes from turning green with jealousy.

Why was Mei's bread so delicious?!

All she used were the reserved materials from White Lotus and the tools she used to make bread were just some simple, temporary cookers. How could she make such fantastic bread under such circumstances!

Look! These girls who had eaten Mei's butter bread were all showing a look of ecstasy on their faces. Their tongues and hearts were all enraptured by the delicate flavour.

"I'm not that good. It should be because the raw materials are good. I can't do so well every time."

Yun Xi also felt surprised in his heart. He had stopped making bread for many days, why were his hands still as good as before? He even felt that his rank as a baker was going be to upgraded.

Even though cooks couldn't fight, a 4th ranked cook was also recognized as a hero ranked person. He heard that once a cook reached the 4th rank, the food the cook made would contain incredible power.

All the recipes mortals knew weren't higher than the 3rd rank, and a person who could make 3rd ranked food already deserved to be called "master". Even though a 4th ranked cook couldn't be compared to a 4th ranked swordsman, it was still a great honor, which meant that he had stepped into a higher realm and become a legend.

Would I not become a hero ranked swordsman first but become a hero ranked baker in advance?

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