Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 117

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Chapter 117: Xiao Cao in the Moonlight

Yun Xi stood on the beach, staring at the changing weather with a dumbfounded look.

The distant sky was as dark as ink, portending that a tempest was coming. The wind drove the clouds and swallowed the shining stars.

Under the sky, it was the boundless sea. The waves roared and billowed upon the dark sea.

At dusk, the sea should show the most beautiful scene, however, the coming storm ruined everything.

Yun Xi still remembered that the sea was so peaceful at daylight, but now, it exposed its violent side.

At the ends of the sea, the tempest was moving at an incredible speed. Lightning spread through the sky again and again, illuminating the clouds like burned snakes.

"Puff!" The winds were coming!

"Clank!" The storm was coming!

This was the first time that Yun Xi faced a storm’s earth-shaking powers personally.

In the storm, the heaven and the earth were inked, as dark as the winter in hell. The only light was the flashing lightning in the clouds and the white lotus throne floating on the sea.

The smell of the sea came from a distance and rose up through the air. The rain dropped on Yun Xi's shoulders like it was raining cats and dogs, drenching his maid's black uniform.

"No! Xiao Cao!" Yun Xi shuddered. He was planning to swim across the sea, but now, he recovered himself in the face of the violent sea storm.

To mortals, once they were drawn into a sea storm, they wouldn't survive. Xiao Cao wouldn't be an exception.

"Mei'er!" Yun Xi summoned his star elf.

"How can I lock onto Xiao Cao's position?"

Yun Xi anxiously looked at the small golden dog. His only hope now was the Stars' Love System.

"Do you mean her seed?" As Yun Xi's system elf, Mei'er could also see the thread between Yun Xi and the girls.

"Yes. She is in danger. I must save her!" Yun Xi grinded his teeth. Even if the storm was so horrible, he had no intention on giving up.

He must save everyone!

"Don't worry, my master. Feel her seed with your heart!" Mer'er jumped to Yun Xi's shoulder and licked his ear.

"Her seed?" Yun Xi closed his eyes and felt the seed’s direction in his heart.

Was it his imagination? He felt that Xiao Cao's seed getting closer and closer.

"Eh, It's not an illusion. Look, she is coming!"

Yun Xi felt then. He not only felt Xiao Cao's breath, but also including a strange creature's breath, which was much bigger and amazing.

On the dark sea, a streak of white light beam was emitting lights and quickly moving towards Yun Xi from the far away heavy waves.

As the white light beam moved, the waves were suppressed and the sea suddenly became peaceful. Even the inked sky was illuminated by its light.

Yun Xi could feel that the creature who was emitting the white light beam from its body was even strong enough to dispel the storm.

Although it couldn't be compared to the white holy dragon, it was still a great being that was far beyond ordinary people’s imagination.


A clear voice echoed between the heaven and the earth. The great being in the sea was dispelling the storm.

The storm and winds already blotted out the sky and covered the sun, but now, they faded in the face of the loud, clear, and song-like voice.

The crescent moon shined its cold lights on the boundless waves, and a few sparse stars blinked in the dark blue sky.

The sea breezes hummed, and the veil-like moonlight carried the soft night wind, dancing amongst the spoondrift on the dark sea.

Between heaven and earth, the white light looked holy and tranquil, as if there was an invisible hand that was wiping off the storm.

"This..." Yun Xi gazed at the miraculous scene. He was really at a loss for words.

Compared to the white holy dragon, this fantastic creature's power of suppressing the storm wasn't that incredible. However, its power was more natural, as if it was really a part of the cycle of natural process.

A few moments later, several black figures left the white light and swam to Yun Xi.

On the dark water, the several black figures met and parted, sank and swam, but always kept themselves in a loose formation.

Yun Xi could see curved-knife-like dorsal fins on their black back. Every once in a while, they would spout out water from their forehead with "buzz" sounds.

Sometimes, one or two black figures would leap from the water, exposing their oval white spots in the air. They streamlined bodies gave Yun Xi an ineffable sense of power and speed.

Discontinuously, they made song-like sounds that echoed in the night sky. They sounded like the voice which dispelled the storm.

"Whales?" Yun Xi looked at these big creatures and felt the growing of Xiao Cao's seed. He opened his eyes wide in surprise, because he had seen the girl, who was sitting on one of the killer whales without any clothes.

Her healthy and slender body looked still like a child, and her freckles looked pretty innocent and pure.

Under the moonlight, her skin looked strange but attractive. Yun Xi could clearly see her slender legs, soft and arched feet, and her slightly opened toes.

Her belly was smooth and compact, showing a kind of healthy beauty.

Was she Xiao Cao? Was she really the girl in Yun Xi's memory?

Her body was so energetic as if something in her body was suddenly released after the disaster. Her temperament had undergone a drastic change.

Not only her temperament. Her power had also changed. She was already at the 3rd rank now.

What had happened to her while she was missing?

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