Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: Search and Rescue

"We fell in the nearby area, which means that there may be other people stranded here."

Hua Yue was really an excellent aristocratic miss who had inherited the White Gold Rose Bloodline. She quickly analysed the situation.

"En. They are all on this island and in the nearby areas." Yun Xi answered. He felt the seeds again, making sure that no other female swordsmaidens were in danger.

However, for some reason he didn't know, his feeling about Hua Huo’s seed and the twin witches' seeds were becoming more and more difficult to perceive.

"Well, put me down and let us go look for the others," Hua Yue said. She looked around and made a decision, "Don't worry about me. I can still move. The most important thing now is to search for them."

"Are you really ok?" Yun Xi looked at Hua Yue with worry. He knew that her ribs were broken.

"I have the White Gold Rose Bloodline. I'm not that weak a girl!" Hua Yue looked around and found a place which was suitable to be their temporary foothold.

It was a platform on a barren rock-wall, which was a really good place to observe the surrounding environment. Even if they encountered monsters, the terrain could help them resist for a period of time. Besides, her White Gold Rose Bloodline could let her recover herself ten times faster than ordinary people. She would be able to recover 70% of her power after about ten hours.


Hua Yue tore her ripped dress to make bandages to bind up her broken ribs. After that, she worked on the platform to build their temporary camp.

As for Yun Xi, he was quickly running towards the backland of the island.

"Go. Look for everyone and save them! Mei, you are the strongest and the best of us. You should know that with great power comes great responsibility!"

Hua Yue's words were still echoing in Yun Xi's heart, which really made him look at her in a new way. So, not all aristocratic misses were hothouse flowers, at least, Hua Yue wasn't a feeble girl.

"Here!" Soon afterwards, Yun Xi found another girl who was in a coma. She was one of the female swordsmaiden. Her condition was better than Hua Yue. Although her clothes were also ripped, but she had fallen onto a thick and soft creep cluster which greatly reduced the impact.

"Ling Ling, wake up!" Yun Xi remembered her name. She was one of Hua Yue's subordinates and came from a declined noble family.

"Whoaaa! Am I dead?" Ling Ling faintly opened her eyes, then saw the blue sky, white clouds, and a black-haired angel.

"You are not dead. Hua Yue is waiting for you!" Yun Xi had a complex feeling. Why did they think that they had died when they saw him?

"Oh, I'm not dead! What a pity. I thought that I was in heaven!" Ling Ling looked regretful, then was helped up by Yun Xi.

"Ai... Gee... Mei?" Ling Ling blushed. She was at a loss in Yun Xi's arms.

"We can talk later. Let us go to Hua Yue's place first."

As the only uninjured person, Yun Xi's physical strength was still at its peak. He held Ling Ling in his arms and continuously performed Quicksilver Motion. He didn't only obtain understanding and experience about sword skills from the thirty-seven female swordsmen. Something else also flowed into his heart. Therefore, when he took Ling Ling up in his arms, he didn't feel that it was inappropriate.

Similarly, Ling Ling also didn't resist his behavior. She just blushed with her heart pounding heavily.

"Isn't this my heaven?" Ling Ling glanced at Yun Xi with a sweet feeling in her heart.

"I have found one!" After entrusting Ling Ling to Hua Yue, Yun Xi didn't rest. He immediately jumped down from the platform and started to search for other survivors.

After finding Hua Yue and Ling Ling, Yun Xi felt that he was more familiar with his seed searching system. Within three hours, he had found seventeen girls from the area within a ten-mile radius. However, as he kept searching, he was more and more confused about something.

"That's so strange. How could we all fall on the same island?"

At the same time, Hua Yue had become the temporary leader of these female swordsmen. She also considered this question. She didn't know of the existence of Yun Xi's seeds. In that case, she was more puzzled about how Yun Xi could find so many people so quickly.

"In terms of probability, it's impossible!"

They fell from the ship more than ten-thousand-meters-high in the sky. Even if they were holding each other's hands when they fell, it was still impossible that their landing locations were so close.

For the next ten hours, Yun Xi was still looking for the girls. Not surprisingly, he found almost all the remaining girls. When Yun Xi found them, they were all in a coma with vague white lights protecting them. Some of them fell on trees, some of them were dropped on creep clusters, and some of them were washed onto the beach just like Yun Xi himself.

"Thirty-six people... where is Xiao Cao?" Yun Xi put the last girl he found on the platform, then gasped for air as his brows frowned. By relying on the seeds, he could vaguely judge the distance between him and the girls. In order to find the thirty-six girls, he had almost gone around the whole island. However, Xiao Cao's seed wasn’t on the island but in the sea. He didn't know the exact location and could only figure out the general direction.

"You must be tired, Mei."

"Yes, Mei, you should take a rest. Come here, do you want to drink water?"

"Thank you, Mei. I don't know what would have happened if we didn't have you."

The girls surrounded Yun Xi with concern. Via the threads of their seeds, Yun Xi could feel their sincerity. Their eyes also proved that they weren't lying.

"Thanks. But I must find everyone, otherwise, I won't rest!" Yun Xi drank the cold water. He wiped his mouth, then jumped off the platform again. Since the seed had pointed out the direction for him, then no matter where Xiao Cao was, he must find her. They were a team of thirty-seven female swordsmen. Not one less.

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