Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: Bite

What happened?

Where had she changed?

Yun Xi checked Xiao Cao's seed, trying to find an answer.

Soon afterwards, he found her changes.

Xiao Cao's seed:

Mortal's Sword (perfect): The person who held this sword had practiced the mortal's sword skill to the limit, due to that the person would be able to learn any high-level sword skills two times faster than ordinary people.

Mind's Eye (incomplete): A kind of insight learning from practice and exercise. It could help the owner analyse the environment and catch the tiniest opportunity to reverse the situation.

Combat Intuition (partly awakened): This ability could help the owner analyse the battle trend and respond to it in advance. At any time, the owner of this ability could use 100% strength.

Persevering Heart: The grass-like girl has a persevering heart. It can help her open the door to a higher rank.

The Great Road (partly opened): In the long river of fate, some people were blessed by the Goddess of Fortune. Even if they are still mortals, they were fated to create legends.

After reading the last information, Yun Xi realized that he was witnessing a new legend's birth. She was going to step on her own great road.

Xiao Cao was blessed by destiny itself. She had made the first move of her legend.

Her natural posture and renewed temperament were the proofs of her rebirth.

Yun Xi still didn't know what had happened to her, but he could see her changes.

"Mei! Mei! Mei!"

Yun Xi was lost in his thought, till Xiao Cao jumped off the black whale she rode, ran to him and called him. He finally returned to the real world.

"Ah, Xiao Cao... Welcome back!" Yun Xi hesitated, "Sorry, I don't know what to do at a time like this."

"You can just smile," Xiao Cao answered, "Sorry to keep you waiting!" She deftly stood on her toes, then held Yun Xi in her arms and kissed him. She put her small tongue into Yun Xi's mouth and forcibly stirred.

"Ooo!" Under Xiao Cao's surprise attack, Yun Xi unconsciously put out his tongue. After feeling that, Xiao Cao enthusiastically sucked his tongue.

"!!!" Yun Xi heard Xiao Cao's breathing and groan, feeling that her body was so soft as if she didn't have bones.

Xiao Cao's kiss was a little strange. After swallowing plenty of Yun Xi's saliva, she tried to use her tongue to touch every corner of Yun Xi's mouth.

A large amount of sweet saliva flowed into Yun Xi's mouth. Some of them flowed out from the corner of his mouth, hanging in the air like a silver wire.

"En!" Finally, Yun Xi struggled and put Xiao Cao away, for her kiss had almost made him suffocate.

Who?! Who taught Xiao Cao such an erotic style of kissing? He was almost dried up!

Looking at Xiao Cao, Yun Xi couldn't believe that she had changed so much!

In his memory, Xiao Cao was a girl who was clumsy in daily life and only focused on practicing her sword skill.

"Not enough..." Xiao Cao seemingly didn't want to give up. Even after Yun Xi had pushed her away, she still launched the second offensive.

"Wow! Wow! Wow!"

"Patter! Patter!"

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah!"

"Go! Go!"

Was it his illusion? Yun Xi felt that there were other people. They were peeping at him and making inexplicable sounds.

Xiao Cao seemed to be encouraged by someone. She opened her mouth again. However, Yun Xi had covered his mouth with his hands. In that case, she could only put out her small tongue to help Yun Xi clean the saliva on his neck.

As her smooth, soft tongue licked and her warm lips brushed through, nothing remained on Yun Xi's neck.

As she licked, Yun Xi's heart suddenly beat faster. His neck felt a sharp pain, because Xiao Cao was biting on his neck, for he was refusing her kiss.

"My friends are saying that if you still resist, I can bite you," Xiao Cao said dangerous words with an innocent face as she gazed at Yun Xi's eyes.

Yun Xi didn't know if it was his illusion, however, when Xiao Cao said that, a sense of love was exposed on Xiao Cao's face, which made her look more pretty.

"Bite? How?" Yun Xi covered his neck with his hand, but didn't see any malice in Xiao Cao's eyes.

"Like this." Xiao Cao slightly opened her mouth.

Her eyebrows raised, which looked so soft as if it was drawing the same soft curves in Yun Xi's heart, making him feel an itch.

Stand on your toes, find the target, then bite on it - This was the perfect strategy Xiao Cao's friends were telling her.

"Yes, friends! Your best friends! The friends you want her to stay with forever!"

"Yes, don't relax your bite!"

"Yes, you must be active and enthusiastic! She is a pretty trustworthy friend. You should never let her go!"

"For mating and love, you... Cough, for your friendship, you must be proactive!"

"Ah... Ooo..." Xiao Cao didn't doubt her friends' words. She bit Yun Xi's lips again and enjoyed the feeling.

Xiao Cao, what was that bad friend? How could you teach my Xiao Cao such wrongful knowledge!

Xiao Cao, break it with that bad friend! The great road was still waiting for you. You shouldn't be slatternly!

Yun Xi felt his lower abdomen grow hot. One of his body part was going to raise its head.

No! I can't expose my identity here! The Apostle is still near. I can't remove my disguise now!

However... I can't hold on any longer! For god's sake, Xiao Cao's healthy and flexible breasts were pressing my chest! They are a pair of all too powerful weapons!


"Patter! Patter!"

"Pa pa pa pa!"

Under the moonlight, they peeked at the black-haired girl's perplexed expression, translucent skin, soaked maid's black uniform, and...




A lot of blood spurted into the sea and dyed the water red.

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