Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1126

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Chapter 1126: Underground Warehouse


"The kingdom's secret weapon?"

"Adley and Lord Silver Dragon both know about a weapon that I don't know about?"

Ain, the Nuclear Explosion Queen who is seen as the world's number one, and who took control of the kingdom at the age of fourteen, is seriously doubting her own life.

She understood every word they said, but why did it become a world puzzle when they were put together?

Even my parents don't know about our secret weapon at home!

"Um... actually, it's the thing hidden in the underground palace." Yun Xi also didn't know what that thing was, even though it was clearly a treasure of Ain's family.

"The hidden treasure..." Ain took a deep breath. As the owner of the Divine Era Tower, even the faraway Lord Silver Dragon knew about it, but she herself had no idea about such a treasure.

It's really embarrassing, oh no!


Adley, how did you know? What is it exactly!

"Sister... sister... it's that, that, right there!" Adley held Ain's hand and pointed below the Twelve Constellation Palace.

"The underground warehouse?" Now Ain finally knew what Adley was talking about.

It is the deepest level of the Divine Era Tower, used to store a collection of meaningful items and everyday supplies.

Since the Divine Era Tower is only open to the public during Ain's generation, no one else is allowed inside. Therefore, it also stores enough food to last for several years.

The question is, does this underground warehouse have any weapons or secret weapons that can deal with the terrifying fifty-meter giant?

Is it one of the weapons from the Twelve Constellation Gods?

Yes, besides this, Ain couldn't imagine what other secret weapon could threaten the fifty-meter giant in this situation.

Lord Silver Dragon should be able to use the Twelve Constellation Gods' Weapons, after all, Lord Silver Dragon is a great and wise creature that has traveled across the stars.

"Adley, do you know what that weapon is?" Ain quietly asked her sister.

The Twelve Constellation Gods' Weapons are hidden in their own warehouse, and she doesn't know anything about them.

"Yes, don't you remember telling me about it, sister?" Adley looked at Ain with an innocent expression.

Did I ever tell you when I discovered the trace of the Constellation God's Weapons? Ain became more and more confused, and her thought process was turning into a mess.

"If it's that thing, it should be able to counter that giant." According to the information Yun Xi perceived, the thing in the underground warehouse of the divine era tower is extraordinary.

Maybe, just like the suddenly rising tower, it is a product that surpasses the civilization of this era.

The puppet maker wasn't very skilled, but this work was perfect. It was much better than anything a beginner like him could create.

The only problem was that this piece seemed to have been abandoned for a long time. Its energy was fading away, like a candle in the wind.

Who created this work and put it in the underground warehouse of the divine era tower?

With these questions in mind, Yun Xi, Ain, and Adley ventured into the underground warehouse.

This warehouse served as a storage facility for the divine era tower. It contained all kinds of items and the collections of previous high Tower Masters.

It was divided into different sections for strategic supplies, daily items, and personal belongings.

When the high Tower Masters passed away, their cherished possessions were often stored in this underground warehouse.

Adley used to love adventuring in this underground warehouse as a child, until something happened that made her stop.

As they reached the warehouse displaying the collections of past high Tower Masters, Yun Xi stopped and nodded in approval.

"This is it."

"Sister, um, that one, it's that one!" Adley looked at the tightly closed warehouse door with excitement and a little fear.

The ancient warehouse was securely locked with chains adorned with runes, which had been locked by Ain herself.

Because Adley would always come here to play around, and there are some dangerous things inside that can't be played with casually.

For this reason, she also weaved a lie to scare her little sister.

That happened two years ago, and for a seven-year-old Adley, she probably took her lie seriously.

"Open the door," Ain extended her hand and unlocked the warehouse with the runic lock.

With Adley's current constitution, soaked with Lord Silver Dragon's essence, the magical relics inside wouldn't harm her anymore.

The problem is, based on Ain's understanding of the collection inside this warehouse, none of the items have true battlefield-level power.

Inside, there were the belongings of the Tower Masters of the divine era. They were a bit strange because they lived in environments with high magic concentration and had masters with pure warlock bloodlines.

However, they would occasionally twitch, laugh loudly at night, or say confusing things.

It might be scary for children, but for true divine era bloodline warlocks, it was not worth mentioning.

The strangeness that a hero-ranked warlock could create was a hundred times stronger than all the cursed items in this warehouse combined.

By the way, when she lied to Adley, she told an incredible story without thinking about the consequences. She was only twelve and enjoyed playing pranks.

She told her younger sister that there was a terrifying monster hidden in the underground warehouse. Adults couldn't see it, only children with pure hearts could.

This monster had extremely frightening powers. It could pull people into another world, and if they got lost there, they would never come back in this lifetime.

She had been caught by this monster before and almost couldn't come back.

She gave this monster a shamefully scary name, "faceless evil god," meaning a god that was unpredictable and untouchable, and loved to eat children.

Hmm, could the secret weapon of the kingdom that Adley mentioned be...?

"Lord Silver Dragon, right in here, that faceless evil god is inside!"

"Oh my, she should have remembered her dark history when she was twelve years old!" Ain had a tearless expression on her face.

Oh no, this dark history is really too shameful. There's no faceless, sinister god that specifically captures ignorant girls here. It's all her nonsense and fabrication!

"Hmm, that's it."