Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1127

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Chapter 1127: The Hidden Object

Yun Xi walked into the ancient warehouse filled with various girlish style clothing, toys, and jewelry, and immediately spotted the item that had been subtly calling out to him recently.

Just as he perceived, this was a masterpiece that exuded a style he could only dream of achieving now.

As a puppet maker who didn't even pass the entrance exam, he could only create a puppet like White Moon based on his own imagination.

And the author of this work has already reached the highest level of simplicity and can create as he pleases.

With a few simple features, the puppet looks like it has stick-like arms and legs, and only three circles for a face - two big ones and one small one.

However, this minimalistic design gives people an indescribable sense of comfort, and in Yun Xi's eyes, it feels as if it has its own life.

Ah, it's truly a masterpiece of art! It's just like a loaf of bread!

"This one??"

Ain was dumbfounded as she looked at the puppet with an unfinished face. It was a secret weapon that could twist the course of a battle.

Faceless and formless, that's quite fitting. It must be a failed craft project from some ancestor's childhood!

This level of embarrassment is not inferior at all to the lie she made up when she was twelve years old!

"Sister... this is very scary..." Adley tightly held onto Ain's hand.

She loved all kinds of interesting toys in this warehouse ever since she was young and active. The reason why she later dared not come here was because the "faceless god" was here.

"Um..." Ain really didn't know what to say. It was really hard to tell her sister that this was just a made-up scary story for children.

"I really want to know who completed such a design."

Clearly, this is not something that humans can create." Yun Xi expressed sincere admiration for this "faceless god.

The whole artwork was woven from a single "thread." Compared to his barely completed White Moon, which required countless precious materials, the level of this artwork was beyond what his mediocre puppet maker skills could comprehend.

Moreover, the hidden power inside this puppet was indescribable.

"Ain, do you know how to activate it?" Once again, Yun Xi asked the supposed owner of this puppet.

"This... I don't know." Ain couldn't help but wonder how Lord Silver Dragon turned this failed puppet into a secret weapon that could save the fate of the kingdom.

No matter how she looked at it, whether left, right, up, down, east, or west, these were just the failed creations of one of her own ancestors!

"So... let me try." Following some information he sensed in the dragon egg, Yun Xi reached out his hand.

First, he pressed the small circles on the puppet's face that represented its eyes, but there was no response.

Then, he pressed the big circle that represented its mouth, but still no response.

Huh, isn't it supposed to be here? Yun Xi thought he had found the right answer, but it seemed that the activation method left by the puppet maker was not that simple after all.

If it's not activated by visible means, then is it a special password activation method?

Uh-oh, he had no idea what the password to activate this puppet was.

"Lord Silver Dragon, be careful, this faceless god is very scary. Adley was captured by it," Adley looked terrified as she watched Yun Xi touching the puppet.

"Captured?" Ain was surprised. Could this puppet really be a problem?

"Hmm... this part seems fine, and this part too." After touching the puppet's face, Yun Xi became more serious and carefully inspected its body.

This puppet is made by weaving all its body structures with just one thread, and its craftsmanship and composition are unbelievably extraordinary.

Besides, it feels really great to touch, soft and fragrant, as if it carries the scent of more than one young girl. How did they achieve this?



Pafu, nestled in Yun Xi's chest, seemed to be exceptionally excited, constantly making its unique cry, as if reminding Yun Xi of something.

Yes, that's it, keep going.

There, here, don't miss a single place.

It is a gift from the world, the most beautiful thing in the world.

Use your hand to touch and feel it well, open the door to a new world!

When Yun Xi's fingertips touched and caressed every part of the faceless puppet's body, not missing even the tiniest detail, a hidden setting was fulfilled.

Just like what Adley experienced back then.

A silver curtain of light enveloped the three people in the underground warehouse, and they all disappeared together inside the warehouse.

"Ah ah ah ah ah, here it comes again!" Adley held onto her sister's body and didn't dare to let go.

The last time, she suddenly ended up here like this, crying for a long time before going back, completely unaware of what had happened.

"So, this is the actual form." Yun Xi looked at this world woven with countless silver threads, sensing the grandiose work of the ancient puppet maker.

The external puppets are just appearances; the true essence of the power he feels is actually here, in this world woven by countless silver threads.

This is the world within the faceless god, a magical creation beyond the imagination of this Sia's world.

Although it looks like numerous threads, there is only one, and it is the structure that Yun Xi can't reach. From small puppets the size of a hand to entire worlds, they all follow the rules of this single thread.

He still has a long way to go before reaching this level.

I really don't know whose masterpiece this is, it has such amazing quality.

"This... is really..." Looking at the silver world around her, Ain was speechless.

So, in her family's underground warehouse, there really existed a faceless evil god, able to take children to another space.

By the way, why didn't she remember?

This puppet, that looks a bit strange, actually belonged to more than one owner of the divine era tower!

Moreover, it has been owned by every generation.

In her slightly ambiguous memory, this puppet had appeared on her bedside before. Its craftsmanship was so poor compared to other puppets that she had almost forgotten its existence.

It seems that when Adley was little, this puppet also appeared on her bedside.

No, every generation of divine era Tower Masters has had this puppet by their bedside.

Why did she tell that lie?

The faceless god, not belonging to the scenery of this world.

Is that really just her dark history?

Why does she know about the "faceless deity"?