Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1125

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Chapter 1125: The Attack of Giants

The evening of the second day when the Underground Cemetery appeared in the world.

Even if it moved at a walking speed, the black iron giant, which is equivalent to only one-tenth of the Leviathan Empire, with a height exceeding fifty meters and the ability to traverse any terrain, still entered the kingdom.

Without receiving Ain's command, a group of passionate young nobles formed a team to challenge the black iron giant, hoping to become heroes like in mythological stories who defeat dragons.

Hmm, these knights, who have read too many novels, are foolish. Passed Princess didn't even bother to look at them. They couldn't even get close to the giant before being knocked out by the earth-shaking footsteps. Several people fell off their horses and broke their legs.

This was the first time there were casualties in the war between the Sia Kingdom and the black iron giant, further fueling people's panic.

Representatives from various factions, totaling over a hundred people, gathered in front of the Divine Era Tower, urging Queen Ain to immediately use Sia Kingdom's ultimate power - the nuclear explosion, to kill this terrifying monster before it reaches the capital.

If this fifty-meter monster gets any closer, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Those who have seen the remnants of the nuclear explosion forbidden spell know that once unleashed, this ultimate forbidden spell of the Divine Era will completely destroy everything within tens of kilometers, and its shockwave and swirling dust can even reach the capital over a hundred kilometers away.

Now is the best opportunity to use the nuclear explosion forbidden spell because the giant has entered a somewhat delicate area.

Whether it was by chance or a heaven-sent opportunity, the giant seems to have been attracted to the remnants of the nuclear explosion forbidden spell and stopped in that area the next night.

Now is the best time to launch the nuclear explosion forbidden spell. If we miss this night, it will be too late once that giant attacks the capital!

These arrogant nobles of the kingdom almost treated Ain's nuclear explosion forbidden spell as their own, knowing exactly how to use it and when.

Well, if Ain really mastered the ultimate forbidden spell of nuclear explosion, she might take the opportunity while the black iron giant mysteriously lingered in the nuclear blast ruins.

It's a rare and golden opportunity that should not be missed.

Unfortunately, she doesn't know how.

The so-called Queen of the Nuclear Explosion is just a huge misunderstanding. It's not that she's lying or anything, she never said anything. Everyone just assumed she was a divine era warlock who possessed the nuclear explosion forbidden spell.

Ain says it's a big misunderstanding.

It takes time for a warlock to awaken and harness their own power. In fact, she's not even a hero-ranked warlock. Maybe everyone has a huge misconception about her being only fourteen.

Even in the divine era, there were no fourteen-year-old warlocks capable of mastering divine era forbidden spells. Why is everyone acting like it's a given that she has that power now?

However, she does have confidence because even though she herself never mastered the power of nuclear explosion, someone else did.

She believes that Lord Silver Dragon has that power.

The problem is, Yun Xi himself doesn't think so.

Just escaped from being chased by his four ex-girlfriends, and having to bear the curse of Northern God's Domain Supreme Dragon God Asha, he doesn't possess the true power of Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel.

Regardless of the strength of that black iron giant, from the fact that it emerged from the Underground Cemetery and the Tower of Heaven rose, the situation is very uncertain.

This world doesn't seem to be truly isolated from the closed world of the past. It seems that there are influences from other worlds as well.

Even in the previous Water God's World, there were outsiders like Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword.

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As long as a world is located within the Endless God's Domain, it will inevitably be influenced by other worlds. Yun Xi had already noticed this from the structure of this divine era tower.

The construction level of this world is too high for an egg hatching tower unaffected by the passage of time, far exceeding the highest level of the divine era as speculated by Yun Xi based on books.

Moreover, he discovered "that thing."

Speaking of "that", it was really a very accidental discovery.

While Yun Xi was still inside the dragon egg, in order to not completely yield to the tempting surroundings, he diligently used his senses to explore the area and then discovered "it".

"Ain, use the secret weapon." Faced with Yun Xi's high hopes, Sia Kingdom felt that it was time to reveal their true trump card.

"Secret weapon?" Ain expressed her unawareness of such a thing.

Our Sia Kingdom's secret weapon is you, Lord Silver Dragon, who came from the starry sky, and besides that, it is this divine era tower that has now been proven to be used for hatching eggs.

Other than being able to hatch eggs of the highest quality and maintain the magical standards of the divine era, allowing trolls, Lamia, and mermaids to grow rapidly, what other secret weapons does this country have?

If they had such a thing, her father and mother would have used it when facing the invasion of the Leviathan Empire, and it wouldn't have ended in the tragic death of the last battle.

"I... can't detonate, you know..." Ain quietly told Yun Xi.

She really doesn't know that legendary forbidden spell. That ultimate forbidden spell is just a theoretical concept among mages even in the divine era, and it's not something that humans can dabble in.

"Is it not that...? Isn't that thing right under the tower?" Yun Xi looked at Queen Ain with a puzzled expression. It's already this time, and the giants have come, why haven't they activated that thing?

After all, based on his perception inside the dragon egg, that thing is extraordinary and can rival the black iron giant.

"Ah, I know, brother."

"It's that one, that one, sister!" Adley shouted excitedly, dancing with her hands and feet.

As a child who always ran around in the tower, Adley was familiar with everything in the divine era tower, including certain things located at the bottom of the tower.

"So... what is it exactly?" Ain expressed her hardship, not understanding what Lord Silver Dragon and Adley were talking about.

If the kingdom has any secret weapons, Father and Mother would definitely use them.

Um... don't you know how to activate it?" Yun Xi realized he may have made a joke, as Ain genuinely seemed unaware of the existence of "that thing.

It's not surprising, if it weren't for his intuition as a mediocre puppet maker, he wouldn't have discovered what that thing is and the immense power it hides.

After all, just by looking at the appearance, it was probably a broken puppet that didn't resemble a human.