Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1073

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Chapter 1073: Lamia's Expectation

After Meross, leading by example, demonstrated how to undergo the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order assessment, the girls of the Lamia clan seemed to understand what she was doing.

Hmm, even among the young human girls, some of them understood the trial of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, although they couldn't imagine the truth.

"I'll go!"

"It's my turn!"

"I want to love... go!"

With the enthusiastic Lamia girls volunteering, the atmosphere suddenly became lively for those unaware young girls who dreaded the trial.

"You all... remember to follow the etiquette, okay?" Meross lazily waved her snake tail, not even wearing her clothes, and started to bathe in a corner of the giant pool.

Hmm, this feeling is amazing. It looks like it was prepared specifically for this kind of ceremony!

Looking at her cheeks blushing in the snow and her comfortable snake tail soaking in warm water, Meross gained a deeper understanding of the truth behind the trial of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

This is not just a whim of Queen Ain, but a very ancient and sacred ritual.

Including the establishment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, everything felt like it was meant to be. Just after a brief exchange, she could visibly feel her bloodline power increasing.

"Ah, ah, ah!" The shy voice of the Lamia clan girl echoed again in the vast bath, it was the melody of love, a response to the immense and fiery dragon's spiritual energy.

Without the resistance of Saramanda, and without the embarrassing defeat of Princess Roland, the Lamia clan girls, just like Meross, indulged in the thrilling and passionate process.

This is the correct way to assess the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, to willingly embrace the stimulation of the dragon's spiritual energy, and then experience a collective fusion of body and mind.

"Smack!" The fallen Lamia girl was gently led by her kinsmen to Meross's side, adopting the same tail-wagging posture as Meross, too weak even to exert strength in her fingers.

The amount of time she persisted for was five minutes, slightly shorter than the Empire's Princess Roland. Considering her abilities, it was a remarkable number.

"How does it feel... have you felt the immense, scorching..." Meross whispered quietly to the girl from her own clan, as their earlobes began to blush with cuteness.

"Hmm... it's so hot... so big... I never imagined it would be like that..." The Lamia girl, completely exhausted and weak, quivered in the chest area, and her long snake tail spasmed in sections.

The feeling of continuously reaching new peaks, as if each mountain was higher than the previous, was truly exhilarating and soul-stirring.

From the tip of her tail to the tips of her fingers, every part of her body was swept away by the powerful waves. The tingling sensation made her feel like she was in heaven, a sight that was beyond beautiful.

If it weren't for her physical exhaustion, she really wanted to continue.

Lady Meross, truly the best Lamia Priestess. She managed to endure for more than ten minutes during the constantly intensifying peak time.

"Don't be surprised... We will probably have many more chances to experience such things in the future."

"This is not only a test for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, but also the purpose of its establishment," Meross whispered to her subordinates as another girl from their clan completed the ceremony and was brought over by their fellow members.

"Ah... hiss... so... exciting..." This girl is the youngest participant in the selection process for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order. Despite enduring for over four minutes, her eyes were almost worn out.

Compared to the older Lamia sisters, she had the weakest endurance in this matter. Even so, her four-minute achievement proved the talent of the Lamia clan in this ritual similar to mating.

"Well done... you did great... good girl..." Meross reached out to touch the vacant expression in the eyes of her clan member, who seemed to still be recovering from the impact of the endless waves.

For the Lamia clan, this level of energy was more intoxicating than the finest wine, a symptom that only appeared when mating with the dragon species at the top of the world pyramid.

Bathed in the strong energy of the dragon, no Lamia could resist the phenomenon of "dragon intoxication". Only the immense magical power and spiritual energy of the dragon could satisfy the energy needs of the Lamia without limits.

"Who knows... maybe we all have a chance to have children." Meross said, looking content as she held a small tribal member against her chest, almost in a childlike state.

Lamia's success in mating rituals depends on the energy levels of their partner. The more energy they receive, the stronger their vitality, and the higher the chances of getting pregnant and having stronger offspring.

The dragon is the ideal mating target for the Lamia. All Leviathan priests, to some extent, have a connection to the dragon bloodline, dating back to their ancestors.

For Meross, discovering traces of the long-extinct dragons in this world was incredibly good news.

Especially this unknown dragon, who possessed an enormous supply of energy that even the history of the Lamia clan had no records of. As a priestess of hero rank, she could only withstand the impact of this immense energy for ten minutes.

The normal mating time for Lamia is at least six hours. To make Lamias with strength comparable to trolls look like this, the unknown dragon's level of life is unheard of.

"Can I also have children?"

Qualified large monsters are becoming rare. All the available spots have already been taken by adult Lamias. It is said that the waiting list for appointments is already twenty years long, and underage Lamias don't even qualify for entry.

In order to find suitable male partners, Lamias teamed up with mermaids and even caught giant creatures from the deep sea. However, the number of qualified individuals kept decreasing, and the birth rate of their clan has reached a very low level. They were very worried about their ability to have children.

For Lamias who couldn't find a chance to become pregnant, this became their biggest regret in life.

Influenced by what they heard and saw, even the young Lamias were worried about their future.

As long as the magic tide remained weak, this problem seemed unsolvable.

In the Lamia clan, more than 80% of the members have never been pregnant.

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