Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1072

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Chapter 1072: Meross Sees Through the Truth

How do the Lamia clan, without any males, reproduce in this world? They don't have any fantasy species like the Water God's World's sail jellyfish to help them.

The answer is hunting.

They search for powerful male monsters, force them into mating, and then collect their vital life essence to lay Lamia eggs.

During this process, the prey suffers greatly, being continuously drained, even until the last drop of blood is taken by the Lamias, resulting in a truly horrifying fate.

In order to obtain powerful life essence, Lamias often seek out monstrously large creatures as fathers and are skilled at outnumbering them.

For humans, it was an unimaginable nightmare scene. Lamias with long snake-like tails would lock their prey's bodies with their tails and use a unique mating method of the Lamia clan, constantly squeezing the unfortunate captured object.

In order to obtain the highest quality life essence, Lamias often use forbidden magic eye techniques to keep the captured male monsters in an extreme state, constantly reaching their peak while on the verge of death, and ultimately draining their lifeblood until death.

In history, there have been heroes with the human divine era bloodline who were chosen by Lamias. The result... it turns out that humans are not as useful as fire lizard kings. Their life essence is completely insufficient to support mating for more than twelve hours at a time, so humans were lucky enough to be excluded from Lamia's hunting list.

Recently, due to the excessively long period of magic tide decline, it has become increasingly difficult to find prey with abundant life essence. The reproduction rate of Lamias has also been declining year by year, much like the troll clan.

As for the dragon race, whose reproductive rate is even more devastating, even mermaids, Lamias, and trolls who are their subordinates have no idea if they still exist in this world.

The giant dragons, who possess the ocean crown, disappeared from the presence of any intelligent beings hundreds of years ago. The Leviathan faction lost its substantive leader and is now in a fragmented state, with each tribe standing as its own group.

So, when Ain and Adley showed signs of dragons, the girls from the Leviathan faction were shocked.

"Could it be... inside this? As the priestess of the Lamia clan, Meross knew a secret unknown to others.

The Lamia clan actually has an extraordinary intimate relationship with the dragons.

Until hundreds of years ago, the Lamia clan's ideal mating partner was a giant dragon. The Lamia Priestesses inherited their magic eye from the dragon's power.

With the disappearance of the giant dragons, the bloodline power of the Lamia clan started to weaken. This was true for almost all the races of the Leviathan faction.

After humans started to decline, they still had a large population advantage and didn't have to worry about their descendants. But for the Leviathan faction, which already had a small population, this was a matter of life or death.

As the most outstanding young priestess of the Lamia clan, Meross could clearly feel the strong and pure aura surrounding her at the moment.

Just breathing the air here could make her whole body feel warm. This was a unique phenomenon called "Dragon's Drunkness" in the Lamia clan.

This was truly the best object. Even if Ain didn't say anything, Meross was certain that within this white light cluster was a giant dragon hidden!

Moreover, this was a dragon that had never been recorded by the Lamia clan, a completely unfamiliar one.

Over the course of a long time, members of the Lamia clan had intimate contact with the dragon race more than once, but never had they recorded such a strong and powerful aura.

It was only natural that humans couldn't withstand this kind of aura. This was an essence of life that far surpassed human imagination, perhaps even the highest level of aura in this world!

"I'm not polite anymore..." Meross gently licked her lips and quickly stretched her body, wrapping her six-meter-long snake tail around the cluster of white lights.

One circle, then another circle!

Unlike Saramanda's rushing around or Roland's struggling, Meross wholeheartedly and completely enjoyed this wonderful mating time.

The enormous spiritual energy of the dragon swept over Meross's entire body, from the tip of her tail to the ends of her hair, making her emit a contented and joyful sound.

That sound made the other Lamia girls, who had known how to mate skillfully since they were young, blush and their tails couldn't help but wave around, causing small splashes.

"Ah... ah..."

"Ugh... ugh..."

Without any resistance, Meross completely surrendered her body to the dragon's invading spiritual energy, pressing her chest tightly against the silver dragon egg in the white light cluster, occasionally using her own smooth, white skin to rub this huge dragon egg.

"Hiss!" When her emotions reached their peak, her forehead's magic eye naturally opened, and then all three eyes gazed affectionately at the dragon egg in her embrace, emitting a low hissing sound similar to that of a snake.




The snake's tail excitedly convulsed and twitched, then secreted the unique fragrance of the Lamia clan's females, fully indulging in the dragon's spiritual energy that was so familiar to the Lamia clan's body structure.

The owner of this powerful energy, I wonder which great dragon it is, seems to be very accustomed to getting cozy with the Lamia clan.

Meross, overwhelmed by the wandering path of the dragon's spiritual energy, bit her own hair and her ears turned bright red, feeling all worn out.

Well, indeed, this isn't the first time.

The Lamia clan's unique sensitive spots, slightly different intimate habits from humans, and the rhythm of entwining with their winding snake tails were all skillfully accompanied by the overflowing dragon's spiritual energy from the silver dragon egg.

After all, this is the person who married an entire Lamia clan bride from a certain world.

The rhythm of the dragon's spiritual energy echoed, making Lamias unable to resist and involuntarily emit lovely sounds, wave after wave.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!"

In the continuous and charming voice, Meross, who perfectly found the rhythm and method, surpassed everyone's expectations and directly broke through the ten-minute barrier, before finally softly detaching from the white light cluster.

Compared to the breathless Saramanda and Roland, Meross clearly seemed more like the victor. The long snake tail twisted into an "S" shape and then into an "M" shape, expressing Lamia clan's unique pleasure.

" amazing..." Despite exhausted physical strength, Meross had a satisfied expression on her face, much more composed than the first time with Ain and Adley.

"This a formidable rival!" Ain, who witnessed everything, felt a sudden sense of crisis.

Lamia, truly a deserving name for a monster!

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