Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1071

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Chapter 1071: Mating Preparation

"Plop!" Roland's snow-white delicate body softly fell into the water next to the white light cluster, creating ripples.



"Princess!" Other princess knights and guards from the empire's camp rushed over in a fluster, thinking something unfortunate had happened to her.

"Ugh... can't... do it..." Roland's face turned bright red. Being a girl who still didn't understand what it meant to be a man and a woman, these few minutes of intense pleasure were too overwhelming.

That melting-like sensation, wave after wave of surging tide, completely overwhelmed this princess knight from the Leviathan Empire.

"That... is it... right?"

"Hmm, I haven't tried it myself, but I've often heard that sound outside my dad's bedroom."

"When I went to my sister's house to get married, I also heard my sister make that kind of sound."

Compared to the princesses of the Leviathan Empire, the girls from the Merchant Alliance understand what that sound represents better. After all, merchants' families don't have as strict discipline as nobles, so they tend to mature earlier than noble daughters.

Many girls from merchant families who are not yet eighteen have already gotten married and had children. If it weren't for the selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order this time, they might have been married off in one or two years.

After all, not every girl has the treatment of an empire princess. Even getting married is related to the political situation of the empire. Merchants prefer to marry into those fallen noble families to obtain tickets to the upper society in the empire and kingdom.

The Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order is a special knight group made up entirely of underage girls, something that didn't even exist in the divine era.

Most of the girls were actually quite nervous before coming here, afraid of being eliminated from this selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

If it were based on martial skills, most of them are just ordinary girls who don't meet any recruitment requirements of a formal knight order.

Compared to the knight squads of the empire princesses, the wilderness bride group of the Northern United Kingdom, and the exotic teams from Leviathan, their combat power can be almost completely ignored.

However, now they seem to understand to some extent that this selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order doesn't seem to be related to martial skills.

The powerful troll, who can easily tear apart magic armor, and the empire's top princess knight, both quickly fell in battle.

The mysterious white light cluster, mentioned by Queen Ain as a divine artifact, seems to require something other than "strength."

"So that's how it is... It seems like whatever is inside... is not simple at all..." The third to step forward was Meross, one of the ace members of the Leviathan faction, the only Leviathan priest who can counter the cheating race of trolls in close combat.

Meross smoothly took off the clothes she wasn't used to wearing, revealing her ample and soft snow-white bosom. She swayed her long tail and swam towards the white light cluster, deep in thought.

The Lamia clan, a large land combat unit, possesses snake tails that can easily entangle even mammoths to death. Every Lamia's tail is a powerful weapon they are born with.

Facing the mysterious white light cluster, which stands over three meters tall, Meross, as a Lamia Priestess, had a strange premonition.

It seems that whatever is inside this light cluster is of vital importance to the entire Lamia clan.

This impulsive feeling is a natural ability possessed by Meross, who has a magic eye since birth.

This journey to the human kingdom is something she fully supports and personally leads the team to accomplish.

Compared to the troll clan, who occasionally interacted with humans, the Lamia clan, who lived in swamps and tropical rainforest areas, had even greater distanxce from humans because they had a half-human, half-snake form.

The troll clan, who are used to wearing clothes, are very satisfied with human weapons. Every year, brave merchants come to the volcano area where the trolls live to exchange weapons for rare minerals.

There are no human forces brave enough to trade with the Lamia clan.

Humans cannot accept the terrifying long tail of the Lamia clan. Humans can accept troll and dwarf humanoid races, but they have never considered Lamias as a branch of humans.

Well, Lamias also think so. They have a closer blood relationship with dragon races than humans do.

Comparing to humans, the blood ties between the Lamia clan and the Mermaid clan are even closer. They are both monster races that dragons trust most.

Because of this, Meross's forehead with the magical eye feels warm when she gets close to the silver dragon egg protected by the white light cluster, as if it is reminding her of something.

"Is it okay to get entangled?" Meross asked Queen Ain, who had clearly undergone this ritual before the assessment.

"It's possible, with you..." Even Ain didn't expect the Lamia clan to participate in this Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order assessment.

This race, which was once the most skilled commander in the Leviathan faction, can be said to be the natural enemy of humans.

If trolls are the elite infantry known for their powerful charges, then Lamias are the versatile core unit in the Leviathan faction.

Unlike trolls, who only know how to mindlessly charge forward and attack even their own kind, Lamias are very good at coordinating with other units.

During the divine era war, Lamia priests were mostly commanders in the Leviathan faction, and only they could control those mindless monsters with their magic eye abilities, leading them in fearless charges against the human army.

In a sense, Lamias, possessing intelligence equal to that of humans, are more fearsome opponents in war than trolls, who only know how to charge forward.

If their population was not as scarce as trolls, the difficulty for humans to win the war for the continental crown would increase by another level.

"Alright then, I'll go." Unlike the dim-witted Saramanda and the overly prim and proper Princess Roland, Meross, as a Lamia Priestess, knew exactly what kind of sound they just made.

It was not a sound of pain, but a mixture of peaks and trembling cries, as the girls walked up the stairs and discovered the first cries of a wider world.

The characteristics of the Lamia clan often allowed her to hear similar sounds.

After all, with their snake-like bodies, the Lamia women need to intertwine with their loved ones for up to twelve hours in order to conceive and bear children.

From a very young age, the Lamia clan's girls would receive education in this area, learning how to conceive offspring with their future partners without harming them.

Well, by the way, in this world, the Lamia clan doesn't have any males either.

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