Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1070

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Chapter 1070: Roland's First Time

"Hold on, big sister Saramanda!"

"Big sister, what's happening? Is the assessment really this difficult?"

"Big sister, wake up."

The young girls of the troll clan hurriedly surrounded Saramanda, checking her breath and listening to her heartbeat from time to time.

They, who knew nothing about affectionate things, thought that Saramanda's cries were screams of pain, and then they thought she had been hit by a deadly attack and fainted.

Um, in a way, they are not wrong...

Since she could remember, they had never seen Saramanda's team being defeated, but this time they were truly scared, and it left a huge impact on their minds about the assessment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

"Princess, this assessment seems to be very difficult."

"Even that monster troll couldn't last for more than ten minutes, so it's probably really hard to meet the minimum standard of ten seconds for a normal person."

"What exactly is the origin of that sacred object?"

"Let's go for the assessment a bit later, I have some concerns about it."

The princess knight team, who were also pure-hearted in a way, started to consider Roland's suggestion of not acting hastily and observing more people's assessments before making a decision.

"No, I want to go second," Roland shook his head.

She was lagging behind her best friend Ain and even the troll who seemed rude and rough in her eyes; she couldn't afford to be underestimated anymore.

She wants people to know that the princess of the empire is not afraid of any challenge.

She will never cry out in pain, even if she sees the most dangerous trials during the assessment, she will bite her lip and stay silent.

Princess Roland of the empire should have such dignity and determination.

She wants to prove to everyone that she can endure much longer than the troll monster Saramanda from earlier.

Betting on the glory of Leviathan Empire's princess, she will definitely achieve a score of more than ten minutes.

Taking off her gloves, she reveals a pair of delicate and pretty little hands, and then removes her exclusive princess knight armor, showing her snow-white and flawless skin.

Without any cosmetics, the skin of the empire princess is so soft and tender, it doesn't look like a body that has been through tough training.

On her slim teenage body, there is not a single flaw, just like a perfect work of art from an artist's brush.

This is thanks to the unique knight inheritance of the Leviathan Empire, created by the first knight who rebelled against the Sia Kingdom and established his own empire.

The first knight with pure royal bloodline from Sia Kingdom, completely abandoned the traditional knight path handed down from the divine era, and embarked on a brand new path of knighthood.

Knights who follow this path can train to become elite knights, even if they are ordinary people. This is the foundation of the imperial army. And if they have royal bloodline, they also possess a special ability to heal any injuries to their bodies.

Roland's body is the perfect embodiment of this knight inheritance. If it were the era filled with magic from the divine era, she could directly advance to become a hero-ranked knight with this perfect body.

In fact, after coming to this divine era ruin and immersing herself in the pervasive magic in the air, Roland has already shown signs of a vague advancement.

Unlike Morris, who needed to form a contract with an indescribable entity to break through, Roland's breakthrough came naturally, without any side effects. It was a nearly perfect breakthrough.

Taking off all her armor, leaving only her undergarments, Roland became the second person to take the plunge in front of her sister and younger sister's gaze.

When approaching the mysterious white light cluster, Roland even gave off a taste of sacrifice and redemption, like a martyr.

"Roland, have you really made up your mind?" Even though Roland was the one who had put her best friend in this situation, and even though Ain was specially chosen by Roland, she couldn't help but ask her.

Once the lies begin, they cannot be stopped.

This secret should remain a forever secret.

"Yes, what Saramanda can do, I can do too, and even better," Princess Roland, who has already seen the path to hero rank, fearlessly walked past her best friend with great courage.

When they brushed shoulders, she seemed to hear her best friend Ain whispering softly.

"I'm sorry, Roland."

Why apologize, Ain? Is it because touching that divine artifact is such a dangerous thing?

Even so, neither you nor I have a way back.

Those carefree and joyful moments under the afternoon sun are gone forever.

Speaking of apologies, I actually want to apologize more.

I'm sorry, Ain, I can't stop my father and my brothers' ambitions.

Even though I have the entire princess knight group, I am still very weak and can no longer stand on the same stage as you.

After walking hundreds of meters, Roland took a deep breath and bravely touched the mysterious ancient creature with his own hands, knowing they could break.


Roland heard the voice, filled with urgent anticipation, calling out to him like a summon.

Then, she experienced the same tragedy as Saramanda, instantly being attacked and overwhelmed by the powerful spiritual energy of the enormous dragon.

Pear blossoms weigh down the crabapple tree.

The wind blows, the rain falls, and flowers drift down like red petals.

The first cry of a virgin is weak and delicate.

The dragon's spiritual energy, which had already tasted victory on Saramanda, struck again. At first, it moved slowly and shallowly, but before long, it gathered momentum and became as comfortable on Roland's delicate body as a fish in water.

Suddenly, Roland was attacked over and over again, with each attack getting stronger and harder to defend against. Despite not having the experience or the strength of Saramanda, Roland was completely defeated.

No, no, this isn't an assessment!

What, what is this?

Why is my body completely unresponsive?

My hands, feet, and body are being invaded and trampled by something unfamiliar!

It's so terrifying, what is this? Why can't I fight back at all?

It's not just pain, even if it hurts, I can bear it by gritting my teeth. But this feeling... *sobs* My body is falling apart!

"No... don't go there!"

"There... it's not right... don't go inside..."

"Ah-woo..." Like a small and soft helpless kitten, cute and pitiful cries echoed continuously in the enormous bath, the empire's Princess Roland unfortunately became the second girl to fall in front of the divine artifact after Saramanda of the troll clan.

It took six and a half minutes.

Ain said, "This can be understood because the dragon's spiritual energy of the great Lord Silver Dragon completely ignores defense and deals real damage."

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