Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1069

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Chapter 1069: Saramanda's First Experience

"Those who can hold on for more than ten seconds meet the qualification standards of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order."

"If you can hold on for more than thirty seconds, you meet the excellent standard of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order."

"If you can hold on for more than one minute, you can be directly appointed as a team leader of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order."

"If you can hold on for more than five minutes, you can be appointed as a captain of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order."

"If you can hold on for more than ten minutes, you can freely choose the members you need and form your own exclusive team."

According to the standard time recorded in "How to Hatch Dragon Eggs," Ain announced the entry criteria for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

The levels of ten seconds, thirty seconds, one minute, and three minutes don't actually exist in "The Correct Method for Hatching Dragon Eggs." The lowest standard recorded there is actually more than ten minutes.

The longest time can even exceed one hour, based on the bloodline standards of the divine era. It often only requires a pure and innocent girl of less than one hundred to achieve the standard of continuously hatching eggs for twenty-four hours.

Unfortunately, this is not the divine era, and there are no more pure divine era bloodlines to be found throughout the continent. The only option is to compensate for the lack of quality with a larger number of people.

"This is so easy, anyone can pass the assessment." Saramanda disdainfully put down her giant axe and confidently walked towards the white light cluster.

Here, right here, that sound!

The closer Saramanda got to the white light cluster, the more a certain sound surged in her heart, a sound that had been calling her since her battle with Morris began.

An unfamiliar but irresistible heartbeat.

Why did it seem like none of these people heard it, even though it was so loud, so charming, this heartbeat?

Closer, even closer!

Ten minutes, it was just too simple. She would hold onto it tightly, not letting go for one or two hours, making others envy and resent.

From the moment Saramanda saw this white light cluster, she had a strong possessiveness.

This was hers, what she wanted.

No one else wanted to give up the treasure that she alone possessed.

Huh, why would I give something that she likes to someone else!




Her heart started pounding even harder, it was a true resonance, a strong emotion Saramanda had never experienced before.

Oh no, oh no, this is really captivating, I must get my hands on it.

It made her blush and her heart race even more than her previous favorite big stick and later her favorite big axe.

What kind of feeling is this?

Even though it's the first time seeing it and she still doesn't know what "it" looks like, she can't help but fall in love with it, it's like love at first sight!

"Hey!" With the girl's wild intuition, Saramanda hugged the big, soft, and slippery unidentified object tightly.

Since it was really big, even bigger than her, she couldn't completely wrap her hands around it. But the feeling was so amazing, almost like melting!

This illusion lasted only about a second.

In the next second, Saramanda, who was in close contact with the mysterious object, couldn't help but let out a cute moan. It was very loud, making many young girls shyly lower their heads unable to look directly, but couldn't help but sneak a peek.

Saramanda's mind went blank and she felt like she was floating, as if she was flying.

The skin attached to the white light cluster turned blush after blush, as if invisible hands were touching and kneading her smooth body.

She couldn't resist, couldn't move, trapped in place, not even when fighting the fire lizard king had she ever been so helpless.

The unfamiliar sensation engulfed her whole body, and she could only bite down hard, trying to restrain herself from making strange sounds.

Unfortunately, that was impossible.

The most sensitive part of the body was being continuously invaded. The smooth and tight sensation made it impossible to resist and caused the whole body to tremble.

"Ah...gulp..." Saramanda felt like a small boat thrown into a fierce storm, her body and heart being sucked into a huge whirlpool, without knowing what to do.

The dragon's spiritual energy engulfing her whole body was not only taking, but also had a gentle and melodious side, entwined with passion, intoxicating and alluring.

Soon, Saramanda's breath became more and more rapid, her limbs weaker and weaker, blindly and helplessly swinging. Her long legs unconsciously closed together, tightly holding the smooth surface of the silver dragon egg.

The dragon's spiritual energy entering her body swelled and became wetter, followed by more rubbing, trembling, feeling wave after wave of pleasure, comfort, and expansion.

Every tremble, every rub, her whole body felt weak and numb.

That feeling of being tight, swollen, completely filled, and the white fairy dust sprinkled around... forget about one or two hours, not even ten minutes could be endured. Saramanda slipped down from the dragon egg wrapped in a white halo, like a limp octopus.

"Gah...ha..." Saramanda, who couldn't even withstand ten minutes, showed a look of immense humiliation. She stretched out her hand with all her might, still looking like she wanted to continue the fight.

"That's enough... if you keep going, your body will break." Ain reached out and helped the completely limp Saramanda.

After getting close to the Dragon Egg, they both knew very well what the outcome would be.

It was surprising that Saramanda could endure for almost ten minutes, showing unexpected excellence.

In this intimate ritual with the Dragon Egg, physical strength mattered little. It was all about the affinity with the dragon's spiritual energy overflowing from the egg.

Being able to last close to ten minutes on the first attempt was almost as good as Saramanda, who had a pure bloodline as a divine era warlock. It meant her body had great compatibility with the Dragon Egg.

What an enviable body. Perhaps this wasn't even her limit. Seeing Saramanda nearly faint, Ain felt a slight pain in his chest.

This was a secret and privilege that belonged only to herself and Adley, reluctantly shared with others.

Why didn't she have more sisters? If she could have exclusive possession of Lord Silver Dragon like this, it would have been so wonderful.

Don't be fooled by the fact that Saramanda only lasted for less than ten minutes. She relied solely on her physical constitution to withstand it, without any techniques or methods.

Ain believed that if he were to confront the endless Dragon Roar Waves with willpower like Saramanda did, he would probably surrender completely within five minutes.

She was able to endure for fifteen minutes because she used the warlock's method to respond to the invading dragon's spiritual energy in her body, fully accepting its presence and allowing it to do as it pleased with her body.

If you see this ritual as a way to communicate with the magnificent silver dragon, her choice was to voluntarily offer her body and let the great silver dragon enjoy it to the fullest.

Adley was initially clueless, but her body was perfectly compatible with the dragon's spiritual energy, so she was able to persist for thirty minutes.

Saramanda, on the other hand, was completely resistant, struggling and resisting, even though she was no match. She persisted until her consciousness was almost gone, her mind blank.

Among the special rituals experienced by only three people, her aftermath was the most severe. Not even the cheating nature of the troll clan could help her. She has now completely fallen into a coma.

In comparison, Ain doesn't have the natural talents that Adley has, nor the stubbornness and determination that Saramanda possesses. So she is actually the weakest among the three.

Ah, this truth is truly speechless. It was clearly her who first had an intimate encounter with the great Lord Silver Dragon.

Adley being like this is one thing, but why does even this rough troll seem to have more talent in this regard than her?

Is she not working hard enough? How can she improve in this aspect of talent?

"Puff! Puff!" After playing happily to her heart's content, Saramanda heard a mysterious voice coming from the silver dragon egg.

"I understand, Lord Silver Dragon."

"Offering... assessment, continue."

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