Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1068

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Chapter 1068: Holy Object

"Take off, take off what?"

"Your Majesty, is the selection about to begin?"

"Hmm, the water here is very shallow, do we have to fight in this?"

Nobody considered this pool, which had a diameter of over a thousand kilometers, as a "bathing pool." It was simply too unreasonable.

Nobody took Ain's "take off" as an order to remove clothes. How could that be possible?

"Alright, let's fight!" Unable to hear clearly what Ain said, Saramanda couldn't wait any longer and jumped out, grabbing his troll-specific heavy axe and provoking everyone:

"There's not a single decent opponent, all of you come at once, don't waste time!"

Princess Heidi, the mermaid, dipped her snow-white long legs into the pool to check its temperature. She unexpectedly found that it was the perfect temperature for her skin and that the water contained a significant amount of pure magic.

No matter how mediocre their talent, even the most average mermaid could possibly advance here. The environment here was truly unique and favorable.

"Saramanda, this selection is not about fighting," Ain slowly approached the biggest troublemaker in the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order's selection process. She gently extended her finger, pointing it towards him.

As the highest authority holder of this tower, if she were outside the tower, she might not have any means to deal with this troll. After all, her reputation as the Nuclear Blast Queen was purely a result of misunderstandings by others.

However, as long as she entered this tower, she would have an absolute advantage. Facing Saramanda, who had accepted her second-level authority, she could easily control him with her highest authority.

"What!" Saramanda realized that his body was completely pressed down by Ain's finger. The sensation felt as if that slender finger weighed more than a mountain.

It wasn't simply a difference in strength, but rather an indescribable restraint. Her proud power could not even be exerted by one percent in this place.

This was the true strength of the Nuclear Blast Queen. With just one finger, she could make Earth Child unable to stand up?

She knew that there was a gap in strength, but she couldn't comprehend the extent of this overwhelming difference. She hadn't even used her forbidden spell, which was truly strange.

"Take it off," Ain said, whether as a warning to others or as an example to set, and lightly touched Saramanda's unruly forehead with his fingertips.

"Wooosh!" With a sound, the sturdy fire lizard skin armor that Saramanda brought from the troll clan fell off her body, revealing the impressive chest that made the entire Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order feel inferior.

It was just so, so big!

With a height of three meters and a perfect figure, it boasted a pair of peaks that no human woman could compare to—huge fruits that couldn't even be grasped with both hands.

In addition, there were legs that truly lived up to their name—despite being a troll, they were not at all bulky, but rather slender and approaching the golden ratio.

What was supposed to be protruding was protruding and what was supposed to be concave was concave. Even the previously dense fur was now smooth and clearly visible...

Ahem, Ain thought, this troll's figure is quite impressive, much to his surprise.

Especially the chest, once unleashed from the tight fire lizard skin armor, it was much larger than imagined!

"Hey, does this even matter?" Saramanda said, completely unconcerned about being stripped naked.

Because trolls live in volcanic areas, they mostly wear simple animal fur and can last a year. Fire lizard skin with fire resistance is preferred.

The leather armor Saramanda is wearing is made by the fire lizard king that she killed. It is light and durable.

"I said, take it off."

"Then, go there for the assessment." Ain pointed to the white light cluster in the center of the bath.

There, is the hope of the world, the only reason for the existence of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

"Assessment? How is it done? Isn't it just fighting?" Saramanda was confused, how could the assessment of a knight order not test combat skills.

"If we only needed strength, I wouldn't have gathered so many people." Ain looked at the girls who still didn't know the truth and it was time to tell them the way of the assessment.

"This time, the assessment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order is about testing the affinity with sacred objects."

"There, lies a great sacred object that has been sleeping since the divine era."

Hmm, this is a lie.

"This sacred tall tower has always protected this holy object, waiting for its Su to wake up."

"Not long ago, there were signs of the holy object awakening Su."

"As the Tower Master of the tall tower, it is my responsibility to help restore Su."

This is also a lie.

"The establishment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order was because of the calling of the holy object."

"Only pure, beautiful young girls can resonate with the holy object."

This is the truth, but not the complete truth.

"Therefore, only a girl who can prove her pure heart can pass the assessment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order and become a member of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order."

Weaving lies and truth together, it's equally difficult to deceive one person and deceive the whole world when the other person lacks information.

This is the Queen of Nuclear Explosions, carrying the century's lie chosen by Ain, the Silver Dragon's promise.

No one doubted her, even Princess Roland from the opposing empire believed it to be the truth.

Because, the sacred object of the divine era is right in front of them, within reach.

The immense life force radiating from that sacred object made everyone's heart race and face blush.

"No wonder, it's all because of a girl who is not yet eighteen."

"The depth of the kingdom's heritage is truly unfathomable."

"Here, there are still remnants of the real divine artifact."

The princess knights of the empire stared intently at the milky white light cluster, eager to give it a try.

Roland took a deep breath and made up her mind. She absolutely wanted to pass the selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order and gain the power of this special object.

If it wasn't for the call of the sacred item, Ain probably wouldn't have opened this place. She also couldn't control the power of this sacred object.

Maybe her power from the ancient sacred item is what gives her the ability to use the nuclear explosion forbidden spell.

Well, in a way, this could be considered a lucky coincidence.

"How are they going to test us?" After learning about the selection process of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, Saramanda confidently held her giant axe and eagerly stared at the huge cluster of white light.

"You have to walk up to it and touch it with your bare skin. You can't wear any clothes or use any weapons or equipment."

"Hold onto it and don't let go. The longer you can hold on, the higher your affinity will be."

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