Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1067

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Chapter 1067: Fairy Nectar

The Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order's aspiring members, totaling around three thousand, were divided into different groups, curiously observing the slowly opening gate.

In the past, Ain always found it strange why there would be such a large pool underground in the tower, with a diameter exceeding one kilometer. Was it for the dragons to bathe?

Hmm, now she realizes that her speculation wasn't just an idle thought.

This enormous pool, with a diameter exceeding one kilometer, is indeed prepared for the dragons - or rather, for the hatching of dragon eggs.

In fact, the entire tower may have been constructed as a special building for this purpose.

Let's do a simple calculation: a bathhouse that is about 100 square meters can accommodate around 50 people. But this is a super large bathhouse built for dragons, it can easily fit over ten thousand people at once.

Even if the entire Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, which is not even one-third of ten thousand people, enters this huge bathhouse together, it will be easy. Even large units like Lamia and trolls would fit just fine.

It seems like the designer who built this super large bathhouse had considered the number of people from the beginning. Even if the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order continues to add members, there is no need to worry.

Should we say that the designer thought everything through, or did they anticipate that after the magic tide weakened, the method of hatching dragon eggs must rely on quantity to surpass quality?

With the constant thoughts of the book "The Correct Method of Hatching Dragon Eggs" in his mind, Ain led the unaware Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order preparatory team into the ancient passage.

Unlike the passage to the tower, the murals and history of the kingdom have nothing to do with this passage. On it, there are countless complex and incomprehensible formulas that have puzzled the generation after generation of divine era bloodline warlocks who came here to bathe.

The data, symbols, and the entire civilization of Sia's world shown by these formulas don't fit at all, as they don't look like something from this world.

More than one divine era bloodline warlock who resides in this tower believes that these writings come from the stars. The symbols and formulas on them are the crystallization of wisdom beyond this world.

Sadly, until now, no one has been able to decipher the meaning represented by these formulas and writings. It's like a primary school student who only knows addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division trying to calculate the trajectory of stars; the difference is just too great.

Walking through a long corridor, a tremendously large underground space appeared in front of all the aspiring members of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

On the ceiling, unlike the artificial sun in the Sky Garden, there was a Silver Moon surrounded by countless stars, each one shining brightly, enhancing the brilliance of the Silver Moon.

Below the Silver Moon was a huge water pool.

With a diameter of over a thousand meters, almost reaching two thousand meters, this pool was so big that even dragons could freely frolic inside, making it truly like an artificial lake!

In the center of the pool was a light cluster emitting a hazy glow, giving off an incredible feeling.

Surrounding this tremendously large water pool were a series of palaces with various styles, most of them designed for human-sized beings, but there were also large buildings clearly meant for different races.

The scale of the entire palace complex was even larger than the inner gardens of the tower on the ground, enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people living and thriving here.

Paths made of clean circular slabs connected the palaces to each other, each slab engraved with simple and beautiful patterns, showcasing their antique and aesthetic designs.

Each of these rings connected to form a huge circular pattern, representing the pinnacle of divine era art, symbolizing the supreme authority of the mages.

The entire palace complex revolves around the enormous water pool, resembling a pattern of stars and moons in the sky, with stars surrounding and protecting the pool.

The closest to the water pool are twelve palaces, each adorned with different constellations.

These are constellations that the people of this world cannot observe directly, and can only have a general idea of their names.

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. These constellations are named the Zodiac constellation group, but Ain doesn't understand the significance of this special structure.

Currently, only the sixth palace, Virgo, among the twelve Zodiac palaces is open, and it is the only one that leads to the water pool.

Along the side of the palace complex, there are numerous square-topped stone column magic lamps, called divine era artworks that can emit light simply by absorbing the free magic in the air.

These magic lamps no longer light up in modern times, but they still work normally in the underground palace group of this tall tower, just like during the divine era.

"This is where you will live from now on."

"After being selected by the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, you can choose a suitable palace to live in according to your own race."

"Other palaces can be freely used, except for the closed eleven palaces."

With great excitement, Ain finally arrived at the huge pool.

Today, the pool, which had been silent for who knows how many years, was noticeably different.

Ain saw for the first time that the originally clear and transparent water in the pool was filled with many milky white particles of light.

A large number of fairy butterflies, who usually only reside in the fairy garden, were flying around the unidentified object in the center of the pool, humming a joyful tune.

That was a song that human ears could not understand, belonging to the fairies.

"La la la..."

"Hee hee hee..."

"Woo woo woo..."

"Oh oh oh..."

Even though they couldn't communicate with words and had different forms of existence, the girls from the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order could tell that these fairy butterflies were very happy.

Those white light particles were the magical powder that the fairy butterflies scattered from their wings, a pure crystallization of magic.

Working hard every day to collect honey and pollinate, the fairy butterflies instinctively absorbed the magic into their wings, ultimately brewing the sweet fairy nectar used to create perfect gemstones.

Now, they brought out all of their cherished fairy nectar and merged it with the water in the pool.

The magical powder absorbed by the fairy butterflies, known as Fairy Dust, was a rare material that could be absorbed by any race.

If they were to take out this pool water now, they could sell it directly to those alchemist warlocks at a thrilling price.

The light cluster in the center of the pool became even more mysterious and filled with unknown allure under the cover of abundant Fairy Dust.

Now that they had arrived here, Ain didn't need to hide anything anymore.

"Take it off."

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