Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1066

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Chapter 1066: The Underground Passage

The fairy butterflies flutter and curiously move among the aspiring members of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, occasionally landing on their horns, adding a quiet beauty like natural jewelry.

Despite having intelligence and civilization similar to humans, these fairy butterflies also have their own unique habits.

They have their own preferences and personalities, though humans might not understand what led to their existence.

This is a race filled with many mysteries. All physical and magical attacks known in the divine era have no effect on them because their bodies are made entirely of pure magic. They are in a state of immortality more thorough than the troll clan.

Only the weakening of the magic tide can make fairy butterflies disappear. They simply disappear, they don't die. In fact, humans don't even know if creatures like fairy butterflies have the concept of death.

Humans cannot discern individual characteristics of fairy butterflies from their appearance. All fairy butterflies look identical, and there is no such thing as a queen.

In the divine era, when the mages occasionally encountered fairy butterflies, one research-oriented mage proposed a hypothesis that all fairy butterflies in the world are actually just one single butterfly. The fairy butterflies we see are just different facets of that single fairy butterfly.

Otherwise, it is impossible to explain why, even after countless killings of fairy butterflies, another identical fairy butterfly immediately appears in the same spot. It's as if all physical and magical attacks from humans have no effect on fairy butterflies.

Thankfully, the fairy butterfly species is completely harmless to both humans and animals. Aside from stealing nectar, they don't engage in any inappropriate behavior.

Even the fallen ghost butterflies in the Underground Cemetery only absorb the souls of humans after their death. They don't kill people.

Humans cannot kill fairy butterflies or interfere with their actions. They cannot even comprehend how fairy butterflies exist in the first place.

Everything about this fantasy creature is a complete mystery to the people of this world.

After about fifteen minutes, the fairy butterflies seemed to agree that these foreign girls had the right to stay in the divine era tower, and they flew back to their garden one by one.

"Phew... it seems like they all passed..." Ain quietly sighed with relief.

These fairy butterflies have a natural sensitivity to malice. If someone with ill intentions towards the divine era tower enters, these fairy butterflies will start dancing together to show their displeasure.

When the first emperor of the empire, the proud number one knight of the continent, was granted entry here, he was chased away by the dancing fairy butterflies, which meant that he was not qualified to become a resident here.

The absence of the dance of expulsion means that the fairy butterflies have accepted the authenticity and effectiveness of Ain's second-level authorization, and the aspiring members of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order can now start living in the divine era tower from today.

This also means that her "hatching dragon egg," which is the "Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order plan," has obtained the consent of the native residents of this tall tower and can continue to be implemented.

With this step taken, the next things became simpler.

"Your Majesty, can we live inside this lake?"

"We won't take these gemstones, but is it okay to touch them a little bit?"

"This lake is really amazing."

Unlike humans who often hide and make excuses, most of the girls from different tribes don't like lying. It's also a common problem in the Leviathan faction.

The mermaid girls sent by the clan to participate in the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order selection, under Princess Heidi's leadership, all expressed a strong desire to live here.

The Mermaid clan is supposed to live in the water. If they can have a bed paved with gemstones, it would be the best home ever.

"Yes, as long as you pass the selection."

"Also, please don't disturb these butterflies."

Ain gladly agreed to the mermaid girls' request. It seems like this lake was originally meant to be the territory for the merfolk.

There is also a sizable garden in the Sky Garden, specifically designed for the Lamia clan to enjoy a tropical rainforest climate and music. It even has a special system that can make it rain automatically.

In the past, Ain couldn't understand why the Sky Garden had such a complex ecosystem. Even mages with magic towers during the divine era didn't need to create so many separate gardens.

Now, she understood that everything here had a reason. The interconnected yet independent gardens were like small kingdoms, specially prepared for certain young girls of a particular race.

However, in order to obtain the right to live here, they still had to go through the final trial.

"Okay, no matter what the test is, we will pass!"

"Wow, I can't believe the inside of the divine era tower is like this, it's like a heavenly world."

"Living here is like a dream come true."

"I must pass the assessment and become a knight of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order!"

After Ain made the promise, almost every girl who came to participate in the selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order lit up with excitement.

The magical environment that rivals the divine era.

Beautiful lakes everywhere adorned with gemstones.

A beautiful garden that can only be seen in dreams in a large amount.

The whole tower, just like a dream, being able to live here and become a member of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, it feels like a dream come true.

For a princess like Roland, there are hidden secrets of the divine era here, and she wants to find them no matter what.

For noble and wealthy girls, everything here represents wisdom and wealth.

For common girls, this place is a dream and hope.

The girls from a different race simply love it here, the magical environment of the divine era makes their bloodline power in their bodies emit a comfortable sound, full of vitality.

"Sia, open the door." Seeing each excited girl, Ain's guilt and sense of guilt slightly eased.

At least, she gave them a chance, a dream, right?

Even if this dream is built on a lie that deceived the world.

"Boom!" The ancient gate slowly opened, revealing a wide pathway leading underground.

If we occasionally have visitors on the upper floors of the tower, the lower part of the tower is off-limits to everyone except for the royal bloodline of the kingdom.

Hidden here is the biggest secret of the entire Divine Era Tower - a secret that even the current Tower Master Ain only recently discovered.

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