Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1065

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Chapter 1065: Fairyland

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"Clap! Clap! Clap!" Ain gently clapped his hands to divert the attention of the reserve girls from the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order away from this gem lake.

She also knew how astonishing these precious gems were for intelligent beings. When she saw these gems for the first time, she also wanted to jump in and retrieve them.

Unfortunately, even as the Tower Master, she couldn't touch these gems.

These gems were accumulated by the fairy butterflies over thousands of years. They used their own talents to absorb magical energy from the air and plant magic to create these treasures.

While collecting nectar, the fairy butterflies absorbed magical energy from the air. Using a time that humans could never pass, they created these refined, flawless gemstones.

If you look closely, you can faintly see the unique flower patterns in the gems, which are traces left by the fairies.

Fairy Gems - Throughout history, the Tower Masters have described these rare treasures with these words.

It is only within this isolated divine era tower, and under the careful nurturing of these fairy butterflies with almost infinite life, that these nearly extinct gems from the outside world can be born. Truly a marvel.

The ownership of these gems doesn't belong to the kingdom, but rather to these fairy butterflies.

It must be said that the mysterious powers possessed by fantasy creatures in the divine era are beyond ordinary imagination.

These gems are also the power source that supports the operation of the divine era tower, so even after one by one the other divine era ruins collapse, this divine era tower can still stand tall on this land, appearing as though it can continue to exist for thousands, even millions of years.

"Oh... oh..."

"(*^__^*) Hehe..."

"Ah... la... la..."

"Huh... huh?"

The fairy butterflies were originally quietly collecting nectar, occasionally flying from the sky into the water to deliver the honeydew into the gems. When they discovered that there were so many outsiders entering the fairy garden for the first time, they flew over curiously.

Their figures were dreamlike, with butterfly wings and delicate bodies like humans that had been shrunk. However, they didn't possess civilization; they were fantasy creatures born from pure magic.

When the magic tide appeared, these fairy butterflies would dance gracefully between the heavens and the earth, chasing the flow of magic underground and migrating in the sky.

That era was the happiest time for all the wise beings in this world.

Even without doing anything, all kinds of fruits could grow on the land. Even the poorest humans didn't have to worry about going hungry.

The various techniques and magical creations invented by the wizards changed the entire world. Most humans lived in abundance and achieved splendid artistic accomplishments and had the most number of heroes.

The humans of that era conquered the land, made a peace treaty with the dragons ruling the oceans, and were now advancing towards the forbidden zone in the sky.

The wizards who pursued the truths of the world even used the principles of the magic tide to create floating wizard towers. They ambitiously wanted to break through the final forbidden zone in the sky - the atmosphere - and move towards the endless starry sky.

Unfortunately, they failed.

It's okay, failure is the mother of success. As long as you repeat similar experiments more times, you will find a way to succeed.

As long as there is the limitless support of magic tide, there is nothing that wizards cannot do. They can even create a magical network that allows even the weakest wizard to easily defeat a team of elite knights.

No one ever expected that magic tide would weaken one day. It was like a fish that was used to living in water suddenly being thrown onto land. Many famous wizards from the divine era even committed suicide because they couldn't absorb enough magic.

Only those wizards who experienced the most prosperous period of magic tide can understand the pain of losing magic. After the weakening of magic tide, the world was like doomsday for them.

Similarly, for fantasy creatures like the fairy butterfly who can only live in a world filled with magic tide, a weakened magic tide world is truly a world of death.

Without a flourishing magical environment, the fairy butterfly, as a fantasy creature, could only face death by suffocation.

Driven by the instinct for survival, the fairy butterflies from all over the world sought the last traces of magic tide and hid in closed environments where magic still remained.

Some of them settled in terrifying underground cemeteries, which became the desperate refuge for the high-ranking wizards from the divine era who turned themselves into undead monsters. They could never see daylight again.

The rulers of these Underground Cemeteries are no longer human. In order to endure the weakening of magic tide, they transformed themselves into undead creatures and completely sealed their tombs to prevent the little remaining magic from leaking out.

All outsiders who enter the tomb will be killed without mercy!

All enemies who attempt to open the Underground Cemetery will be killed without mercy!

They struggled to survive, trying to pass through this terrifying period of magic tide decline, waiting for the next high tide of magic to come as immortals.

The Underground Cemetery, built during the divine era, is the final stronghold of these undead kings.

The fairy butterflies who fled to the Underground Cemetery were tainted by darkness, gradually transforming into a different dangerous species, the ghost butterflies that feed on human souls.

However, the majority of fairy butterflies found this world's last paradise, the Sky Garden, where they can continue to live happily.

Everything here seems to have predicted the arrival of the period of magic tide decline from the very beginning, specifically prepared for these fairy butterflies.

There are rare plants everywhere that produce delicious and fragrant nectar, which is the favorite food of fairy butterflies.

The concentration of magic in the air is impeccable, even during the divine era, meeting all the requirements of the fairy butterflies.

This garden belongs to the fairies. It is a place for them to live.

As the owners of this place, the fairy butterflies use their talents to absorb magic from the air and nectar from various flowers to create beautiful gemstones.

These gemstones, in turn, contribute to the self-sustaining system of this tower, keeping it standing strong against the passage of time.

Having studied the tower's existence, Princess Ain greatly admired the designer who built it.

It must have been a wise dragon who created this tower to hatch their eggs, ensuring its functionality regardless of how much time passes.

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