Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1064

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Chapter 1064: The Treasure of the Divine Era

Unfortunately, this is just an unrealistic fantasy.

If we consider this tall tower as a property, then the Tower Master with the highest authority is the manager of this property, but not the owner.

The manager has the power to bring guests in and let them stay in the property, but they are not allowed to interfere with the original residents of the tower - the fairy butterflies who have been living here since the divine era.

This marvelous spiral courtyard in the sky is a place where all kinds of rare plants are cultivated. It is a miracle where hundreds of flowers bloom together, and it is the last remaining Sky Garden in the world.

After millions of years of silence, this miraculous building, built with the goal of "hatching eggs," finally welcomes its opening moment once again.

About three hundred people in an orderly manner walk to the open underground passage, then gather and line up at Ain's command.

Soon, the second and third teams also entered this isolated miracle place from outside the divine era tower.

Without exception, everyone couldn't help but exclaim in awe when they saw this spiral Sky Garden.

Especially the mermaid girls from the sea, their eyes sparkled brighter and brighter when they saw the crystal-clear lake and the gleaming gemstones scattered on the lake bed.

Even in the real ocean, these rare gems are extremely rare and they are pure magical crystals.

After the magic tide enters a weakened stage, these gems formed from magical crystals can only be occasionally found in the most dangerous deep sea areas. They are truly treasures.

In a sense, these gems can be considered strategic resources because they can store the power of magic and allow non-magical beings to use magic.

During the divine era war, a mine that can produce magic crystals was enough to cause a fierce competition between the human camp and the Leviathan faction. And those were just the lowest grade clear crystals.

The magic crystals here have all absorbed the pure magical energy from the tower over millions of years, forming top-quality crystals. There are even perfect grade six-sided diamond crystals.

For the mermaid sisters who love gems, this lake is truly irresistible temptation.

If it wasn't for the significant importance of the selection by the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, they might have already jumped into this lake to swim and enjoy the pure magical water.

"So many little coins!"

"How many things can we buy with this?"

Before entering the tall tower, Saramanda looked at the lake filled with sparkling gems, and her eyes sparkled with excitement.

It's not just her who had such thoughts, but most people!

Especially the human merchants' daughters, many of them blushed and even took out mysterious notebooks to calculate the value of this huge fortune according to their family's customs.

The red gemstones with the power of fire, estimated to be over a thousand pieces.

The blue gemstones with the power of ice, estimated to be the same, over a thousand pieces.

The aqua gemstones with the power of air, over a thousand and counting.

The yellow gemstones with the power of earth, over a thousand and counting.

The white gemstones with the power of holy, a few hundred!

The black gemstones with the power of darkness, a few hundred!

Even the rarest and most perfect diamonds can be found here in quantities close to one hundred!

This is a perfect gemstone known as the "Stone of the Wise" in the legendary divine era of magic, which can be used to perform the "Resurrection Spell."

This, this is like robbing a dragon's treasure trove, there's no way you can find so many gemstones like this!

After the magic tide weakened, even the smallest ruby with a fire attribute here could be sold for a sky-high price.

Alchemists have an infinite demand for magic gemstones, and any gemstone here is priceless.

Especially those perfect diamonds with six sides, they were the highest-grade gemstones even in the divine era. They disappeared completely at the end of the divine era. If there are any remaining, they can only be found in the terrifying Underground Cemetery.

If news of the wealth here gets out, it would drive alchemists crazy!

The allure of gemstones knows no borders or races, especially these high-quality gemstones infused with magic. Even in the divine era, they were top-notch goods and could be directly traded with the Dragon Clan.

Now, these rare gemstones from the divine era lie quietly at the bottom of the clear lake, dazzling countless girls.

The girls from merchant families calculated the value of these gemstones and were almost going crazy, their breaths becoming rapid.

Selling these gemstones would be more than enough to buy half of the empire's land.

The hexagonal diamonds were in a league beyond monetary value, even enough to invite hero-ranked warriors from other continents to join the war.

How could the kingdom with such a terrifying treasury suffer such a devastating defeat in the war?

This is unrealistic. If they hired armies with these gemstones, the empire would not have been so one-sided in the war.

The value of these gemstones is so high that even the free hero-ranked strong individuals within the empire would be tempted to get involved.

"I see now... this is the source..." Roland looked at the hexagonal diamonds and the highest-quality Magic Treasures stones with a complicated expression.

The core of the empire's third generation magic armor hides a big secret, and one of the necessary materials for it is a "high-quality gemstone."

As for how high it needs to be, it must be at least of advanced quality. Every third generation magic armor needs a high-quality gemstone to construct its core, and the higher the quality, the better.

As for the special machine named "titled machine," the requirements are very strict, and it seems that what is needed is... Looking at that shiny six-sided diamond, Roland felt like he couldn't breathe.

The wealth here, combined with the empire's best efforts, can create more than ten of the empire's top magic army legions and nearly a hundred titled machines!

No wonder the empire is willing to do anything to conquer the kingdom, even exterminating the royal family with the same bloodline.

In the history of the empire, someone must have entered this Sky Garden, maybe even the first emperor of the empire, and recorded information about the lake at the bottom.

During the divine era, this place was a treasure that even dragons coveted.

In modern times, the many perfect gems lying dormant here still have the power to ignite a world war.

The war between the kingdom and the empire this time may have been caused by these gems.

The empire's path of science requires the legacy of the divine era found here.

Keeping these gems in this lake is such a waste of precious treasures. Even if the empire launches a war, they still want to seize this treasure trove of the divine era.

Why didn't the royal family of Sia Kingdom collect these gems that could be used as a trump card when they scattered them to the bottom of the lake?

The divine era treasure inherited by the kingdom was unexpectedly horrifying!

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