Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1063

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Chapter 1063: The Fantasy Garden

Ain looked at the amazed girls around her and couldn't help but show a nostalgic smile.

On that day, when she first came to the Divine Era Tower, she was as astonished as these girls, almost holding her breath.

From the outside, this ancient Divine Era Tower looks like a towering obelisk between heaven and earth, with a spiral structure resembling stairs descending from the heavens.

Perfect artwork.

A masterpiece like a deity.

Countless words of praise and countless poems celebrate this ancient tower, which becomes more famous over time.

However, the majority of them would never imagine what the inside of this tower looks like throughout their lifetime.

Walking through the historical corridor, engraved with history, and passing through a closed curtain of light, a massive garden appears before the girls.

Yes, it's a garden that includes all four seasons, with a multi-layered structure called the Sky Garden.

One small garden after another connects through magical ribbons, cascading waterfalls from the sky, finally landing in a lake at the base of the tower.

At the very top of the tower, there is a small sun that isn't created by human technology yet. It's an artificial sun simulated by a magic pool during the divine era.

Over a hundred gardens are spread throughout the tower, each cultivating different flowers and plants of various properties, including species that have long been extinct from the continent since the end of the divine era.

Every garden has its own little world, which perfectly imitates the scenery of a specific area.

From the steamy rainforests of the south, to the icy landscapes of the north.

From the tropical climate of the east, to the desert oases of the west.

Based on their ecological characteristics and distribution, various precious medicinal plants are cultivated in gardens that suit their needs. These gardens are interconnected, creating a unique order.

Butterflies with pale golden wings flutter about, diligently pollinating these rare flowers. They trim the aging branches with their wings and collect the necessary fruits. Everything is well organized.

The inside of the tall tower is many times larger than what can be observed from the outside. It can accommodate not just three thousand girls, but even several times more.

And this is not everything the tower has to offer. Around the lake at the tower's base, a slowly opening door reveals a passage leading to the underground. There, an even larger space can hold up to twenty thousand people without any problem.

According to Ain's knowledge, these magical creatures called "fairy butterflies" have been residing in the tower since its construction, and the Tower Masters have never had authority over them.

These butterflies, responsible for maintaining the divine era tower, have been part of the tower since the divine era began.

No matter how they were attracted to this tower from the outside, this remaining miracle building of the divine era has become the final home for these fairy butterflies.

If they leave this tower unaffected by the magic tide, they would even suffocate in the outside world. This is a rare fantasy creature that should have been completely extinct long ago, a species extremely rare in the divine era.

They naturally love taking care of plants, carefully nurturing these rare plant species that have long disappeared from the outside world. If these vibrant and rare flowers were sold in the outside world, each would be worth a fortune.

Shades of emerald, deep blue, vibrant red, pale gold, and countless other colors intertwine in this vast spiral garden, everything feels so natural.

The immense vitality nurtures every inch of the land, even the air is filled with refreshing life energy.

Standing here, taking a breath, you can feel the abundant magic, as if time itself has stagnated in this tower. This is the concentration of magic that only existed in the divine era.

Whether it's the miniature sun in the sky, the lakes at the bottom of the tower, the gravity-defying floating waterfall, or these flying fairy butterflies, they all give a dreamlike and enchanting atmosphere, like a Immortal World.

In the past, Ain never understood where the various medicinal plants harvested by fairy butterflies went, and what purpose the huge palace beneath the tower served.

It wasn't until she opened the book "Proper Methods for Hatching Dragon Eggs" and learned a lot about hatching dragon eggs that she suddenly understood.

These flowers and medicines have been carefully chosen because they can quickly replenish magic and vitality. Some of them are even considered rare treasures.

The value of these flowers and medicines lies in their ability to awaken the vitality of the huge pond and nourish the girls responsible for the hatching ceremony, granting them great benefits.

In other words, everything here, whether it's the gardens or the fairy butterflies raised here, are treasures prepared for the ultimate purpose of "hatching eggs."

Even the Tower Master cannot use their highest authority to affect the operation of these butterflies and the entire aerial courtyard system. Ain has always suspected that the Tower Master's highest authority may have an unknown privilege, which is the ultimate authority of this tower.

"These... These things... didn't they disappear during the divine era?" Roland, the princess of the empire, was not only a talented knight but also an excellent scholar.

Just by glancing at them, she discovered dozens of ancient species that have not been seen since the end of the divine era.

"Those butterflies are so beautiful, and they can even trim branches!"

"Oh my, look at the water! These butterflies can freely move in the water, and there are so many gemstones at the bottom of the lake!"

"This is a relic from the divine era. It's like a dreamy Sky Garden!"

The first group of people who entered the tall tower were all amazed. The ancient relics from the past made everyone question if they were dreaming.

"Do not disturb these magical butterflies. They are the caretakers of this tower."

"You can freely enjoy the scenery here and relax in the garden or read books."

"Pay attention! Unless you have the permission of the fairy butterfly, you must not destroy anything here. If they get angry, you will be thrown out of the tower."

"The place you will live is in the lower area, located in an underground palace."

Ain explained the rules of the divine era tower while leading a group of about three hundred people towards the underground entrance by the lake.

The quiet lake was adorned with millions of naturally formed gemstone crystals, resembling a small jewel ocean, sacred and dazzling.

If it weren't for the special rules that prevent the items from this tower from being taken outside, the kingdom wouldn't have lost so badly. Those rare herbs would have been enough to cultivate ten royal knight units.

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