Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1062

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Chapter 1062: The Selection Process

Watching the intense atmosphere between the Princess Knight Order, Wilderness Bride Group, Lamia Squad, and Troll Team below, Ain let out a sigh.

They must have no idea what awaits them next.

This is truly a meaningless conflict.

"Stop, the selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order is not held here," Ain's voice carried a tremendous pressure for everyone present.

Even the most wild Saramanda paused her attack and looked at Queen Ain in front of the tall tower with a puzzled expression.

Is it not here?

Besides here, there is nowhere else in the capital city that can host a knight selection event with over three thousand people.

"Everyone, gather!" Ain didn't explain, but from the moment these three thousand underage girls were gathered here, everything had already been decided.

Everything is ready, only the east wind is missing.

Princess knights join the Knight Squad according to their respective factions, noble girls of the kingdom join the kingdom, and the daughters of merchants join the Trade Union Alliance.

Commoner girls are automatically categorized, while girls from different races gather according to their own race.

Social class and race are naturally inseparable elements in this world, and soon everyone found their own group.

"Come in, only underage girls who have been summoned this time."

"Others are not allowed to enter."

The mysterious divine era tower, which has always been a great mystery, has unprecedentedly opened its doors to outsiders who are not divine era bloodline warlocks.

Here, there is a special place where the oldest secret of the divine era is hidden - a place used for hatching dragon eggs.

Until the generation of Ain, this secret had no meaning at all. Nobody could have imagined that the magical towers and Sky Garden, which once represented the glory of the divine era, would completely disappear. Only a small portion of the Underground Cemetery survived.

Among all the towers standing on earth, there is only this divine era tower, with no other like it.

"What? The selection takes place inside the tall tower?"

"How could this tower possibly have a place for the selection of three thousand people?"

"Unbelievable! Wasn't it said that this tower doesn't allow humans without divine era bloodline to enter?"

Representatives of the major forces, who were prepared to witness the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order selection from start to finish, were left in awe. Who would have thought that the selection would not take place on the square in front of the tower, but inside the tower itself?

Despite the fact that this tower is of unparalleled height on the continent and is surrounded by a mysterious magical barrier, it is hard to believe that three thousand people could be accommodated for the selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

All the girls who participated in this selection were stunned. They could actually enter this tower, which is famous as the most mysterious relic in the continent?

After the collapse of the divine era civilization, this is the holy land in the hearts of all the mages on the continent, the only remaining relic of the divine era with great achievements!

The height, more than three hundred meters.

It presents a white spiral structure, like stairs falling from the clouds, protected by ancient magic barriers. No matter when you look at it, it is as white as new, without any trace of time.

The Tower of Origins, the God Tower, the Tower of Observation Stars. This tower is filled with so many mysterious vibes, even the troll clan in the volcano area knows that it is a remarkable creation of human civilization.

Throughout history, this tower has been the symbol of the Sia Kingdom, the proof of the nation.

But the problem is, how can this tower accommodate three thousand people for the selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order? It's not like stacking people up, it can't be that simple.

"Let's go, you will soon know the answer," Ain smiled subtly. But from the appearance alone, probably everyone would think that this tower is not a building for people to live in.

Whether it is the spiral-shaped pointed roof or the unique white tower body, they resemble some kind of sacred symbol, like a staircase leading to heaven, towering above.

In history, at the most crowded time in this tall tower, there were only a dozen people. All the food and everyday items were brought in from the outside.

If you don't go inside the tall tower, you might never imagine what it looks like inside.

This place is not just a tower for stargazing, it has a more sacred purpose.

Now Ain only just learned why many of the structures inside the tower exist, and what those special rooms are prepared for.

"In the name of the Tower Master, grant access to the second level." Ain gently blew on the halo at their fingertip, releasing countless white particles of light that covered over three thousand young girls in the courtyard.

This is a spell that only the Tower Master, with the highest authority in this tower, can use. It marks each and every member of the aspiring Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, totaling about three thousand people. There will be no mistakes.

With this mark personally applied by the Tower Master, only outsiders without the divine era warlock bloodline can enter this divine era tower as guests.

In history, the Sia royal family has only used this mark on less than a few dozen outsiders. These people were all renowned strong individuals on the continent, had good relations with the Sia royal family, and absolute loyalty.

Even so, they only gained the lowest level of access to the third floor and signed a confidentiality agreement. They will absolutely not reveal what they see inside the tower.

The whole tower is divided into four levels of authority. The highest authority is held by the Kingdom Bloodline, which only those with pure blood can possess. In this generation, it is Ain and Adley.

The third level of authority is only for temporary guests. They can only stay in the tower for one day and read some of the public books.

The second level of authority is for the royal family who don't have the Divine Erawarlock Bloodline. It is like a semi-permanent authority. The holders of this authority can freely enter the tower and move around, except for a few restricted areas.

The first level of authority is only possessed by the successors of the highest authority. It is almost equivalent to the future highest authority, the next ruler of the tower.

In other words, Princess Ain is granting these aspiring members of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order the same authority as the royal family.

With nervous and anxious feelings, the girls who came to participate in the selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order started to line up and enter this incredibly mysterious Divine Era Tower in their respective order.

The front team of knight princesses is lucky to be the first team that is not from the Kingdom Bloodline but still enters the Divine Era Tower together.

The Divine Era ruins that have never been opened to the empire before have opened their doors to them.

After passing through an ancient corridor engraved with the history of the kingdom, they finally see the interior of the tower.

"This is it!"

As Roland, the core of the imperial team, saw the scenery inside the tower for the first time, he was stunned.

What a beautiful world it is!

Is this truly a sealed high tower?

Why is it possible to see the sun inside this ancient tower?

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