Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1074

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Chapter 1074: Prayer

"Of course, that's possible," Meross said with a slight smile, looking at the white light cluster with a burning gaze.

With Lamias' adorable voices, the already small Lamia team quickly passed the assessment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

Meross naturally ranked first and was the only member of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order who lasted for ten minutes and earned the right to choose her team.

The other Lamias mostly scored between five to six minutes, and even the youngest little Lamia handed in an excellent answer sheet that took over four minutes.

There is no doubt that the Lamias' performance relieved many people and created an illusion that this Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order assessment might not be so difficult.

Having the right to be a team leader in just over five minutes is a brand new feature of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order on this continent!

To become a team leader of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order led by Nuclear Blast Queen Ain herself is a lifetime glory to boast about.

Soon, a brave commoner girl volunteered and took off her clothes, gathering courage to step forward, and more girls lined up in an orderly manner.

At this moment, the girls seemed to understand why this bath was built so large; it was meant for the entire Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order!

"Ah ah ah ah ah!"

The girl's cry rang through the sky.

The first commoner girl to participate in this Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order suddenly stood on her tiptoes, surrounded by a pink halo. She persisted for five seconds in the endless wave before falling down!

Yes, even the lowest standard of ten seconds was not reached. The unknown girl lost consciousness after only five seconds of blending with the enormous dragon's spiritual energy.

"Five seconds? Are you kidding me?"

"This... is it really that difficult?"

"Oh my, is she the first one to be eliminated?"

"Poor little sister, she should have lasted at least ten seconds!"

The girls who had never experienced the blending with the dragon's spiritual energy looked at the fallen girl with complicated expressions.

Failing to last ten seconds means that she didn't even meet the lowest requirement to join the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order. It's really unfortunate.

However, they soon realized that this was not an isolated case.

The next seventeen girls, one after another, couldn't hold on for ten seconds!

Before the assessment began, they all clenched their teeth and swore to endure any pain until the end, but it is not so easy to change the huge gap in their levels of life.

Saramanda can endure for seven minutes because she has the bloodline of an Earth Child and has an extremely strong constitution.

Princess Roland of the Empire can endure for more than five minutes because her body and mind have been trained to the limit of an ordinary person, and she is only one step away from being a hero-ranked.

Meross's exceptional ten minutes is the result of Lamia's special adaptability, combined with her extraordinary strength.

The ten-second standard set by Ain for joining the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order is not arbitrarily chosen, but based on his own experience.

Only those who endure for ten seconds can successfully complete a round of spiritual energy exchange with the silver dragon egg, which is the minimum requirement.

Those who last less than ten seconds will not have the effect of hatching the egg. They will simply lose consciousness due to the impact of the dragon's spiritual energy released from the egg.

"Woo woo woo, may the gods bless me, I must endure for ten seconds, and even more!" The 18th girl participating in the assessment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, wearing the robes of a priestess, cried and prayed.

"Your words are fine," Ain shrugged as he watched the nun who was praying and pressing her snow-white skin against the white light cluster by stepping on the water ripples.

The devoted nun who serves the gods is naturally strong-willed and has a much stronger spirit than ordinary people. She is also more adaptable to the silver dragon egg.

As Ain had expected, Miss Nun persisted for a full thirty seconds before falling down, blushing and confused, perfectly completing her task.

Unfortunately, there were very few nuns who could meet all three requirements of "underage," "beautiful and cute," and "pure of heart," so they had to cast a wide net and catch more fish.

Among the normal people, someone successfully completed the trial and exceeded the thirty-second time limit, which relieved the girls waiting in line.

In fact, the nun's prayer before the trial suddenly became popular.

Whether they believed in gods or not, when it was their turn to undergo the trial, they would show a pious expression and say:

"May the gods bless me and let me pass!"

"In the name of Sia, I have three older brothers and two younger brothers at home. I can't lose this job with the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order. Please bless me to pass!"

"Great Lord Sia, I implore your protection. Please let me pass!"

At that moment, the assessment site of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order seemed like a large blessing ceremony in the church.

The soft gasps and prayers of the girls blended together, weaving a wonderful and touching melody.

I must say, this seemed to have some effect. After the young girls from all over the land began praying to Sia, their success rate suddenly increased by a lot.

The probability of being eliminated gradually decreased from 70 percent to about 50 percent.

Ain took a small notebook and recorded the names of the successful and eliminated candidates, emphasizing those who took more than three minutes in the assessment.

Among them, these are worth paying attention to—

The Imperial Princess Knight Squad had an average ritual time of over three minutes. For humans, it can be said to be a top-notch achievement, truly worthy of being the descendants of the first knight bloodline on the continent.

The Wilderness Bride Group was almost on par with the Imperial Princess Knight Squad, but they always seemed to be clueless, with clumsy movements.

Surprisingly, the gnomish girls from the other races performed excellently, with an average time of over two minutes.

Despite everyone trembling before hugging the dragon egg, with fearful expressions as if they were saying, "I want to become a sacrifice," they actually performed exceptionally well when they got close to it.

It is worth mentioning that their sensitivity seems to be several times higher than that of humans, and the sounds they emit are the most pitiful and touching. They all looked like they were about to die or come back to life.

Could it be that Lord Silver Dragon prefers younger children? With this doubt in mind, Ain made a heavy note in their notebook.

The constitution, spiritual power, and race all affect the hatching effectiveness.

For now, Lamia and the dragon egg have the best adaptation.

However, there is still one race left.

The last one, the Mermaid clan.

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