Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1056

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Chapter 1056: Overwhelming Aura

Finally, there were the non-human girls that were bought by the merchants' alliance from all over the wilderness and seas, who didn't fit in with any of the human girl camps and were even feared by the teams from the Northern Union Kingdom.

Mermaid girls who liked to live in giant aquariums, although they had the ability to transform their tails into legs, they were not used to walking on land.

They wore unique shell outfits of the sea tribe. Even though most of them were underage, they were all captivating and made many people unable to take their eyes off them, some even had drooling mouths.

As the most beautiful and intelligent species of the Leviathan clan in the ocean, mermaids are rarely seen by humans living on the mainland.

This time, it was not the Mermaid clan who heard the news of the appearance of the forbidden spell in the divine era, and the merchants couldn't contact this rare species living deep in the ocean.

With a long tail of five to six meters behind her, the Lamia clan girl who lived deep in the swamp made many people shiver uncontrollably. Not everyone can accept their unique appearance.

With their snake tails, they possess terrifying killing power both on land and in water, rivaling the troll clan in strength. They excel in dual-wield weapon combat, and a very small number of Lamia possess a bloodline talent called the petrifying magic eye.

Among the Lamia clan girls participating in the selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, there is one girl with a spread third-eye mark on her forehead, which is the proof of being blessed with the power of the "petrifying" magic eye, bestowed upon Lamia Priestesses.

It is evident that they are not very accustomed to the armor they are wearing now. With their impressive upper bodies, they occasionally reach out to touch their equipment.

Nestled in the swampy area, they don't need this burdensome armor to protect themselves. Their natural form is their favorite.

Tiny dwarven girls, with an average height of less than one meter.

This is the closest species to humans among the different races — it can be considered a miniaturized version of a human branch. In history, this clan has suffered persecution from humans, and the entire clan migrated underground, adapting to a life without sunlight.

They are good at making all kinds of jewelry. With their small bodies and nimble fingers, each one is an excellent thief. Occasionally, they also appear in human adventure teams after the divine era, taking on the roles of scouts and lock pickers.

At the back of all the teams are the trolls, with an average height of over two meters. Their leader, Saramanda, is over three meters tall. Not long ago, they scared the national team envoy with their troll team.

The giant axe that slashed through the cockpit of the Empire's third-generation magic armor is lodged diagonally next to Saramanda, emitting an invisible dominance.

Compared to the delicate human princesses, the girls from the troll clan are all incredibly strong. But it's not just muscular strength, it's a harmonious combination of strength, speed, and explosive power.

They all have a perfect figure, with long legs and stable, powerful hands. They are skilled in using heavy weapons, rallying around their leader, Saramanda, and possessing iron-like discipline and willpower.

This is a team that has come alive from the divine era, once making the human army tremble in fear – the Leviathan land ace troops!

Even the merchants who brought these troll clan girls out of the northern wilderness dare not breathe in front of them, let alone talk loudly.

Their strength is enough to wipe out the convoy that is supposed to escort them ten times over!

Looking at this camp formed by the girls from another race, even the captain of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, Ain, feels a sense of disbelief.

Surprisingly, so many young girls from different races were recruited.

These merchants still seem somewhat useful.

Compared to Ain's astonishment, these young girls from different races were even more shocked.

Before meeting Ain, they had already learned from the elders and priests of their clans that a spellcaster who could wield forbidden spells had been born again among humans.

This warlock, who used the power of "bloodline" to cast spells instead of relying on wisdom like other magicians, was even more rare than a forbidden spell warlock from the divine era.

Moreover, the forbidden spell they mastered was not a common one like "summoning floods," but the ultimate forbidden spell "nuclear explosion" that had even been sealed away.

On their way to the royal capital, all the young girls from different races who came to participate in the selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order witnessed the scene of "nuclear explosion" with their own eyes. The destructive power of that kind went beyond anyone's imagination.

However, what they truly felt in the presence of the queen, who was legendary for the nuclear explosion, was something else.

The girls from the Mermaid clan couldn't help but sing an ancient song, which praised the greatest living being in this world, the leader of the Leviathan's kin.

"Spread your wings, and you shall be the king of the sky."

"Look down upon the earth, and you shall be the ruler of the world."

"Sing for all things, never rest, oh king of Leviathan, fly today as well."

This was a song of praise for the mighty dragons, a tribute from the mermaids to the king of Leviathan.

"Humans... how can they have such a scent?" whispered the ruler of the swamp, the Lamias.

They had a small blood connection with the dragon race, although it was a very faint connection, but everyone could feel a certain engraved breath in their blood, rejoicing.

Except for the troll clan, an anomaly inheriting the bloodline of the giant race, all other races were unable to resist the dragon's pressure - at least in this world, it didn't exist.

The dragon race, standing at the top of the world's pyramid, is the strongest race. Mature dragons are born as hero-ranked beings, and they are the most powerful and invincible among heroes of the same rank.

Throughout history, all humans who have accomplished the feat of slaying dragons were holders of the "Creator God's Weapon," the human heroes who possessed the fragments of the divine sword, Sia.

Instead of saying that these human heroes defeated the dragon, it would be more accurate to say that the power of the divine sword Sia suppressed the dragon's advantage.

The tiny dwarf girls were so scared that they could barely speak. They were naturally timid, and dragons could easily eat a hundred of them with one bite.

During the divine era, these girls were hated by the dragons because they resembled humans too much. They were not even qualified to go to war.

Among all the different races, the dwarves held the lowest status. They were considered mere "reserve food," and some cruel dragons would take their anger out on the dwarves after being injured in battles against humans.

Faced with Ain's dragon's spiritual energy, all the dwarf girls were almost crawling on the ground.

In contrast, the troll girls were excited.

"This is really strong!"

"That's amazing!"

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