Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1057

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Chapter 1057: The Sacred Covenant

As descendants of giants, trolls are fearless and even immune to the presence of dragons.

Their leader Saramanda has personally killed the most powerful sub-dragon species on this continent after the dragons disappeared—the fire lizard king that lives in the volcano—and taken its true name.

Even though she knows she can never be a match for the Nuclear Blast Queen, the difference in their fighting abilities is so great that it cannot be calculated, but Saramanda is still excited.

She has finally met her match, the strongest monster on the surface of this world.

If she can't win now, it's okay, she will work even harder to train.

Having an opponent she wants to surpass is completely different from being lost without one.

Running away from the clan was the right choice, ever since she killed that fire lizard king and acquired the true name Saramanda, there has been barely any opponent in the troll clan who can defeat her.

After coming to the human world, she first encountered a steel giant who allowed her to have thrilling battles, and now she has encountered the Nuclear Blast Queen whom she cannot possibly defeat.

This world is truly amazing!

Even during the era of divine war, the wild and untamed troll clan was the only group brave enough to defy the dragon's orders. With their giant bloodline, they never knew the meaning of retreat.

On the battlefield, the troll clan never received the command to retreat. Even if the opponent was ten or even a hundred times stronger, the trolls would rush forward for a glorious battle.

During the era of divine war, there were numerous famous knight orders on the continent, including the royal knight order led by a dragon-slaying hero. However, no knight order could snatch the title of land warfare ace from the troll clan.

The title of land warfare ace for the troll clan was not only recognized by the Leviathan faction, but by the entire continent.

Only the dragon race that had defeated the giant clan could recruit the troll clan as their soldiers.

Now, Saramanda admits that the Nuclear Blast Queen in front of her also qualifies for this.

The dragon aura emanating from her body is too evident, and even Saramanda believes she is a dragon who has turned into a human.

The other girls from different races also agree on this point.

Originally, they were hesitant to join the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, but now all of them acknowledge Ain's power.

The warlock from the divine era, the knight's bloodline, ultimately traces back to the bloodline of "Sia". As descendants of Sia, humans expelled the dragons from the continent and obtained the crown of the land.

Due to the long period of weakness in the magic tide, the reproduction rate of all foreign races has significantly declined. Powerful races like Lamia and trolls are approaching the endangered state where they cannot sustain their population size.

The foreign girls gathered here are almost the last hope representing their respective races in this world.

The appearance of the forbidden spell from the divine era has given a glimmer of hope to the leaders of various races who are familiar with the history of the divine era.

The price offered by human merchants is just a starting point. The underage foreign girls gathered here carry the mission of their respective races, coming to witness the charm of the legendary forbidden spell warlock from the divine era.

Ain didn't disappoint them.

Queen Ain, who possesses the bloodline of "Sia" from the crown of the land and the dragon aura of the ocean crown, only with the released aura, established her authority among the scarce bloodlines of foreign races in this world.

They acknowledged Ain and decided to proactively join this Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

This point was not only noticed by Ain, but also by the merchants and noble representatives who have been observing these dangerous foreign girls.

"These monsters seem to have become much quieter."

"They truly live up to being Divine Era forbidden spell warlocks; they must have sensed the strength of Her Majesty the Queen."

"It looks like they might actually be chosen to become members of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order."

Those who are not descendants of Leviathan cannot perceive the strong dragon aura emanating from Ain. Humans clearly misunderstood the reason for their sudden tranquility.

"Are you all ready?" Even Ain herself is somewhat unfamiliar with these girls from different races.

The Mermaid clan, residing in the ocean; the Lamia clan, hiding in swamps; the troll clan, living near the volcano; and occasionally the gnomes appearing in human kingdoms—all of these powerful races disappeared a long time ago.

Or perhaps it's easier for people to call these races "monsters," nightmares that humans avoid, equating them with the fierce creatures on the mainland.

The only difference is that those ferocious creatures lack intelligence, whereas these powerful races have their own unique civilization and heritage. The histories of mermaids and lamias are even older than that of humans.

They have existed as dragon descendants for tens of millions of years, even longer than the birth of humans.

"Great Queen Ain, the Mermaid clan is willing to serve you." The next successor of the Mermaid clan, a girl named Heidi, smiled and presented her most precious seashell.

"Lamia clan is willing to join the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order." Meross, the only priestess of the Lamia clan in this generation, also presented her own scale, which is the highest Lamia etiquette.

"We...we surrender, please don't eat us, we can do anything." All the underage girls of the Dwarf tribe bowed down, hands raised, offering their gemstones. This represents their abandonment of all rights and allowing the adversary to do as they please.

As "reserve food" for the giant dragons, they don't have the qualification to serve the dragons. They can only express their loyalty in such a humble way.

"From now on, you'll be the leader."

"Give us the best equipment, and I will devote my life to you."

Saramanda casually tossed her hair, giving a thumbs up. As the strongest land combat specialist of the Leviathan, this is a special privilege exclusive to the troll clan.

In the entire world of Sia, only the dragon clan can provide the most suitable equipment for the troll clan, which is why the troll clan willingly serves the dragon clan.

With the giant axe in her hand as an example, she immediately noticed that it was a divine era equipment tailor-made for trolls, much better than the small God Weapons used by humans.

Ain was a little confused and puzzled. When did she have such commanding power and authority?

Clearly, all she did was ask the question "Are you ready?" How come it seemed so overwhelmingly effective?

Look, the kingdoms, empires, and representatives of merchants over there, one by one, were astonished. Some even seemed almost petrified.

This scene was recorded by many people and eventually became a famous painting - The Sacred Covenant.

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