Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1055

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Chapter 1055: Inspection

"Long ago, I had a dream." Looking at the bustling crowd in the square, those enchanting and unique girls, Ain began to speak up.

This is the first time she speaks in front of the public since her official coronation.

Now, the people gathered in front of the divine era tower represent the high-ranking powers of this continent.

The remaining nobles and royal family of the Sia Kingdom.

The legion commander sent by the Leviathan Empire, the princesses.

Representatives of the tribes of the Northern Kingdom, the chieftains.

No matter the reason or purpose, all powers chose to respond to Ain's wish and brought the underage girls from their own countries and tribes.

For them, it is probably difficult to understand the significance of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order in this world.

Political investment, or compensation for defeat, these underage girls are all sacrifices.

Before coming here, probably not many of them had thought that one day they would participate in the selection of a knight group.

"I want to see a broader, more beautiful world."

"I want to have wings to fly freely."

"The world is big and small."

"I will give this world the most beautiful blessings." Ain gently folded her palms, raised her head proudly, and looked at the sky above her.

The sky today was exceptionally clear, the blue sky seemed to extend to the end of the world, without even a trace of clouds.

The radiant sunlight shone on Ain, giving her figure a touch of sacredness.

The dragon's spiritual energy that intertwined and exchanged with the silver dragon egg for a week brought a qualitative leap to her vitality.

The current Ain is no longer the unfortunate girl who prayed to shooting stars for the future.

She saved her kingdom, saved the future of countless people, and also saved herself.

She was more grateful than anyone to the great being who brought all this and made a determined decision.

Regardless of any means, regardless of any cost, she was determined to fulfill the sacred covenant with the divine silver dragon.

At this moment, there are over a thousand underage girls gathered here, and it's all because of her use of the queen's power.

I'm sorry for involving you, but your strength is necessary.

Even if it's just Adley and me, we wouldn't be able to fulfill the promise with Lord Silver Dragon in our lifetime.

Going down the steps in front of the tower gate, Ain took Adley's little hand and began inspecting the girls participating in the selection for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

The ones at the front and most easily noticed are the princesses from the Empire.

The imperial royalty of Leviathan and the royal family of Sia Kingdom actually share the same ancestry, but due to the first emperor being the first knight on the continent after the divine era, more descendants with knight talent appeared on the empire's side.

The princesses from the empire also mostly wear armor in a girlish style. The round breastplate is emblazoned with the empire's dragon emblem, which is a series of emblems used by the empire after the split with the kingdom and can only be used by the princesses.

Golden hair, round breastplate, knight sword, red, blue, and white skirt create the unique landscape of the empire.

Throughout generations, the empire's princesses have produced more than one hero-ranked knight. There was even one emperor who was a queen and was truly the continent's first knight at that time.

The empire princesses who meet the requirements for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order selection are a total of seven. They are all related to Ain, either as cousins or as sisters.

However, the fourteen-year-old Ain and their identity are no longer in the same world as them.

Queen Sia, the most powerful divine era warlock on the continent, with numerous auras surrounding Ain, has already reached the peak of this world's pyramid.

Originally, the empire princesses who were on equal footing with her are now anxiously waiting for her review, afraid of performing poorly and losing the qualification to participate in the selection for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

Seeing the majestic empire princesses, Ain nodded and felt very satisfied.

They truly are princesses of the empire, both in strength and bloodline. They may not be as outstanding as Ain and Adley, who are divine era warlocks, but they must have endured the egg hatching ceremony for a considerable amount of time.

Next are the noble ladies from the empire and the daughters of tribal chiefs from the northern kingdom.

The Northern United Kingdom, known as barbarians during the divine era, is a primitive tribe. Due to its cold and unproductive land, they are mostly forgotten.

During the divine era, their best option was to join the knight order and become disposable soldiers on the battlefield.

No one expected that after the divine era ended, these barbarians actually learned human knowledge and began to build their own country. They even made contact with the defeated tribes and eventually established the Northern United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is an alliance-style country composed of three of the largest tribes governing themselves. It includes barbarians, nomadic tribes, and some members of other races.

In terms of its form as a nation, it is still at a very backward level. However, the fighting power of the barbarians and nomadic tribes has become a huge force that can change the course of the war after the disappearance of magic in the divine era.

Before the Empire emerged, the strongest opponent of the kingdom was the continuous invasion of nomadic armies and barbarians from the north.

The war between the two sides lasted for thousands of years until the Empire suddenly rose and began to invade the territory belonging to the Northern United Kingdom in return.

Compared with the well-dressed princesses of the Empire who could become captain of the knight squad almost without training, the noble girls from the Empire, kingdom, and the tribal girls from the Northern United Kingdom formed a sharp contrast.

The custom-made armor for the girl knights is not something that all nobles can obtain. It is basically a privilege of the royalty.

The noble young ladies mostly wear light leather armor made from the skin of low-level magical creatures. It provides excellent protection against physical attacks. Only a few duchess' daughters have special armor with magical properties.

The girls from tribal backgrounds are dressed in equipment that reflects the style of the Northern Alliance Kingdom.

Bracelets, anklets, headbands, and even rare ice crystal shields and long swords, showing a completely different style from noble daughters.

No one wore the dresses used at the ball, because this was the official selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, not a noble social dance.

Behind them were the teams of commoner girls.

These poor girls, even with the support of the merchants' guild, could only wear standard cloth armor, carry beginner short swords and small round shields. Most of them looked uncomfortable and embarrassed about their equipment.

Well, it doesn't matter because they will all be taken off anyway - Princess Ain said, even if you all came wearing amazing equipment, it wouldn't be needed for the next selection.

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