Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1054

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Chapter 1054: The Queen's Choice

Today, Ain is wearing a beautiful ancient dress that has been passed down from the divine era. Her dress is platinum in color and perfectly complements her flawless face. She looks like a princess from a fairy tale.

However, no one sees her as a princess anymore.

Standing in front of the divine era tower, Ain is actually quite short, only about four feet tall. But people gathered here can't help but feel her immense presence towering above them, as if they can only look up to her.

She is the most powerful queen on the continent, the queen who possesses the power of nuclear explosions.

"This is Queen Ain!"

"The strongest queen in the history of the kingdom."

"The user of the forbidden spells from the divine era."

The daughters of both the empire and the kingdom hold their breaths and tremble uncontrollably.

This is because most of them can trace their lineage back to the royal family of the kingdom through the ancient divine era bloodline. To them, the divine era bloodline is truly the origin and foundation of their existence.

If any of them awaken the power of the divine era bloodline, they are qualified to return to the kingdom and become a member of the royal family. This has been a recognized rule since the establishment of the kingdom.

Unfortunately, not to mention awakening the pure divine era bloodline, even the few who possess the incomplete warlock bloodline among them are scarce.

The ancient bloodlines that have become increasingly rare after the end of the divine era have taken on mythical colors.

The appearance of the ultimate forbidden spell, nuclear explosion, has added a special halo to this mythical color.

Everyone believes that Queen Ain was able to unlock the door to the nuclear explosion forbidden spell because she possesses the purest divine era bloodline.

Compared to the young ladies of the empire and the kingdom, the commoner girls selected (bought) by the Chamber of Commerce Alliance pay more attention to Ain's dresses and jewelry.

"So beautiful, can I wear such clothes and jewelry once in my life?"

"If I can join the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, maybe there will be a chance."

"Her Majesty the Queen is so beautiful, I swear, no matter how difficult the selection process is, I will join the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order!"

Finally, the young girls from the non-human camp were all considered to be Leviathan's followers.

"Hey, can you feel it?"

"It's so obvious, what a terrifying smell."

"Is this queen really a human?"

The girls from the troll clan, mermaid clan, Lamia clan, and dwarf clan, all smelled a certain scent emanating from Ain and Adley.

"So strong... How is this even possible for a human?" Even Saramanda, who fears nothing and is not afraid of anything, was shocked by their ability to resist magic armor with their bodies.

Her keen instinct for battle told her that the aura emitted by Ain and Adley was unimaginable.

If the power of the human's steel giant not long ago was calculated as one hundred, she would fluctuate between ninety and one hundred twenty, but the aura emanating from the human queen was at least four digits, and possibly even five digits.

Is this really a human?

Are you kidding me?

"No wonder, even the elders in the clan said not to challenge this queen." Saramanda shook her head and couldn't figure out how many times stronger the opponent was, but she was sure she could defeat many, many of herself in a second.

As long as they were Leviathan's subordinates, they would instinctively sense that the owner with that aura could wipe out everyone here with just one hand.

Their wild intuition told them that the presence before them was extremely terrifying, the strongest and most vicious creature they had encountered in their entire lives. It was not an exaggeration to say it was the strongest monster on the ground.

Without needing instructions from the merchant union, all the Leviathan's subordinates naturally bowed their heads to Ain and Adley.

Obeying the strong is the truth that all Leviathan's subordinates follow.

It wasn't the fake strength of human magic armor, the aura released by Ain and Adley was absolutely powerful, capable of suppressing everything.

It's like a giant dragon!

"Phew, these troublemakers finally realize the power of the Nuclear Explosion Queen."

"It looks like the selection for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order can proceed smoothly."

"I wonder what Queen Ain is thinking. She's allowing even these strange creatures from other races to participate in the selection for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order."

The nobles and merchants of the empire and kingdom gathered in their respective circles, waiting for Queen Ain's proclamation.

Many of them were filled with doubts about this selection for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

Recruiting a knight order to the entire continent is something that only happened during the unified magical empire of the divine era.

Since the end of the divine era, the continent has split into several countries, and no one has had the ability to recruit a knight order to the entire continent.

What's more, even the knight orders of the divine era would never recruit non-human races, let alone limit the recruits to girls under eighteen.

The Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order was already being discussed by countless people, even before it was established.

If it wasn't for Ain's absolute will, this would be an impossible thing to happen no matter what.

Now, everyone wants to know what Queen Ain, who caused a nuclear explosion, is really up to.

Why did she not accept countless young knights who wanted to join her and instead establish this game-like Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order?

With her lineage and the identity of a forbidden spell-casting warlock, it is unknown how many excellent knights aspire to become her subordinates and gain recognition.

If she agrees to marry, her child might even have the opportunity to directly become the next emperor of the empire, achieving the complete unification of the continent without any bloodshed.

If she were a mature queen, it would be expected for her to form a marriage alliance with a prince of the empire, which would meet the expectations of the nobles.

Unfortunately, Ain refused and no one had the ability to change her decision.

There's no need to even think about a coup.

Ain herself is the kingdom's strongest military force – she doesn't even need an army. With her powers, she alone possesses the ability to destroy a country.

The queen, who is the ruler of nuclear explosions, has such a spoiled qualification.

"Welcome to the Sia Kingdom..." Ain looked at the girls gathered in front of the tower square, showing a complicated expression.

The kingdom named "Sia" represents the orthodox of the divine era.

The empire named "Leviathan" represents rebellion and independence.

As the Queen of Sia, she has been waiting for this moment because it is the path she has chosen for herself.

At the same time, she has been refusing this moment because it means that the treasure that originally belonged only to her and Adley will be shared with more people.

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