Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1053

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Chapter 1053: The Selection Begins

"Big sister, are you having fun?"

"That big guy is not moving, no wonder Saramanda is amazing!"

"I want to follow Big sister for the rest of my life!"

Young troll girls chattered and surrounded Saramanda, effortlessly pulling out the heavy steam spear that was almost about to penetrate her body.

The scene of blood and flesh flying made several noble ladies from the imperial family vomit, it was too explicit.

"Ah, that was satisfying! I had so much fun!" Saramanda moved her body, revealing the terrifying traits of her troll bloodline once again. Her wounds, torn open to the point where one could see her intestines, were healing at a visible speed.

Instead, it was Morris who sent Saramanda flying. Now his face turned pale and he covered his mouth with white gloves that had turned blood-red.

Watching Saramanda get up as if nothing happened, he gritted his teeth and kicked the completely ruined chainsaw sword with all his might.

It truly wasn't his fault, it was simply the huge difference in weapon quality.

During the most intense battle, this alchemical weapon was completely destroyed by the giant axe.

The standard weapons of the Empire were completely defeated by handmade products from who-knows-when, which was simply unbelievable!

The cockpit was also breached, making it impossible for him to continue fighting.

He needed better weapons, better equipment. Using these terrible standard Empire gears would only bring him shame.

"Well done, human."

"Next time then." Saramanda pulled out the giant axe lodged in the cockpit. This axe was her favorite weapon, not only because it was heavy and fitting for her size and fighting style.

If it wasn't for this, she wouldn't have given up her favorite big stick and exchanged it for this weapon.

For her, this nearly indestructible heavy axe might be even better than the God Weapon. At least she wasn't used to those small and delicate weapons.

A troll always needs to use a super heavy weapon!

Even the mighty steel armor couldn't withstand her big axe.

"Thank goodness... I didn't lose anything by giving away this weapon..." The merchant who traded with the troll clan wiped the sweat off his forehead as he looked at Saramanda's majestic appearance.

This huge axe is one of the treasures of the merchant guild. It's a true divine era weapon. I have no idea which eccentric craftsman made it, it doesn't look like a weapon made for humans at all.

It takes at least five strong men just to lift this weapon!

The material itself is truly of God Weapon-level quality. The exact forging method is unknown. Since it's impossible for humans to use such a weapon due to their size, it has been kept as a collectible in the treasury for a long time.

When negotiating with the ogre clan in the past, their demand was for the best, heaviest, and most powerful weapon!

The business association took out all of their hidden equipment, including a real God Weapon, which was a thin sword called "Thorn of Roses". The ogres didn't even glance at it, everyone preferred the super-heavy giant axe.

Weighing close to half a ton, this weapon is probably only considered a regular weapon by the ogre race on this continent. Was this super-heavy axe made specifically for these monsters?

"Monsters will always be monsters."

"That weapon is just too unfair!"

"It can even cut through a magic armor's chainsaw sword. Where did they get such an extraordinary weapon?"

"No worries, our empire can also manufacture something like this. Captain Morris just needs to replace his equipment and he'll definitely crush the opponents!"

The soldiers from the empire's envoy were not disheartened. Morris's advancement was a great joy for the entire empire's army.

Morris, who had entered this [Field], was a knight ranked as a hero and a substitute driver for the titled machine. It was only a matter of time for him to switch from the third-generation magic armor to the titled machine.

Even without a titled machine to ride at the moment, as long as Morris completely replaces the equipment on this tiger armor and assembles the spare equipment from the titled machine, his combat power would instantly increase by several levels.

This is the revolutionary aspect of the magic armor. Unlike the regular magic armor that humans are familiar with, the weapons of the magic armor can be freely changed. By changing to the most suitable equipment when facing different opponents, one can gain a strategic advantage.

Human weapons cannot compare to the magic armor with its steel body due to the limitations of the human body. Morris suffered because of the quality of his weapon.

If the chainsaw sword just now could withstand the heavy axe's strike, Morris would definitely have won. The soldiers of the Imperial Envoy Corps unanimously believed this.

The conflict between the Trade Union Alliance and the National Team ended in a temporary tie.

Saramanda, who was greatly satisfied, didn't bother the Empire anymore, while Morris, who suffered from his equipment, was quickly reassigned to the Empire's military headquarters for the upgrade of his third-generation magic armor.

At this time, nobody noticed that Morris at that moment and the red knight who had emerged in the border war were no longer the same person.

Several days later, the recruitment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order finally began!

Girls from all over the continent, even from overseas and different races, gathered in front of the ancient Divine Era Tower in the center of the royal city. They looked at the two figures slowly walking out of the tower with curiosity and anticipation in their eyes.

Not only them, but all the teams that came to participate in the recruitment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, whether from the kingdom, the empire, or the Trade Union Alliance, held their breath and watched the fourteen-year-old girl.

Not long ago, this young girl was just a mascot in people's eyes, an underage princess.

She once lost everything, the entire kingdom was on the verge of collapse, with only her and her sister hiding in an ancient tower, awaiting the fate's judgment.

Their fate was probably to live the rest of their lives like caged canaries, never to see the freedom of sunlight again. After the downfall of the Royal Knight Order, everyone believed this.

Until a ray of silver light tore through the sky, revealing the power of the divine era's forbidden spell, illuminating the whole night.

After that night, this underage girl gained another title, one that surpassed even the glorious divine era, a title that would undoubtedly shock people's hearts.

Her Majesty, the Queen of Nuclear Blast, the only warlock in the divine era to possess the power of the ultimate forbidden spell, from ancient times to the present.

With her command, the entire continent trembled. The kingdom, empire, and trade alliance all presented their utmost sincerity, offering the most outstanding young girls they could find.

Whether it's called domineering or willful, this underage Queen is now the strongest ruler on the continent.

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