Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1052

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Chapter 1052: Both Sides Suffered Losses

This is power!

The power that the empire hopes for and desires to change the era!

Unlike the forbidden curse of nuclear explosion, it is a revolutionary force that can truly spread to the common people and completely change the world's balance of power!

Monsters with the bloodline of the divine era, your time should have ended long ago!

Morris's eyes were filled with madness, incredible excitement, and a 180-degree change from his usual humble gentlemanly appearance.

Originally forced into battle, he now desires the fight more than anyone else, to show his own power.

"Ada" completely transformed him, from the moment he stared into the abyss, the Morris who followed the knight's code had already died.

The one here now is Morris, the knight of the abyss!

"Charge!" Saramanda was also excited, finally encountering an opponent with whom they could give their all, even their massive axe felt light.

The body heated up, the heartbeat accelerated, as if hearing a voice that wasn't far away, it seemed to be calling out to them.

Incredibly powerful and holy - Dragon Roar.

"Hiss!" Lava-like patterns appeared on Saramanda's skin, and her breath burned like flames.

With a length of over two meters, the huge axe swung by her was so swift that no air could pass through. It sent all the heavy steam spears flying away.

Under Morris's control, these heavy steam spears seemed to have a life of their own, spinning and attacking Saramanda again.

"Go away!" Saramanda transformed into a red blade whirlwind, sparks of lava exploding on the axe blade, cutting down each incoming heavy steam spear.

The connection between the steam spear and Morris was broken, causing him to frown.

The standard equipment issued by the military for the third generation magic armor now seemed inadequate for his strength.

These heavy steam spears were top-tier weapons for attacking cities, but they hadn't considered the issue of facing a God Weapon. Their material couldn't even fully unleash the power of the third generation magic armor's core.

He needed stronger and faster equipment.

After this battle is over, he needs to immediately apply to the army's logistics department to upgrade his weapon accessories. Currently, he is eligible to equip his red tiger armor with extra equipment called a titled machine.

A knight with the rank of hero should use a hero-ranked weapon.

"Attack... with all spears!" Morris pulled out all the steam spears behind him and shot over twenty of them in one breath.

Currently, he can control around six steam spears at once. In this wave of full spear attacks, about half of the steam spears are disposable.

Since he has decided to change his equipment, he will use up all these consumables and unleash their final power on this battlefield.

The successive heavy steam spears looked like dozens of sharp blades piercing through the sky, completely trapping Saramanda.

Then, Morris pulled out his main weapon—the gigantic chainsaw sword. This four-meter long chainsaw sword is specially designed to penetrate armor and has enormous killing power even against a hero-ranked knight.

Depending on their proficiency with different weapons, knights are given different main weapons for the third generation magic armor by the army. Besides the standard long-range disposable steam spears, they can freely choose their own weapons.

Morris specializes in the empire's authentic military swordsmanship, known for its practicality and lack of elegance on the battlefield.

The enormous chainsaw sword has a fast-moving cutting chain that forms the blade, while the body of the sword is a loud gears structure.

This is a masterpiece of advanced technology and must be powered by the core of the third generation magic armor, a weapon created through alchemy.

Even the fully-armored cavalry in the divine era is as fragile as cream in front of this chainsaw sword. Even a typical hero-ranked warrior cannot face this terrifying cutting force directly with their flesh and blood.

The chainsaw sword, the spinning pile driver, and the rotating giant drill are the three standard equipments loved by the knights of the empire. Among them, the chainsaw sword has the highest requirements for proficiency, and only the most elite knights of the empire can wield it well.

All other obscure weapons are wicked!




The sound of steel footsteps shakes the earth, it is the roaring sound of a fifty-ton steel-armored, red tiger armor charging forward at full speed, revealing the true strength of a giant after being freed from the restraints.

This is a scene that has never appeared even in the divine era war, like a giant from the past wearing metal armor, galloping on the battlefield.

"Here it comes!" Saramanda raised her giant axe high, bathed in a red light, countless sparks dancing from her hair.

"Saramanda!" Shouting her true name, the young troll girl also charged forward, completely ignoring the heavy steam spears continuously shooting towards her.

Most of the one-time steam spears just got squeezed away by Saramanda's muscles after penetrating a few centimeters, only a few steam spears directly controlled by Morris truly tore through her defense, and one even pierced her chest.

If it were a human, this would definitely be a fatally fatal injury.

However, Saramanda didn't even look at the wound on her body, she just kept charging forward.

One side is the steel giant of the new era.

The other side is the descendant of the divine era's giants.

Both sides have inherited the power of the long-extinct giant race in different ways. This is a battle beyond the scope of humanity, a decisive battle between monsters.


Morris's eyes turned red, like when shouting the name of a loved one, he swung his most powerful strike.


Saramanda unleashed her true name, a name she really liked, a name fit for a ruler.

Two terrifying forces collided, and the sound of the explosion could be heard for miles.

The burning giant axe wildly struck the relentlessly rotating chainsaw sword, forcefully stopping its movement, then fiercely counterattacked.

With a "clang!" sound, the four-meter-long chainsaw sword snapped in half. Morris, shocked and alarmed, threw a powerful punch that hit Saramanda.

With a "snap!" sound, Saramanda's figure soared high like a kite, being sent flying hundreds of meters into the sky and then crashing down, creating a large crater on the ground.

With a "hiss!" sound, a massive steam jet burst forth. The seven-meter-tall red magic armor dropped to its knees on the ground, with a huge axe lodged in its cockpit.

"Darn it!" Morris came out from behind the magic armor with a sad face, angrily looking at the chainsaw sword that had turned into junk. Then he covered his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood foam.

There were no winners, both were hurt.

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