Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1051

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Chapter 1051: The Power of the Giant

The third-generation magic armor was actually developed as a prototype for titled machines, not something for ordinary people to use.

In a way, each third-generation magic armor is a body with combat capabilities surpassing those of a normal hero-ranked, but it lacks a pilot who can fully utilize its abilities.

Even the most outstanding third-tier elite knight among ordinary people can only unleash a fraction of the power of the third-generation magic armor.

This body combines mysterious and technological powers, originally prepared as a war weapon for hero-ranked individuals, and even in the divine era war, it could be used as a trump card on the battlefield.

However, in this era, there aren't enough hero-ranked knights available. When you add up all the hero-ranked individuals on the continent, it's still just a small fraction compared to the number of mass-produced third-generation magic armor.

The scholars and alchemical warlocks of the empire embarrassingly discovered that they may have created the most terrifying war machine in the history of this world, but they can't find enough pilots.

There's no choice but to use them since they've been created, so they temporarily added a sealing system to all the third-generation magic armor.

Those restraining nails are the key to ensuring that even ordinary knights can control the third-generation magic armor. As long as they sit in the third-generation magic armor and connect their flesh and blood body to the machine with wires, they are considered a part of the machine and gain about ten percent of control.

For this era, the third generation of magic armor was an extremely advanced power. Only ordinary people who burn their own life for a few short minutes can truly unlock the true face of the magic armor.

That was the real mysterious field, the core of black technology, the power close to the origin of this world.

Only true hero-ranked individuals are qualified to have complete control over the third generation of magic armor and become true "magic armored knights".

At this moment, Morris has gained the approval of this magic armor and truly become a "knight" of the new era.

During the divine era, knights rode warhorses with divine era bloodline and achieved humanity's glory on the battlefield.

Knights of the new era now ride magic armor with higher mysteries, merging themselves with this war equipment made of steel, and stepping towards a higher field.

The world recognized Morris' power, even if it came at the cost of sacrificing oneself and obtaining power from the indescribable abyss.

"Accept... the judgement..." Morris released the bindings of the magic armor and his gaze towards his opponent became proud.

The him now, and the him from just now, are no longer people of the same world.

The most wonderful future.

A machine that belongs to oneself with a special title.

Even the princess of the empire is no longer out of reach.

He has obtained the power to change his own destiny.

"That... must be the smell of a giant."

"Hmm, it feels like the scent of giants that have long been dead."

"The foul smell of a corpse, humans really dare to use anything."

As followers of Leviathan, the mermaids and Lamia girls could smell the scent leaking from the magic armor.

It is not a power that humans possess themselves; rather, it is a certain flesh and blood scent that has been distorted and contaminated.

The giants, who lived long ago, were a powerful race that fought against dragons for control of the world. They were strong beings that came from the earth and were the only species in the Leviathan faction that posed a threat to the dragons.

The current troll clan is said to have some giant blood, which is why they have such terrifying bodies and pseudo-immortality.

However, even before the divine era began, all the giants were wiped out by the dragon race. The dragons, being the rulers of the world, didn't allow any other species to threaten their throne.

The third-generation magic armor used by the empire is seen as a greatly inferior version of the giants in the eyes of the girls from the Leviathan faction.

From the moment all the binding nails on Morris's body were released, that smell could no longer be hidden.

Although it is an inferior version, now that the dragons have completely disappeared, this degraded version of a giant is still powerful enough.

"Big sister, be careful!"

"That smell is really unpleasant."

"Humans, they smell so bad!"

The other orc girls cheered for Saramanda. As true descendants of giants, they weren't afraid of that fake giant.

"Degenerate...You know nothing about real power," Morris pulled out a heavy steam spear from behind. His face, now made of fused steel, showed a fierce expression.

That's right, the essence of the magic armor is to imitate the terrifying race that once existed on this land, which could rival the dragon race in a sense.

However, if you think the magic armor is just a degraded version of a giant, you are completely wrong!

This steel body is a war weapon more terrifying than the living giants!

"Hiss!" A lot of white steam sprayed out from the back of the blazing steam spear, instantly shot out by Morris.

One shot, two shots, three shots!

Four shots, five shots, six shots!

Six heavy steam spears were fired consecutively, completely blocking all of Saramanda's escape space. This is the true power of the overclocked ferocious magic armor.




Fearlessly swinging her giant axe, Saramanda deflected each heavy steam spear that was shot at her.

"Feel the true power of the magic armor!"

The deflected heavy steam spears didn't fall down like the two that were sliced earlier, instead they spun in the air and quickly repositioned themselves for a second round of attack on Saramanda.

"How is this possible!"

"Steam spears don't have that kind of power!"

"This is the true power of the third-generation armor!"

Two knights from the imperial envoy team, who were the third generation of magic armor, stared at the flying steam spears with passionate eyes.

Normal steam spears are usually disposable, as they lose power and need to be retrieved after being shot.

Only knights who have unlocked the core power of the third generation of magic armor can use these steam spears as strategic weapons, giving them extraordinary power.

This kind of power is beyond the control of ordinary people, unless they are willing to sacrifice their own lives.

At this moment, Morris is demonstrating the abilities that all drivers of the third generation of magic armor dream of.

Just imagine the intimidating power of a magic armor on the battlefield, tearing through the enemy's front line with a large number of heavy steam spears used as regular weapons!

Even against ogres, who are known as the elite ground troops of the divine era, it would be an overwhelming and absolute advantage!

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