Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1050

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Chapter 1050: Breaking Free From Restraints


In just an instant, Morris's body and soul were consumed by the black substance embodied by those indescribable things.

As he had wished, he was corroded by the power of the abyss.

The cost is falling into the endless dark abyss.



In just a few seconds of touching the black substance, he suddenly fell deep into the abyss made of this black substance.

There was no turning back because this was the choice he made.

In order to gain power, he betrayed everything he had.

Flesh, soul, everything was tainted by the power of the abyss.

"Come on!"

"I see it, Ada!" Before his body was contaminated, Morris shouted out the true name of the abyss power that was devouring him.

That was the disaster that came to this world along with a certain Starchild, with a forbidden name.



Countless black and white snowflake fragments began to appear around Morris, and then turned into an incredibly huge black eye, gazing at the knight who had sacrificed himself.

"Talent... Ten Blades..."

"Accept it..."

"Hiss!" From behind Morris, another pair of arms began to burst out of his body, representing the young knight surpassing the human [Field] and entering an unknown realm.

"Ohhhhh!" Morris, who had advanced into the extraordinary world in one breath, roared angrily, releasing all the suppression he had been feeling.




The red fierce tiger's magic armor sprayed out a lot of visible white steam from its back, and spiral screws were also ejected along with the steam.

The black wires started to grow and spread at a terrifying speed, spreading like blood vessels on the shell of the magic armor.

This is a sign that the third generation of magic armor is starting to "evolve." As the prototype of a titled machine, each third generation of magic armor hides a terrifying power.

However, that power far exceeds the limits of ordinary human beings. So, the empire's designers sealed this power in order to suppress it. Otherwise, the out-of-control third generation magic armor would first devour the human driver.

The power of the third generation magic armor is far beyond what it appears to be. It's just that there are not enough drivers available, so they had to seal off the uncontrollable power, allowing the empire's elite knights to control it.

Now, Morris is opening that seal, truly unleashing the power of this fifty-ton, third generation magic armor made with black technology.



Reaction power!

Just like the awakened giant Su, facing Saramanda who has awakened the power of her ancestors' bloodline, Morris, who was forced into a corner, finally reveals the true form of his third-generation magic armor.




Without losing to Saramanda's heavy panting, bloodshot pupils, and the violent aura after removing the binding nails, Morris finally felt the pleasure of surpassing limits.

Hero-ranked, achieved!

Moreover, not just an ordinary hero-ranked, but together with this red tiger magic armor, they entered the hero-ranked [Field].

This is the hidden truth of the third generation magic armor of the empire, it possesses the power of giants!

Strictly speaking, the third generation magic armor is the true "black technology" crystallization, while the previous two generations of military magic armor were all pre-research for the third generation.

This generation of magic armor possesses forbidden power, it is the power excavated from the remains of Leviathan, the power of monsters!

The combination of technology and mystery, a fantasy beyond human limits. After the glory of the divine era ended and the scholars and alchemical warlocks lost their mage powers, they found another path.

The essence of the third generation magic armor is to turn humans into something other than humans, it is also the prototype of titled machine.

Now, Morris seems to understand why only hero-ranked individuals can control titled machines.

Because titled machines are made with more terrifying monster cores.

His red tiger is now evolving towards the direction of monsters, already bearing his unique mark.

For the empire, perhaps the third generation magic armor is the incubator for monsters, a prototype made to create more monsters.

Even though Morris knew the truth, he didn't regret getting on this strange machine, and probably other elite knights of the empire felt the same way.

For ordinary people, if they want to break their own limits, they must have this kind of determination.

Even if they were treated as expendable by the empire, out of a hundred people, only a few could awaken as true third-generation pilots. Yet there were knights who eagerly signed contracts and sat in the third-generation magic armor.

Those who chase power cannot resist this tempting demon-like allure.

The rank of a hero is a dream and goal that seems unattainable.

They don't possess the bloodline of the divine era, so the task of breaking the barrier between ordinary people and hero-ranked individuals is almost impossible to accomplish.

After the divine era ended, the number of people with the bloodline of the divine era continuously decreased, making it incredibly difficult for ordinary people to become hero-ranked.

In this era of weakened magic tide, it is extremely difficult for hero-ranked individuals to be naturally born.


"Is this...?"

"Level up!"

The imperial knights who discovered the unusual condition of the red magic armor were all shocked.

Especially the two other drivers of the third magic armor, seeing the untied red tiger armor, their eyes were filled with envy and a subtle jealousy that was hard to detect.

There are only two conditions in which those restraining nails will be expelled from the body.

One is when both the magic armor and the driver determine that the battle has entered a desperate situation and unlock the "overclocking" state, fully unleashing the hidden power for a life-or-death battle.

Once entering this state, the driver's life will begin to count down, using their own flesh and blood to provide the magic armor with its maximum output, engaging in a fierce battle with the enemy.

The third generation magic armor in this state can briefly unleash power beyond the driver's limit, even crushing a normal hero-ranked opponent. The cost is that once entering this state, the driver is undoubtedly doomed unless they can instantly level up to hero-ranked.

Every knight who obtains the third generation magic armor is told that the red button is a direct passage to hell. If they want to engage in overclocked combat, they should open that restrainer and experience death.

This is just a simple match, even if Morris loses, he will never be able to easily activate the overclocking mode.

So, there is only one answer left-

He surpassed that boundary and gained the power of a true hero.

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