Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1049

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Chapter 1049: The Black Pupil

"Huh?" When activating the bloodline talent he obtained from the fire lizard king, Saramanda was the first one to notice that something was wrong.

The blood rushing through his body was hotter, wilder, and more unrestrained than ever before.

With each breath, there was a scent of sulfur and flames, like the smell of volcanic lava.

"Gurgle..." In his ears, he seemed to hear a faint sound.

It was a voice filled with primal wildness from ancient ancestors.

"Hmm?" The girls from the Mermaid clan stood up from the giant aquatic box, and their fish tails gradually transformed into human legs.

"Hiss!" The girls from the Lamia clan coiled up their snake tails, showing a cautious and curious expression.

They all sensed the changes happening to Saramanda.

It was a familiar feeling that awakened the ancestral bloodline. All members of Leviathan felt it.

It was the power of a dragon!

How could it be possible? The dragons have long disappeared from the mainland. Even the sea temple, which was built in the ocean, has been abandoned for a long time.

Compared to humans, the dragons already had a very low fertility rate, and under the influence of the magic tide, they entered a period of decline even earlier.

Even the mermaids living in the ocean can no longer find any trace of the dragons. It's as if the kings of the Leviathan faction have completely disappeared from this world.

But now, the aura emanating from Saramanda is indeed the aura of a dragon.

Could it be that the kings of the Leviathan faction, just like the forbidden spells of the divine era, have resurfaced in this era as well?

"Uhhh!" Saramanda tightly grips her massive axe and begins to spin around wildly.

It was an outpouring, a roar of anger, a sublime phenomenon where the essence of life begins to uncontrollably elevate.

"Red... alert..." Morris watched as the strength of the ogre girl escalated dramatically, and the life force of his opponent reached a terrifying level.

That level of destruction was sufficient to cause devastating damage to the third-generation magic armor, a [Field] that even the flesh and blood of humans could hardly penetrate. Even a hero-ranked knight would be the same.

The word "monster" was the only way to describe his opponent.

Can we really win against such a monster?

For the first time, Morris felt the insufficient power of the magic armor.

No, it wasn't that the power of the magic armor was insufficient. There was an even more terrifying power hidden within this body of over fifty tons of steel and iron, and he knew it.

The third-generation magic armor was originally a prototype of the titled machine, and the materials required for its production involved the highest level of secrecy. Each one was exceptionally precious, with a value much higher than that of Morris, the squad leader.

Although it was a mass-produced model, it was only in comparison to the titled machine. Among all the knights in the empire, not a single person could unleash the full power of this generation of mass-produced machines.

Yes, including him, they were all unqualified.

The power of the third generation magic armor surpasses the limits of ordinary people. It is not simply a matter of weight. Hidden within the huge body connected by black wires are the secrets of the titled machine.

Therefore, the third generation magic armor is absolutely not allowed to be leaked, only given to the empire's most outstanding knight elites.

The power of technology has now surpassed the limits of ordinary people. The third generation magic armor produced by the empire is a black technology product that goes beyond this era.

The constantly appearing red warning in his field of vision is the red mechanical body telling Morris that the ogre girl on the other side is entering a higher level [Field].

The bloodline power of the divine era has awakened in Su.

Even though she hasn't joined the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order yet, she has already obtained the key through her own efforts, hasn't she?

Morris, one of the most skilled operators of the third generation magic armor, is aware of the secrets of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

Unfortunately, he has long been over eighteen years old, and he is not a girl either. He is doomed to have no connection with this world-changing Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order throughout his life.


Why do your bloodlines from the divine era return?

You, who were already abandoned by the era, should just disappear obediently. Isn't it better to become something like dragons in stories?



"Shh... shh... shh..."


Dark spots appeared in Morris' view, it was a scenery that didn't belong to the surrounding space, as if a lot of impurities had infiltrated the timeline like dust.

What is this? Morris looked in astonishment at the unknown substance that appeared in his cockpit, it seemed like these substances just suddenly came uninvited.

"Ada... Ada... Ada..." After changing several times, the voice finally stabilized, and the black substance floating inside Morris' cockpit transformed into a tangible form.

That was a pair of open black eyes, completely black without any white, with irregular black particles at the edges.

"Where, where?" The black eyes stared at Morris, questioning him.

"What...are you?" Morris trembled all over, instinctively feeling that he had encountered something indescribable.


"Desolate...unknown place..."


"Make...a choice..."

The black eyes began to gather together and eventually turned into a huge pupil floating in front of Morris, as if peering at this imprisoned place from a very distant location.

Without cause, there is no effect.

From the moment the silver dragon broke through the remnants of Leviathan, the world was destined to undergo change.

Whether it's good or bad, the world called "Sia" is about to enter a new era.

"Choice... what choice?"

"As a mortal, what else can I choose?" Morris pressed his forehead, watching the continuously rising red numbers in his field of vision, revealing a sinister smile.

"Come on!"

"Come on!"

"I'll be right here, no matter who or where you are, it doesn't matter!"

"Give me, power!"

"No matter the cost!"

The black giant eyes showed a mysterious view of the endless realm of the Endless God's Domain. It contained countless strange and indescribable objects. It gave birth to two places where the creation beings exist.

Even time and space would distort there.

Wherever intelligent beings exist, they will attract the shadows of the abyss.

Just like there is always darkness where there is light, the abyss itself is part of the Endless God's Domain. The sealed Sia's world once isolated the power of the abyss, but now the situation is changing.

The transformation of the world line has begun!

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