Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1048

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Chapter 1048: The Gift of Steel

"Is that a doll made by humans?"

"No, it's a war puppet."

"It does look really nice."

The girls from Leviathan, who were descendants of the divine era bloodline, looked at the Tiger-Type magic armor with curious eyes. They were not used to referring to the highest technological creation of humans in this era.

"Long live the captain!"

"Let those monsters know the power of science!"

"The Tiger-Type is amazing. If I could have one in my lifetime, it would be worth dying for!"

The members of the Imperial Envoys cheered and gave Morris, who was leaving the residence, encouragement and support.

It must be said that the presence of the magic armor is indeed overwhelming. Even without any weapons equipped, just the huge all-metal body gives a tremendous sense of oppression.

This was the decisive power that completely changed the situation of the mainland war, a symbol of the empire's pride in the new era.

The third generation of magic armor, which allows ordinary people to surpass the impossible barrier of the third order and possess power comparable to hero-ranked individuals.

Geniuses like Morris can unleash even stronger power than the average hero-ranked individuals, compensating for the lack of reaction speed in the magic armor.

Being able to push the mass-produced machine to this level, it can be said that he has already reached the pinnacle of ordinary people in this new era. Just one more step and he will enter the world of hero-ranked individuals.

And this is also the greatest change of this era - ordinary people finally obtained the power to defeat the divine era's hero bloodline!

As long as they undergo enough training and possess certain qualities, even if they will never truly reach the world of hero-ranked individuals in their lifetime, they can at least obtain similar powers.

The appearance of the magic armor was revolutionary for this world.

"Very heavy... how does it move?" Saramanda tilted her head.

She couldn't calculate the precise weight of this red tiger-type magic armor, but her wild combat instincts told her that this was the heaviest opponent she had encountered so far.

"But, this is more interesting!"

"Humans are a very interesting race!"

"Lock on!" Morris' pupils and magic armor completely synchronized, a phenomenon only possible with the use of the new third-generation magic armor technology.

In a sense, the third-generation magic armor is an extension of the human body itself. Even when the limbs of the magic armor shatter, the pilot will also experience the same reaction.

The two-meter long heavy steam spear locked onto Saramanda's heart. This action was not because Morris lacked chivalry, but based on the information he knew, ogres were terrifying creatures that wouldn't die even if their hearts were pierced.

During the divine era war, humans would kill ogre warriors by decapitating them, dismembering their bodies, and then burning the remains into ashes using an alchemical substance called "melting fire glue."

If not done this way, the ogres' unimaginable regenerative abilities would make humans realize why they are the strongest land fighters among Leviathan's allies!

During the early and middle stages of the divine era war, a small squad composed of ogre warriors could completely crush human armies of over a thousand soldiers, with minimal casualties.

It is not uncommon for one ogre to fight against ten humans, and it is not uncommon for a group of ogres to hunt down a human army of hundreds.

Humans and monsters like ogres are completely incomparable. If it weren't for the fact that there were not many ogres left, humans wouldn't have had a chance to survive until the late stages of the war.

"Hiss!" That was a harsh and deep explosive sound. The heavy steam spears thrown by the magic armor and the ones used by the knights were completely different versions. This weapon was for attacking castles!

"Ding!" Saramanda swung her giant axe for the first time to intercept the attack. The heavy steam spears with triangular diamond shapes were not designed for humans. This weapon was meant to combat giants, city walls, and fortresses!

Using it to kill, just the speed and impact that can break the sound barrier alone can instantly turn humans into blood mist, leaving no trace of their bodies.

However, Saramanda managed to block it, using the most primitive and awe-inspiring way, swinging her giant axe to break the heavily steam spear with a speed exceeding the speed of sound.

This is not scientific! Morris looked at the ogre girl in front of him.

As the pilot of the strongest third-generation magic armor in the imperial legion, he is well aware of the destructive power of this heavy steam spear.

Even war fortresses built with the hardest granite are as fragile as toy building blocks in front of this heavy steam spear.

The ancient fortresses built on the borders of the kingdom have basically become mere decorations in the face of these heavy steam spears.

The war pattern that humans have been accustomed to for thousands of years was completely changed by the power of magic armor.

In front of the body made of steel weighing over tens of tons, all the armies of the old times were like weak chickens and dogs. The once dominant kingdom on the mainland was simply no match for the magic armored legion of the empire.

However, now Morris knows that perhaps the knights of the kingdom are like lambs to be slaughtered in front of magic armor, but the ogre girl in front of him is definitely not.

She is a monster from the divine era war period, a top-tier soldier of the Leviathan faction who once fought fiercely against the heroic knights of the divine era.

The glory of the divine era bloodline has long since faded, but it is not because they are not powerful enough, but because the times have eliminated them, making these ancient and powerful bloodlines extinct.

Including Morris, not many people have truly faced the power of the divine era bloodline.

Before being annihilated by a nuclear explosion, the battle losses of the first magic army legion of the empire all occurred in the battle against the royal knight order of the kingdom, which was once considered the last remnant of the divine era bloodline.

Now, Morris knows why the scholars and alchemists are so fascinated by the divine era bloodline.

This powerful essence of pure life itself does indeed make people tremble.

If he wasn't sitting in the driver's seat of the fierce tiger's magic armor, he wouldn't even stand a chance against this ogre girl.


"Wow...this is so thrilling..." Saramanda's breathing became rapid. That last attack could have been a threat to her, which is why she took the initiative to chop down that triangular steam spear.

This feeling, she hadn't felt it since she killed the fire lizard king.

Blood, burning.

Yes, that's exactly the feeling. It allows oneself to burn fiercely and completely without holding back.

"Saramanda!" As she activated her true name power, Saramanda's skin began to emit a hot glow, like molten lava.

The scorching hot blood, like molten lava, started to rush through her body at high speed.

That was a part of the special attribute possessed by Endless God's Domain - the indestructible body's divine talent, the legendary strength of the giants.

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