Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1047

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Chapter 1047: Magic Armor




That is the sound of steel, the sound of the footsteps of the strongest war armed forces on the continent. The entire imperial envoy is equipped with only three mass-produced magic armor, codenamed "Fierce Tiger," which is a land assault type weapon.

Unlike the other two black-armored units, Morris drives a Fierce Tiger armor with a unique red coating, which is a special reward from the imperial side.

In the imperial magic army legion formation, the classes of various magic armor are very distinct.

At the bottom are various types of construction machinery. The operators of these armors are rookies, and they often lack armor protection. They are responsible for logistics and construction. Basically, all magic armor operators in the empire start from here.

Next are the mass-produced units, divided into three generations.

The first generation mass-produced units have some performance instability. They occasionally become immobilized due to power shortages. These units are operated by rookies who have completed the initial armor course.

They already have the qualifications to go into battle and are responsible for low-intensity battlefields. When necessary, they may be sacrificed as cannon fodder.

The second generation mass-produced units have improved the unstable power system issue. They are already excellent warfare tools and have shown terrifying power in the early battles between the empire and the kingdom. They are the main force for the empire's invasion of the kingdom.

The drivers of these mass-produced machines are mostly experienced soldiers who have served for more than ten years. They are the backbone of the Empire's magic army legion, and currently, the second type of magic armor has the highest quantity.

The third generation of mass-produced machines are only equipped by the captains of the first magic army legion and other small teams from the magic army legion. They not only have stronger power and endurance but also require higher skills from the drivers. They are the absolute core force of the Empire's army.

Lastly, there is the unique titled machine, which can only be operated by knights of hero rank. It is the strongest and most exceptional mech.

Each titled machine requires an astronomical amount of resources to be built, and only knights of hero rank can pilot them. The entire Empire has managed to construct only nine of them, after putting in all their efforts.

The Empire's first magic army legion, led by the king and queen of the divine era bloodline, was defeated by having only three titled machines.

The two divine era knights were defeated by none other than the three titled knights of the Empire.

"White Shark," "Black Shark," and "Blue Shark" are three siblings and the mechs piloted by the three proud titled knights of the Empire. They are equipped with the ultimate war arsenal, including a mobile tower.

The three siblings excel in the "Whale Shark Formation." It was their skill that led to the defeat of the king and queen with the divine era bloodline on the front lines, resulting in the complete destruction of the royal knight corps.

The battle that resulted in the total annihilation of the royal knight corps was seen as a new chapter in the history of continental warfare, marking the turning point where the new era magic armor successfully triumphed over the old divine era bloodline.

Who could have imagined that in an instant, the kingdom brought out a weapon of mass destruction like a nuclear explosion, wiping out the entire first magic army legion of the empire in a blink of an eye.

The war tower, which symbolizes the empire's strongest military force, the third-generation armor that exceeds three digits, and the three knight titles of hero rank - it was not just a legion that the empire lost, but its entire strategic plan was disrupted.

"Oh, so this is that armor!" Saramanda curiously looked at the empire's magic armor, which was even taller than herself, measuring about seven meters.

The weight and intimidation of this armor were indeed unlike any enemies she had encountered before.

Even the fire lizard king, whose true name she had stripped away, didn't have this sense of oppression and quality.

This war monster, made entirely of steel, can indeed only be created by humans.

Just by its weight alone, this magic armor, about seven meters tall, is a completely destructive opponent for any army still in a medieval armed state!

"Surrender now while you still can." Morris moved his wrist slightly, causing the red-colored magic armor to raise its hand as well.

Compared to the clunky and mechanized second-generation magic armor, the third-generation magic armor is remarkably close to humans, almost like humans obtaining a huge metal shell.

The black wire is connected to Morris's veins and nerves. Although there is something like a joystick, the difficulty of controlling it has actually decreased compared to the first and second generations.

It is said that the armor of the Knight with the title is even more advanced. It has reached a level where it can synchronize with the mind, and it doesn't even need these black wires for forced connections.

Unfortunately, Morris, who is still far from being a hero-ranked, cannot know what that feels like. The titled machine and the mass-produced machine are completely different in terms of manufacturing principles, they are not like things from the same world.

The first generation of magic armor, in fact, were all prototypes. The control methods were various joysticks and external devices. It can be seen as the starting point for all magic armors. Even a civilian who is used to operating machinery can barely control it.

The second generation of magic armor began to be militarized, requiring higher physical strength from the drivers. It basically eliminated more than 90% of the civilians. Even well-trained soldiers find it difficult to operate. However, the control methods still mainly use keyboards and external devices.

From the third generation of magic armor onwards, it started to enter the realm of the non-human.

Even the one-in-a-hundred elite soldiers would find it difficult to adapt to this method of connecting the nerves and blood in combat. The control method has evolved to the level of using black wires to connect the blood and nerves.

It is precisely from the third generation onwards that there becomes a huge division in the combat capability of magic armor. Skillful operators with exceptional personal abilities can unleash the power of magic armor far beyond the capabilities of the machine itself. Morris is one of the outstanding ones.

As for the titled machines, they are monstrous beings that can dominate normal hero-ranked ones. The empire only has nine of them, representing the ultimate weapons of this era, standing at the peak of the pyramid.

Every titled machine is equipped with a dedicated war tall tower assistance, capable of destroying a whole country.

Morris knows his own machine inside out, because this big guy has almost become a part of his body.

Height: seven meters.

Weight: about fifty tons, equipped with a new type of composite armor with preliminary memory alloy repair ability.

Weapons: a large chainsaw blade and a heavy steam javelin with a capacity of thirty-six rounds.

Power: Tiger VII, a magic core specially designed for the captain's machine, capable of supporting the highest level core for Tiger-type magic armor, allowing this colossal beast to fight at full capacity for about an hour.

Although the full combat time is only about an hour, it is more than enough to deal with opponents armed with only melee weapons on the battlefield of life and death.

In the wars Morris has experienced with the kingdom, his full combat time has never exceeded ten minutes.

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