Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1046

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Chapter 1046: Saramanda

"There's not a single person who can fight."

"Is there anyone else?"

The ogre girl who sent the three almost hero-ranked knights flying into the sky with one strike planted her giant axe next to her and once again extended her index finger.

"Big sister Saramanda, you're awesome!"

"We will follow you our whole lives!"

"You are the best in our troll clan!"

Hmm, according to the naming customs of the troll clan, Saramanda is the true name of the ogre girl who currently dominates the entire empire's headquarters. This is not an ordinary true name that any troll can possess.

In the tradition of the troll clan, only heroes who have hunted down powerful enough prey are qualified to obtain the glory of a true name. They also strip the creature of its bloodline power and integrate it into their own bloodline.

Having the true name "Saramanda" means that this young ogre girl has once killed a fire lizard king with hero-ranked strength.

It's a mighty creature that resides in volcanic areas, with blood flowing with the power of burning flames. It can grow up to about seven meters long at most and is one of the few monsters that pose a threat to trolls.

The name "Saramanda" is a title that only the kings of the fire lizard tribe possess.

In the troll clan's habitat, this powerful monster is one of the rare terrifying creatures that can prey on trolls, possessing the strength equivalent to a human hero-ranked being.

When trolls were still young, they would hear adults threatening them like this - "Those who don't behave will be eaten by Saramanda."

This scary thing isn't just a made-up threat, this fire lizard king really did eat members of the troll tribe. Its terrifying stomach can digest the bodies of trolls, and it's the only monster around the troll tribe's habitat that can harm them.

The troll clan has formed many teams to try and defeat it, but because this monster is very clever, it hides in the huge maze-like cave inside the volcano as soon as it smells the scent of the troll army.

The troll clan is known for their strength in direct combat, but they're not skilled in conquering mazes and such, so they were never able to catch this cunning fire lizard king.

This monster used to be a nightmare for troll clan children for hundreds of years, but in the end, it was killed by her, who was still a young girl.

When the fire lizard king saw this little tasty troll, it thought it could eat her, so it rushed out without any hesitation. But the result was...

That fire lizard king, who had the power of a hero, was beaten to death by her with her own stick.

According to the troll clan's traditions, she inherited the title of this fire lizard king.

The name "Saramanda" describes her dangerous nature.

Inheriting the nature of the troll clan, Saramanda is very eager for battles and has an unusual passion for weapons and equipment.

The stick she used was the biggest and thickest in her tribe, even stronger than the chief's stick.

After defeating everyone in her tribe, Saramanda started pursuing more powerful weapons. At this time, the troll clan happened to make a deal with human merchants and decided to send an underage girl from their tribe to join the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

Hmm, the next thing is very simple.

Saramanda was released!

At this moment, she eagerly imitated the gestures she had learned from human mercenaries and provocatively gestured towards the Imperial Army headquarters, known as the strongest on the continent.

"Come on, bring it on, something stronger!"

"The three from earlier, I can take on ten of them. Give me someone more challenging!"

This isn't boasting. Saramanda, who comes from the troll clan, doesn't know what boasting means. It's the truth.

Being able to defeat the fire lizard king with just a stick and, according to troll clan traditions, strip away the true name power of the fire lizard king, her potential far exceeds what humans can imagine.

Even in the era of gods, she was a top-notch hero candidate who could single-handedly fight the fire lizard king.

After being deprived of her true name power, she had not yet reached the hero-ranked level. But she effortlessly took on ten opponents of the same rank.

"So arrogant!"

"This fool thinks it's still the divine era where battles were fought with the body!"

"I can't take it anymore!"

The Imperial Army's base was in chaos, and several young people were filled with righteous anger.

The three almost hero-ranked knights who just fought were among the top five experts of the Imperial Army envoy this time.

But the strength of the Imperial Army is not solely based on individual abilities.

Don't forget, what is the true trump card of the Imperial Army!

It's a magical armor that combines ancient mysterious power and science!

Even if it's not a time of war, this diplomatic team is equipped with real military armor, which is known as a terrifying power that can completely change the form of war, before the kingdom's nuclear explosion forbidden spell appeared.

"Ogre, do you have the guts to fight us with our strongest weapons!" When it comes to physical combat, probably no one in the imperial diplomatic team can defeat the ogre, who is acclaimed as the land warfare ace of the divine era. But it's different when using the power of military armor.

"Oh, there are even stronger ones, no problem, bring them all out!"

"I'm looking forward to it, the power of that big guy of yours." Saramanda licked her lips. Ever since she learned about the "giant weapon" from the imperial army, she had been waiting for this moment.

For the troll clan, there is nothing in this world that they can't fight, except for dragons.

"Alright, as you said."

"You're heading towards a dead end!"

Several young and vigorous imperial knights, who were already dissatisfied with this unequal treaty, quickly elected the top expert of this diplomatic team, a squad leader from the second magic army legion of the empire.

After the Empire's top magic army legion, the First Legion, was completely wiped out by a forbidden spell that caused a nuclear explosion, the Second Legion became the most powerful combat unit in the Empire.

This young captain named Morris was a prominent hero in the border war with the Kingdom. He was one of the most outstanding knights in the invasion of the Kingdom.

The mass-produced machine that he pilots is renowned for its ability to unleash more than three times the power of other mass-produced machines.

To honor his glory, the Empire specially allowed him to modify his mass-produced machine with a red paint job. It was said that he would soon be transferred to the First Legion, even with the chance of becoming a captain.

It was said that the Empire had already prepared his transfer orders, but they didn't expect the First Legion to be completely wiped out without any warning.

"War... it's truly meaningless," Morris sighed. In truth, he was a noble descendant who revered the ancient code of chivalry and disliked senseless conflicts.

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