Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1045

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Chapter 1045: Overwhelming

The imperial envoy team, provoked by the ogre girls, had several young and hot-blooded knights who couldn't bear it any longer and stepped forward.

"Long live the empire!"

"Show those monsters the power of our imperial knights!"

"Keep going, don't lose to this monster!"

Someone challenged them, and the members of the Imperial envoy began shouting loudly.

As elite knights of the Empire, these few were chosen as the best among thousands, talented enough to be considered heroes, and their strength was definitely not inferior to Viscount Shira, the representative of the Kingdom's noble faction.

This also reveals the difference between the Empire and the Kingdom. After the Kingdom's Royal Knight Order was completely destroyed, the Kingdom's elite were almost wiped out. However, even after losing their first magic army legion, the Empire could still send such a luxurious envoy.

If it wasn't for the unfair power of the forbidden nuclear explosion spell, the Kingdom being defeated by the Empire would have been certain.

"Hehe, finally we can have a fight. These merchants are just too timid." The ogre girl licked her lips and eagerly looked at the heavily armed Imperial knights.

"Thud!" With a swing of her giant axe, the ground shook. The ogre girl shrugged her shoulders, raised her double-bladed axe, and charged forward.

Unlike humans who announce their presence before battles, trolls have a simple way of fighting: they just charge straight in!

No matter who the enemy is, trolls always charge forward and fight.

Since the divine era, besides dragons, there aren't many races that trolls can't overpower.

Because trolls have a huge demand for meat and during wartime, when there is no logistical support, they don't mind eating human flesh to replenish their energy. Thus, they gained the terrifying title of "man-eating ogres".

Actually, human flesh is very unpleasant to eat. Trolls only resort to it when they have no other choice. They prefer lamb and beef, which satisfy their tastes better.

When humans are extremely hungry, they can eat anything. However, they cannot bite through troll flesh, so they naturally fear trolls who would eat them.

This fear became ingrained in their bloodline, causing trolls to be known as the ogres who eat humans. They make people tremble with fear.

Only elite knights from the empire who directly face the charge of the man-eating ogres can truly understand the despair of the human army during the divine era when facing the ogre clan.

Too tall, too fast, too powerful!

The troll's speed, which is completely contrary to its massive physique, and its unparalleled physical and magical resistance, are the root of the trolls becoming nightmares for humans.

The number of humans eaten by trolls is actually very small, while the number of humans killed by them piles up like mountains!




However, the elite knights of the empire didn't retreat in defeat, but instead used all of their skills to counterattack.

The first to strike were the steam spears, which were only equipped by the elite knights of the empire. These were not weapons from the divine era war, but creations of black technology.

The spiral-shaped spears, crafted to pierce through heavily armored cavalry within a ten-meter range, were a devastating force in the hands of the elite knights of the empire. Even the royal knights of the kingdom would suffer greatly if they encountered them.

The spiral spears, emitting large amounts of white steam from their tails, were aimed and thrown by the elite knights of the empire, hitting the ogre girl in her neck, forehead, and heart.

If it were a human, these three steam spiral spears would have completely pierced through these three fatal points, maybe even causing an explosion.

Unfortunately, the steam spears, designed to combat human knights, encountered a troll from the Leviathan faction, a land ace from the divine era war.

The three steam spears shot at the ogre girl only managed to slightly scratch her skin. They were unable to penetrate her muscles and were deflected.

That tiny insignificant scar healed between one breath.

This is the terrifying aspect of trolls, known as the orc tribe, they are naturally highly resistant to all magic and physical attacks.

Even the steam spears designed to penetrate armor couldn't pierce the skin of the troll girl, it was something even tougher than the hardest human armor.


The troll girl, who easily deflected three steam spears, was excited. Her defense was top-notch even among her tribe, and it had been a long time since she encountered an attack that could break her skin.

Humans are quite an interesting race, they are so weak in terms of their own strength, yet they can create all sorts of fascinating weapons.

Take this giant axe in her hand for example, it's something that not a single member of the troll clan possesses.

The weapons trolls usually use are various types of sticks, all made from natural wood.

The one who wields a bigger, stronger stick holds more authority in the clan. Finding a powerful stick after reaching adulthood is a long-standing tradition of the troll clan.

The first time she grabbed the axe brought by the human merchant, even the respected elders of the troll tribe were extremely envious. This was a God Weapon that had never existed in the entire history of the troll clan!

Her sisters were so jealous that they drooled.

Unfortunately, there were only a dozen or so people in the entire troll clan who met the requirements for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order selection, and they were all here.

The weakening of the magic tide had a severe impact on the troll clan.

Now the troll clan had only about a thousand people in total. Compared to the divine era when they had more than five digits, it could be said that they were in a huge crisis.

The recovery of the magic tide was still far away, and the mighty strength of the troll clan had no way to deal with this natural phenomenon. So, when they learned about the news of the Nuclear Blast Queen Ain, the entire Leviathan Alliance made the decision to leave the wilderness.

Otherwise, how could the human merchants buy young girls from the mermaid and Lamia clans? In the current situation where the number of their own kind is becoming scarce, they are precious members of their respective races.

The giant axe drew a terrifying arc. The ogre girl completely ignored the knight swords that were slashing at her and hooked the bodies of three elite knights. Then, with a 360-degree spin, she threw all three of them into the sky.

Her mood was pretty good today, so she didn't slaughter these human knights.

As warm-up targets, they were considered good enough, and the several steam spears gave her a long-lost sense of excitement.

For her, who had long been unbeatable in the clan and once possessed the most powerful bat, this was sufficient.


After tumbling countless times in the sky, the three knights crashed onto the top of the envoy's tower, one by one, vomiting blood and losing consciousness.

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