Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1044

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Chapter 1044: Provocation

The ogre clan, that's the name humans gave this race, but their true name should be troll clan.

In the largest-scale war of the divine era, the elite ground forces of the Leviathan followers are unparalleled.

Adult individuals have a height generally exceeding three meters, with the largest recorded individual even exceeding five meters. They possess strength ten times greater than humans, as well as a terrifying constitution that is immune to most magic and physical attacks.

In multiple wars between humans and dragon clans, the ogre clan, as the elite ground forces of the Leviathan faction, has inflicted heavy losses on human armies multiple times.

Most of the magic that humans excel at is ineffective against ogres.

No matter if it's mental charm, control, intimidation, they don't have much effect on the single-minded ogre.

Direct attacks like fireballs, acid bombs, ice arrows, and stone spears only tickle the ogre's body.

Despite having no magic abilities, the ogre clan has incredibly high magic resistance and ranks in the top five in the Leviathan faction. And there are quite a few of them as well.

Compared to the Lamia clan with higher ability to petrify, the ogre clan was once a nightmare for human infantry.

Aside from the strongest human troops, the heavily-armored cavalry, known as the Crown Gems, can hold their own against these monsters in large-scale battles. Other units facing the nearly invincible ogre corps usually end up in complete collapse.

If it weren't for the late stages of the divine era war, where humans relied on their numerical advantage to defeat most of the powerful races in the Leviathan faction, the dragon clan wouldn't have been forced to the negotiating table.

However, compared to the Leviathan faction, humans have a ridiculously high birth rate. By the late stages of the war, the Leviathan faction had almost depleted their trump cards, one superior race after another leaving the battlefield, disappearing without a trace.

In the war that decided the ownership of the continent, the number of human deaths was actually over a hundred times that of the Leviathan faction. Judging from the ratio of casualties, it can't really be considered a victory.

The reason the dragons eventually made peace with humans was mostly because they realized that it was not worth the cost to continue fighting. That's how the divine era war, which decided the ownership of the continent, ended.

After that, humans became the dominant species on the continent, and most of the creatures from the Leviathan faction left the continent with the dragons. Some of them went to the wilderness, far away from human influence.

If everything went smoothly, humans, who gained control of the continent, should have ushered in a new era. Unfortunately, not long after the war ended, the magic tide began to weaken gradually.

There are various theories about the reason for the weakening of the magic tide. Many believe that it was due to the humans descended from Sia, who consumed too much power from the Creator God's Sword Sia during the war, which led to the weakening of the magic tide.

Those who support this theory firmly believe that the weakening of the magic tide is just a normal phenomenon, like the rising and setting of the sun. If there is a period of decline, there will inevitably be a period of activity.

After a long and dark night, dawn will also come.

However, for humans, who have a shorter lifespan, the duration of this night is incredibly long. After the glorious era of the divine civilization ended, thousands of years have passed, and the recovery of the magic tide still seems distant.

Humans who have lost the power of the magic tide were never able to regain the power of the divine era bloodline.

Similarly, the Leviathan faction, who are accustomed to the magic tide, were also unable to regain their numbers from the divine era period and even found it increasingly difficult to reproduce.

Helpless, humans had no choice but to seek powers beyond the magical civilization of the divine era and embark on the path of dark technology.

Once lived isolated from humans, the Leviathan clan is now appearing before humans again, trying to find a solution to the problem.

The recent falling star event, believed to be the birthplace of the myth of the Nuclear Blast Queen, prompted them to make this decision.

The news of the reappearance of the forbidden magic of the Divine Era has shocked not only humans, but also the Leviathan faction.

Even during the most glorious period of the Divine Era, there were only a few mages who possessed the power of forbidden magic, and the power of the ultimate forbidden spell, "Nuclear Blast," only existed in legends.

With the reappearance of the legend, these Leviathan clansmen saw a glimmer of hope to change the current situation.

This time, rather than the merchant alliance finding these Leviathan clans, it was these isolated foreign beings who took the initiative to connect with the merchants and sent their outstanding underage girls.

The Leviathan clan values the power of bloodline more than humans. They are the most faithful supporters of bloodline power. As they are not skilled in magic, all their power comes from their own bloodline.

The appearance of Nuclear Blast Queen Ain, the strongest warlock of the Divine Era on the continent, is great news for these Leviathan clansmen.

The Leviathan clansmen admire the strong the most, so becoming the Nuclear Blast Queen has an extraordinary influence on them.

Let's take the example of a noticeable orc girl, who is the most remarkable representative of the orc community in this era. She not only has grown to the adult level of three meters tall at an early age, but also has the potential to grow up to five meters tall.

Stepping out of the wilderness mountains where her fellow orcs dwell, which is a forbidden zone for humans, she is more curious about the outside world than the great axe made partially with God Weapon material presented by the Merchant Guild Alliance.

Since she was young, she has heard the elders in her community say that humans are a very cunning and treacherous race, and they generally don't dare to confront the great orc warriors head-on in battle.

However, there are also a few knights who possess combat power not inferior to the orc clan, capable of one-on-one duels against the great orc warriors.

Unfortunately, she was disappointed by the fact that she hasn't seen any humans like that since venturing out of the wilderness.

"They're so weak, they're all a bunch of weaklings!"

"Hey, are you the strongest soldiers of the empire? Come and fight me!"

Gripping the giant axe on her back, the orc girl boldly stood up, pointed her index finger towards the base of the imperial national team, and then beckoned.

Well, it seems that there's been some problem with the Merchant Guild's education.

"Elder sister, keep going!"

"Beat them up, humans are all weaklings, weaklings!"

"We trolls are the strongest on land!"

Other young female ogres brought by the guild alliance who met the same requirements all cheered. The shortest of them is two meters tall, and the tallest is two point five meters. Each and every one of them is a first-class warrior.

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