Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1043

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Chapter 1043: The Gathering of Young Girls

Around the kingdom of Sia's world, the capital of the kingdom.

Several huge newly-built residences surrounded the entire capital, with flags of different countries, nobles, and trade guilds flying above these new residences. At first glance, it looked like an army had besieged the capital.

Of course, with the deterrence of the Nuclear Blast Queen, such a thing was impossible to happen.

These temporary bases that were hastily built in the past few days are the camps of the major forces participating in the selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

The large envoys from all over the mainland rushed here, and the number of people from the business guild exceeded the capacity of all the inns in the capital.

Except for a few key figures in the envoy teams, the rest of the personnel can only be arranged outside the capital to solve their own accommodation problems.

This doesn't pose a challenge to the many envoy teams and commercial alliances from all over the mainland. They have contributed money and effort, and even borrowed construction machinery from the magic army legion of the empire. Soon, they built more than a dozen huge camps outside the capital.

Since the Queen issued the command to recruit members for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, every day, underage girls from different countries and factions are continuously sent to the capital.

Among them, those who come from noble backgrounds and have good relations with the kingdom have the privilege of entering the capital in advance. They can live in hotels near the palace or in noble families.

However, as the number of recruits kept increasing, those who arrived later couldn't find a place to stay and had no choice but to temporarily reside in these newly established camps, waiting for the official announcement of the start of the selection by the Nuclear Explosion Queen.

The initial teams that arrived naturally came from the internal forces of the kingdom. Regardless of whether they were from the royal family, nobility, or business guilds, they had the advantage of being first and naturally built the most luxurious and comfortable camps.

Following them were the envoy teams sent from the border between the kingdom and the empire.

The residence of this delegation is the largest and looks like a military fortress. If it weren't for the peace treaty signed by the kingdom and the empire after the war, no one would dare to let the empire build such a terrifying fortress near the capital of the kingdom.

Later, the official delegations of several northern kingdoms also arrived from afar. As official envoys, they were also assigned decent residences.

Then came various bizarre trade union teams. Compared to the national teams with official documents, the personnel of these teams are the most complex.

To become a top-notch merchant on this continent, most of these trade union teams have deep backgrounds, and many even represent certain noble families.

Although their individual strength may not compare to any of the national teams, the selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order this time is not about strength.

From the selection of underage girls from the national teams and trade unions, we can see a huge gap in ideology between the two sides.

The national teams chose exclusively from noble daughters.

All of them have received a good education and possess the grace of ladies. Some are young knights, some are scholars still in their studies, and some are apprentices of the church. There are even real princesses among them.

At first glance, it looks like a ball for underage noble daughters at the national level.

As for the criteria for choosing the business alliance, they accepted anyone who fit Queen Ain's requirements for underage girls, no matter how many there were.

Young village girls, they wanted them, they wanted them!

Young warrior girls, they wanted them, they wanted them!

Even young thieves, they wanted!

These things were within people's common knowledge, but the people of the capital city were amazed when these newcomers arrived one after another!

Young ogre girls who were over three meters tall, wielding giant battle axes weighing hundreds of kilograms. It was said that the business alliance bought this future chieftain of the ogres and her subordinates with this battle axe.

A young mermaid girl lying in a water tank filled with pearls. This species didn't communicate with humans at all. It was said that they had a bad habit of singing in storms to lure sailors into the sea. No one knows how the merchants managed to find this rare species.

Young dwarf girls, watching a group of little girls under one meter tall running around asking for candy. It gave the impression that the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order was kidnapping underage girls.

Young Lamias, with snake bodies up to six meters long. They were a terrifying species that had made human armies tremble during the Divine Era. The merchants' bravery and imagination were beyond belief. They even managed to find a species that was humanity's natural enemy.

After these young girls from different races arrived, the national team's base was about to raise a red alert. Don't be fooled by the fact that they are still underage, their combat power is already enough to wipe out an entire imperial standard division!

The ogres teamed up with the Lamia, along with the mesmerizing singing voice of the Mermaid clan. This is the Leviathan formation from the divine era war period, the nightmare of humanity.

If it weren't for the difficulties in reproduction faced by these powerful races and their low numbers, the outcome of the divine era war might have been completely different.

The reason why the descendants of Sia's bloodline were able to defeat the dragon race who serve the Leviathan was not only because of the God Weapon formed by the shards of the Creator God's Sword Sia but also their numerical advantage.

In terms of individual combat ability, humans are actually far inferior to powerful races like the ogres and Lamia.

"You are all walking towards your own deaths!" The noble imperial envoys who brought their own daughters to participate in the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order selection couldn't help but roar as they looked at the horrifying cross-race team of the merchant guild alliance.

"We have followed the noble instructions of Her Majesty the Queen, they are all under eighteen, beautiful and innocent. No problem, absolutely no problem!" The representatives of the merchant guild alliance were sweating profusely as they said these words.

It was only when they launched a full-scale search, mobilizing all their manpower and resources, that they realized there were still many different races living on this continent.

After the end of the divine era, these races lived in sparsely populated and extremely harsh environments, with little interaction with humans. That's why most people subconsciously ignored their existence.

Until this time, the strongest human alliance, called the Trade Union, used a tactic of manpower to find them and were surprised to discover that there are so many different races living on the continent and its surrounding areas.

"Are humans really weak... Is that Nuclear Blast Queen really so powerful?" The representative of the ogre clan, known as the strongest warrior of this generation, looked disdainfully at the arguing merchants and nobles.

The followers of Leviathan are all proud and powerful representatives.

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