Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1042

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Chapter 1042: Communication

Yun Xi was perceiving the information of this world.

From willingly accepting the binding power of the Dragon God Asha, to fusing with the flesh of the Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel, his trial began the moment he broke into the atmosphere of this imprisoned world.

Unlike any previous trial of the stars, this trial of the stars didn't have a clear goal.

This world, isolated from the entire sky by the remains of Leviathan the Sky Beast, was in a completely secluded state. This is also the main reason why the trial of the stars specifically chose this world as the trial location.

Since entering this world, the marks left by his four former girlfriends, who were at the level of creation, temporarily lost contact with their masters.

However, this doesn't mean that their power doesn't exist.




A strong and powerful heartbeat kept pounding in Yun Xi's chest. It wasn't the heartbeat of a human, but the sound emitted by Yun Xi's body, which was a mixture of the Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel.

It was the voice of the Starry Sky Dragon.

In a blur, Yun Xi heard a sound, it was the singing voice.

Gentle and enchanting, a melody of love.

Like a love song whispered by a young girl to her lover.

"No matter when or where, this longing stays with you, because it is the song of my love. I was born to love you, and I sing out loud to spread love."

"Since I met you, this melody has been flowing endlessly, and it still echoes in my heart. Come and listen, my beloved voice, my love."

Who could it be?

A bit unfamiliar, yet it brings a comforting feeling, a voice with a hint of motherly love.

And not just one person.

Slightly older, filled with devotion and longing, singing like a spring's nightingale.

Smaller, full of curiosity and innocence, like a cute little canary.

Even though they were still young, they wanted to try to fly.

Even though the sky here wasn't suitable for soaring, they were trying to break free.

So, they were given wings, the power to fly.

We still need...more...of these songs and warmth.

Yun Xi instinctively knew the conditions he needed to break out of his shell and, through exchanging energy with these two little birds, he conveyed his message.

Yes, it was really, really pure, without any hidden desires.

Both Ain and Adley received this message.

"I hear...a voice...the great silver dragon is calling us." Only here, Ain wasn't the queen up high, but a fourteen-year-old girl.

If possible, she also wishes to be loved and carefree like any fourteen-year-old princess, by her father and mother and just like her sister Adley.

Unfortunately, those times have gone and will never come back.

The empire's war completely changed many things.

The king and queen who inherited the bloodline of the divine era knights chose to fight for the dignity of the divine era bloodline.

As the last divine era bloodline warlock on this continent, she took on the responsibility of being the divine era tower Guardian, guarding the kingdom's last divine era legacy.

"Sister... Is that the voice of Lord Silver Dragon?" Adley hugged her own shoulders, her young body trembling uncontrollably.

It was such a great and warm power. When surrounded by that power, anyone could feel their own insignificance.

In an instant, the two sisters even saw the vast and countless starry sky, as well as numerous intertwining star bridges. In comparison, Sia's world was like a tiny pearl lost in the sea of stars, completely inconspicuous.

"Yes... This is a miracle... and hope." Ain hugged her sister, her cheeks glowing with pride.

Finally, she heard the sound of the magnificent silver dragon.

This means her efforts were not in vain. The holy silver dragon from beyond the stars really heard her voice and responded.

It still needs more people to help hatch, so it can break out of this silver dragon egg.

She and Adley were the children chosen by the silver dragon.

She was determined to fulfill this promise, no matter the cost.

She was willing to risk everything, even the future of the entire kingdom!

"Oh, how beautiful... Lord Silver Dragon..." In that moment of crossing paths, Adley also caught a glimpse of the majestic silver dragon.

Whether it was the awe-inspiring silver scales or the splendid golden and red ribbons, Adley couldn't take her eyes off them.

It must be said that the sisters had the same taste in aesthetics. Neither of them was immune to the charm of this holy silver dragon from beyond the heavens.

It may not be quite right to say it was love at first sight, they were not old enough to talk about love and romance yet. But the feeling of being deeply moved and looking forward to something bigger than themselves, maybe even more awe-inspiring than love itself.

Belief, excitement, as if witnessing a divine being right beside oneself.

For the living beings in Sia's world, who were trapped on the earth and saw the sky as a forbidden zone of the divine, the sacred silver dragon from the starry world really was like a divine being!

"Sister... are we going to hatch Lord Silver Dragon?" Finally, Adley understood why her sister had established the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

"Yes, the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order is meant for the great Lord Silver Dragon."

"Adley, you and I will become the first generation captain and vice captain of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order." Ain's gaze transcended time, as if seeing the future glory that belonged to the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

Even though the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order currently only consists of her and Adley, she had no doubt that this unprecedented knight order would completely change the world.

The seeds of change had already begun to take root and sprout when the sacred silver dragon fell from the outer atmosphere to this land.

"Hmm, I will try my best!" From the time he was born until now, Adley, who had only picked up the heaviest object of a teddy bear doll, stood tall with his little chest, filled with radiance.

In Adley's eyes at that moment, her sister was the greatest queen in the world, the ruler of Sia's world.

Because she was the one who discovered the divine being!

"Well then, take off your clothes and start hatching the eggs!" Ain's eyes were filled with the same radiance as Adley, a sense of mission that carried the weight of history.

The young girl's snow-white skin and breath echoed in the still empty giant bath, the hatching pool that had been idle since the divine era finally began to operate again.

The warm, transparent spring water cleansed the princesses' delicate skin, soothing their bodies and helping them recover from fatigue.

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