Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1041

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Chapter 1041: Sia's World

Sia's world, the oldest words from the Creator God.

In the beginning, this world had no light. The boundary between the sky and the earth was mixed together, and the entire world was in a chaotic state, like a gaseous environment. Only a huge beast called "Leviathan" lived in the atmosphere filled with chaos.

Until one day, a sword named "Sia" fell into this world and instantly killed Leviathan the Sky Beast that was roaming in the atmosphere.

The Leviathan, killed by the sword, cursed the sword that fell from beyond the sky. Its remains formed an unbreakable barrier in the atmosphere, permanently sealing the ancient sword that fell here.

The remaining part fell into the interior of the gaseous planet and became the land.

Sia, as the Creator God's Sword that divides the sky and the earth, also became the name of this world.

From the remains that fell from Leviathan the Sky Beast, the dragons, the kin of Leviathan, gradually appeared. They were the rulers of this world in its ancient times, the masters of the earth and the sky.

Apart from being unable to leave the atmosphere, the dragons had unlimited freedom. They were the most powerful beings in the divine era, direct descendants of Leviathan.

They are born with the powerful magic of Leviathan and strong bodies. Even the weakest white dragon can fly in the sky and make the earth tremble with a roar.

The dragons dominated the world until the divine era arrived.

In this world's divine era, it began with a sudden magic tide, which was said to be a sign of Creator God's Sword Sia awakening and regaining power for Su.

The oldest humans appeared in that era.

These humans suddenly appeared on the earth are the ancestors of the human race in this world. They were born with incredibly powerful abilities and could even withstand the mighty dragons.

Among them, the strongest hero, known as a legendary figure with demi-god powers, once single-handedly killed three ravaging evil dragons, astonishing the dragon race.

God Weapons also began to appear in that era.

It is said that all the God Weapons in this world are fragments of Creator God's Sword Sia. At the peak of the divine era civilization, humans possessed seventeen God Weapons, which even the dragons feared.

That era was the proudest time for humans. The human civilization, where humans were the main race, and the exotic civilization, where dragons were the masters, formed the two poles of this world.

After several large-scale wars, both sides suffered heavy casualties. Realizing that the world could no longer bear such wars, the dragons and humans signed a ceasefire agreement, acknowledging the human sovereignty over the continent during the divine era.

The dragon clan withdrew from the struggle for sovereignty over the continent and entered the depths of the ocean with most of their kin, becoming the rulers of the sea.

Humans gained control of the land, while the dragon clan ruled the seas. The sky belonged to the gods during the divine era, and finally, peace was achieved.

However, humans, dragons, and other races discovered a shocking phenomenon.

The magic tide, the source of magic power, was weakening.

Humans with the divine era bloodline were born because of the magic tide. The decline of the magic tide meant that those humans with the divine era bloodline would face decline and perish.

Similarly, the dragons in the ocean didn't fare much better.

Their bodies had adapted to the presence of the magic tide and had significantly evolved from the original dragons. They were no longer primitive dragons that relied solely on physical combat.

The decline of the magic tide represented the overall weakening of supernatural powers. Humans, dragons, and other races all entered a period of great decline.

No one can explain why this phenomenon occurs, just like no one knows where Creator God's Sword Sia exists in this world and in what way.

The magic tide brought the civilization of this world into its most glorious era. Humans could build towers hundreds of meters high on the plains and create nearly eternal tombs underground.

In the declining divine era of the magic tide, humans even tried their best to obtain forbidden power, which was the study of "nuclear explosions." Unfortunately, these final efforts ended in failure.

During the divine era, no one possessed the power of "nuclear explosions."

Soon after, the weakening of the magic tide caused the entire world's civilization to begin a great decline.

Without the magic towers that absorbed magic from the air, humans could no longer maintain protective magic barriers around their cities or launch magic cannons.

War returned to the era of swords, spears, knights, and sages.

The power of the wizards gradually weakened with each generation, and eventually, they were unable to guide magic through wisdom alone. Only the warlocks who still carried some divine era bloodline reluctantly kept the existence of magical civilization.

Now, there is no longer any fertile ground for the birth of orthodox mages. The extreme weakening of the magical environment has led the mages who relied on learning and wisdom to reach a dead end. They can only switch to becoming scholars and alchemical warlocks to preserve the last dignity of magical professions.

The Road of Advanced Technology is the path that the wizards had to choose when they lost their magical powers.

The pure-blooded warlocks, who inherited the final glory of the Divine Era, have become as rare as living fossils. There are probably less than ten of them in the whole world.

Now, no matter which continent you are on, even if you can only perform basic and rough spells as a warlock, it proves that there is still a tiny trace of the Divine Era factor in your bloodline. You won't have to worry about making a living for the rest of your life.

Despite living in a world where the Divine Era bloodline has completely declined, people still yearn for the brilliance of that era. Even scholars and alchemists who have turned to the path of advanced technology are no exception.

The dragons have disappeared.

The owners of the magic towers have all died.

The descendants of Leviathan have, one by one, lost their extraordinary powers and even have difficulties with reproduction.

Humans, who once reached the peak in the Divine Era, can no longer cultivate hero-ranked wizards. After the Divine Era, besides bloodline warlocks, no one has entered the realm of hero-ranked wizards.

Knights, armor, spears, and swords have become the main forces in war once again. The disciples of wizards have had to start learning politics anew.

The formula for calculating magic power was completely changed. It was replaced with the simple principles of mechanics and lever structures.

The era of magic came to an end, and the era of knights began.

Whether descendants of Leviathan or descendants of the divine sword Sia, they all had to get used to the new rules and find their balance again in blood and fire.

Scholars found a path called "black technology" through countless failed experiments.

If everything goes smoothly, this power should have been the one to completely conquer the world.

Until this day, something from beyond the sky broke through the curse of Leviathan the Sky Beast and fell to the ground of this world.

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