Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1038

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Chapter 1038: The Original Divine Era

With a command from Queen Ain, from the empire's dukes to the common merchants, everyone knew about the establishment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

The entire kingdom was boiling with unprecedented excitement.

Since the empire invaded, the entire kingdom's dignity has been trampled on and abused.

The oldest country on the continent, the inheritance of the divine era country, became a joke overnight in the face of the empire's overwhelming absolute power.

It was only when the devastating forbidden curse appeared that people once again realized the depth of the ancient divine era country.

The name of the Nuclear Blast Queen shook the entire continent overnight, even gaining fame overseas.

Ain completely ascended to the divine realm.

The Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order she wanted to establish was destined to become the focus of the entire continent.

For a while, any underage girl who met the conditions became highly sought after and cherished.

Noble girls, accompanied by their fathers and brothers, formed a massive delegation heading towards the capital of the kingdom. Along the way, they continued to recruit more members, quickly creating several delegations with thousands of people.

The merchant alliances led by Gaspar went deep into remote villages and even the wilderness, using all means to form contracts with ancient tribes and even different races, gathering various underage girls.

Unlike the diplomatic missions that took the upper route, the merchant groups took the lower or even outlandish routes. After all, our Nuclear Explosion Queen herself said that race and background are not limited.

In order to find suitable candidates, they went up the mountains, down the seas, and even dug underground. They visited every intelligent race they could find.

Even if the height exceeds three meters, as long as the females are trolls and under the age of eighteen, they meet the requirements!

Even if they are less than one meter tall, as long as they are pocket-sized beauties from the dwarf race, they are also qualified – take them all!

What? A rare mermaid girl? Take her, even if it means spending all our fortune!

Well, they may lack a bit in culture, but these underage girls from different races definitely meet the requirements of the Nuclear Explosion Queen in terms of both figure and appearance.

In order to sign contracts with these rare exotic races and make these girls willingly go to the capital, the merchants spared no effort and offered huge sums of money.

The commercial activity called "Girl Trade" became the obsession of all the merchants on this continent for a while.

In order to obtain the recognition of Queen Ain, who possesses the forbidden spell of nuclear explosion, both the nobles and the merchants went all out.

Even the high and mighty royal families sent many eligible princesses to Ain. If Ain were a prince instead of a princess, it would have been a grand occasion for the whole continent to form alliances!

This is the awe that this land has for ultimate power, and its response to the nuclear explosion forbidden spell.

Queen Ain, who possesses the forbidden spell power of the divine era, can truly do as she pleases!


"Princess! Princess! We have goods!" Count Gaspar joyfully held onto his precious treasure, which he had finally managed to buy from an ancient family, and rushed into the palace.

"What goods?" With a flushed face, Adley looked at the book "The Correct Method for Hatching Dragon Eggs" and interacted with the sacred silver dragon egg a few times, which made her body even more sensitive.

These past few days, the two sisters would go to the enormous bath where the dragon eggs were placed in the late hours of the night, carrying out the blushing and heart-pounding task of hatching.

Now, even her every breath seems to carry a faint trace of dragon's spiritual energy.

The same symptoms happened to her sister Ain as well, although they were slightly milder.

"That's the book you need, Princess." Being a good merchant, it is important to find a way to get whatever the customer needs and sell it for a good price.

Moreover, this customer is none other than the kingdom's first princess, the future queen-to-be, possibly the next Nuclear Blast Queen. Gaspar is giving it his all.

"Ah... Have you found it?" Compared to her initial ignorance, Adley seems to have grasped some things that were not taught in the textbooks lately, although it's still somewhat unclear to her.

When having those intense conversations with the dragon egg, occasionally, a mysterious voice saying "Pafu! Pafu!" can be heard.

Every time she hears that voice, a sense of pleasurable embarrassment sweeps over Adley, causing her to involuntarily make cute sounds.

"Yes... You will surely be satisfied, Princess."

"I believe these few books are just like the one in the Princess's hands, created by the same illustrator!" Count Gaspar has to admit that finding original copies of the same caliber as the Princess's book, from the restricted divine era, was much more difficult than he imagined.

These rare originals are also of the highest artistic value, probably only a handful of them in the entire continent. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call them treasures of the world.

This time, he had to use Queen Ain's name in order to successfully purchase these few originals that have been kept in the library of an ancient family since the divine era.

It is said that these books all come from a short-lived market in the divine era, and there are no copies at all.

The reason is that they need to use special paper and illustration style to depict this level of artwork, and nobody knows how they are made.

Those who tried to copy these illustrations all failed, as if there is some kind of magic in these illustrations that humans cannot understand.

In other words, these few books, plus the one in Princess Adley's hands, are unique and can be considered as artistic treasures from the divine era.

"I want it!" Adley raised her little hand.

"As the princess wishes." Count Gaspar happily handed over these original books from the divine era to the excited little princess.

Adley carefully picked up one of them and saw the title -

"The Shameless and Lustful Demon King and the Stories That a Thousand Princesses Must Tell".

Wow, this seems different from "The Proper Way to Hatch Dragon Eggs"!

However, the cover is truly beautiful, even emitting a faint glow, completely spotless.

Yes, it's a book with this kind of artistic style, originally called "divine era," filled with mystical power. The covers feature lovely girls, and they are not wearing clothes.

What's more, this is actually a series!

The Shameless and Lustful Demon King and the Story of a Thousand Sisters that Must be Told.

Yes, is it an illusion? It feels like the art style has become cuter and more alluring.

The Shameless and Lustful Demon King and the Story of a Thousand Daughters that Must be Told.

Wow, ah, ah, this cover looks very similar to Adley.

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