Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1039

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Chapter 1039: The Ladies' Learning Methods

Late at night, in a room in the God Tower.

Under the soft crystal light, Princess Adley finally learned things that she should and shouldn't learn from the three stories that I had to tell her and XX had to say. Her mother, sister, and textbook didn't teach her these things.

After finishing the first book "The Demon King and the Stories the 1000 Princesses Had to Say", Adley's little face turned red with embarrassment, almost wanting to bury itself in the ground.

So, this is what "intimacy" means! It means that what her sister, her, and the dragon egg did was so close.

"The princess has a beautiful face, a clear voice, and elegant dresses."

"Every morning when the princess wakes up, she faces the sun and sings, praising the happiness in the world."

"The princess hopes to bring happiness to everyone and become a princess loved by all."

"At that time, she didn't yet realize that she would encounter such misfortune."

"On the day when the pale moon and the ocean meet, the Demon King resurrected in this world."

"The princesses on the mainland will face the tragic fate of becoming sacrifices."

"The scary monster, Demon King, can only be appeased by offering a beautiful princess as sacrifice, or else he will bring forth the calamity that devours lives."

"Oh, the poor princesses... Even though they know they won't return, they can only accept such a tragic fate..."

"Like a butterfly in a storm."

The young girl's innocent and naive voice read a passage from the book "The Story of Demon King and a Thousand Princesses," accompanied by exquisite and magnificent illustrations, creating an immersive atmosphere.

Filled with anticipation, Adley continued reciting the selected parts of the book that made their heart race.

"I know she's my sister and it's wrong, it's a crime, but I just can't control myself."

"Ah, look at the reflection in this mirror, how clouded and hopeless my eyes are."

The younger sister gently lowered her head and whispered words full of magic into my ear.

"Brother, I like you."

She cried and told me, while feeling uneasy, that she, like me, cannot control her emotions. "In this way, no one can separate us."

"We will always be together."



It turns out, there are situations where even a little sister can be together with her big brother, but this brother has too many little sisters!

When Adley finally opened the book "Demon King and a Thousand Unforgettable Stories," not only her face but even her ears turned bright red.

Being completely clueless about these things, she had no immunity to the love stories described in the original divine era.

The three books in the original divine era's Demon King series record different stories, sometimes in the first person, sometimes in the third person, but it seems that the protagonist is always the same person - the Demon King who always has interactions with a thousand girls.

The feeling of being immersed in the story can be experienced by anyone who reads this book, thanks to the author's delicate writing style that perfectly matches the illustrations in the book.

On the rippling water's surface, the young girl's snow-white feet stepped in the ripples. Her feet were small and delicate, almost as small as they could fit in a palm, soft and smooth.

"Hello... my..."

"Is this... a dream...?"

"If this is a dream... please don't let me wake up." Sweet whispers reached her ears as the girl gently lifted her head. Her snow-white skin radiated a jade-like brilliance in the sunlight, giving off a sense of sacredness and invulnerability."

"In the warm hot spring, her snow-white toes were like little cat paws, shy and adorable. The ripples created on the water's surface by her footsteps were so captivating."

"She ran up to the person, closed her eyes obediently, with a happy smile, and puckered her little mouth, giving a kiss..."

"Mmm, the best!"

"The young girl offered her sweet kiss, then stood on her tiptoes, twirling to the melody of a fairy, her petite body moving gracefully like a slowly blooming water lily."

"Can't... stop anymore!"

"What can't stop, Adley?" The door of the room was gently opened, and Ain, who had finished dealing with the troublesome matters, looked at Adley, who was reading with a puzzled expression.

With that enthusiastic tone, intoxicating emotion, and rosy cheeks, was she reading a famous world literature?

"Ah, big sister!"

Adley let out a miserable sound as if caught in the act and hurriedly stuffed the three original Divine Era books into her drawer.

I'm done for!

I'm in big trouble!

If big sister Ain finds out, Adley won't be able to go to heaven!

"Yes, it's the song of love that can't stop, big sister. Shall we also go to hatch some eggs tonight?" Adley looked at her big sister Ain with clear, pitiful eyes filled with tears.

It seems that big sister Ain hasn't noticed her secretly looking at those Divine Era originals.

Even she knew that these three hidden books couldn't be discovered by her sister, the content of these books was too daring!

"Hmm, I just learned a way to deepen love, it's an old folk song." Ain is a very traditional princess, she received standard ladylike education before becoming a queen.

What "The Story that the Demon King and XX Must Tell" or whatever banned book, has absolutely nothing to do with the traditional and ladylike Princess Ain.

She taught her younger sister how to learn the ways of love, naturally in a ladylike manner.

What "The Demon King and XXX", Ain hasn't read a single book, and she doesn't even know that such a divine era ever existed.

In the spacious bathroom, the sisters began to sing together. It was a love ballad that had been handed down for millions of years, a wisdom crystallization from the divine era.

"Once dreams wandered in the embrace of the night, my beloved, help me see the path ahead. If this is destiny, let's walk it together."

"In my eyes, you are like sunlight shining through the leaves, giving me the courage to live and a smile filled with happiness."

"In you, I feel a connection that surpasses everything else."

"I can smile under the sky because you are by my side. Singing a song born because of you is proof of my love, believing that this feeling can reach your heart."

"Cute, happy, sad, and worried, these all make up the melody of love."

The sweet, joyful, sad, painful, even regretful, and anxious, are all melodies of love. Will my sister notice?

In any case, hide these strange divine era origins, there might be a need for them in the future. Ah, who wrote these bad divine era origins?

Why are they all titled 'Demon King and...'?

This Demon King is shameless, completely lacking morals!

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