Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1037

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Chapter 1037: The Queen's Plan

"As you wish, Your Majesty the great Queen."

"The establishment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, the empire will also contribute."

Under the roof, people have to lower their heads.

When the empire had the upper hand, it could easily make all three major forces of the kingdom betray the royal family, even agreeing in advance to give up the royal family's last divine era bloodline and surrender the city.

Similarly, when the kingdom played its ultimate trump card, the nuclear explosion, the empire had no choice but to swallow its pride and agree to a series of unfair demands proposed by Queen Ain.

They fully supported the establishment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order and allocated most of the war reparations to this group. This is the most crucial part of the post-war treaty.

General Ryder didn't understand why Ain was so obsessed with establishing the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, even at the cost of giving up more political and military benefits that could be obtained.

The breached border fortress, the political compromises made by the empire, and even the marriage alliances that the royal family favored, all seemed immature.

By the standards of a qualified politician and a queen of a nation, Ain was completely unqualified.

However, no one had the right to criticize her or change her decisions.

No matter how strange and unreasonable this decision may seem, it is still true.

Because she is the queen who possesses the ultimate forbidden spell, never seen before in this continent.

Her authority has been unwavering since the moment the first magic army legion of the empire was completely destroyed.

Bluntly speaking, even if she were a tyrant, people would have to endure it. And when it comes to forming a Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, it goes without saying.

Her authority is equivalent to the founder of the empire, the genius knight emperor.

Her will is the absolute will of the kingdom, which must not be disobeyed. It can even greatly influence the empire.

It seems there is nothing she cannot obtain.

It is not completely impossible for her to become the emperor of the empire.

If she could marry one of the royal family members of the empire... General Ryder, out of habit, deduced the future from a political perspective and arrived at a result that was difficult for even him to believe, but still reasonable.

After all, the empire and the kingdom are just different branches of the same family.

Even in this fierce war, both sides agreed not to harm civilians, because it was important for both sides to protect their property.

The reason why the three major forces in the kingdom betrayed was because the empire promised to ensure the safety of their property and families after the war.

If the empire wins, they will inherit the rightful rule of the divine era and achieve their ambition of uniting the continent.

If the kingdom wins, it proves that the bloodline of the divine era is still unshakeable and they will remain the dominant country of the continent.

The essence of this war is the battle for the divine era crown, codenamed "Crown War."

When the empire had the upper hand in the war, the loyal knights of the royal family in the kingdom were completely wiped out. Apart from a couple of kittens, only two princesses remained hiding in the divine era tower.

No one could have imagined that the sacred crown recognized by the continent would end up being worn by Princess Ain, who was not even fourteen years old.

With her own strength alone, she completely determined the outcome of this war.

Even General Ryder, who takes pride in the Empire's advanced technology, felt immense pressure in front of the Queen of the nuclear explosion.

The sense of oppression he felt facing a [Field] beyond his comprehension was unprecedented.

Neither this world nor this continent was prepared for the arrival of a divine era magic mage.

This power, which clearly only exists in legendary stories, is rare even during the divine era. At this moment, before him stands a warlock who can rival the heroes of mythical times.

"Then, the contract is complete." Ain's dominance overwhelmed General Ryder, who was not only her elder but also the top-ranked general on the continent.

Once upon a time, this general was one of the heroes she admired.

In battles against the northern countries, his series of decisions maximized the advantages of the new type of weapons, achieving results that shocked the entire continent.

At that time, she never imagined that this elder would become her enemy.

Even less did she expect that she would defeat the top-ranked general on the continent and force him to sign a series of unequal treaties with the empire.

Everything is for the great Silver Dragon.

"From now on, please start sending suitable candidates for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, Empire."

"I know, you have a daughter, and the Empire also has many eligible princesses and duchesses." As a member of the royal family, Ain is very familiar with the outstanding girls from the opposite Empire.

"The seventh, eighth, ninth, and thirteenth princesses must also come."

"The daughters of the three northern dukes should not be absent either."

As Ain listed familiar names one after another, each name made General Ryder's face turn even more sour, but he reluctantly nodded.

Are these girls now going to be treated as part of the Empire's compensation to the kingdom and be held hostage?

This kind of practice is in line with the rules of the divine era.

Keeping princesses and princes of defeated and vassal countries as hostages in the court of the suzerain country is a common method.

However, why does this group called the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order only accept females, especially girls under the age of eighteen?

Can this Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order really retrieve the power of the divine era?

After sending away the suspicious General Ryder, Ain breathed a sigh of relief.

As a queen, she had many immature aspects, but luckily she didn't reveal too many flaws.

No one would have ever guessed that she was not a forbidden spellcaster of the divine era at all, but a spokesperson with a more powerful background than the forbidden spellcasters of the divine era.

"Promise, we will definitely fulfill it."

"In the name of the mighty Silver Dragon, even if we have to sacrifice the entire world, we will do it without hesitation!"

It was an unwavering determination that nobody could attain, a path chosen by Ain as the stargazer, surpassing her royal identity.

Perhaps this path is full of difficulties, but no matter what kind of obstacles, she has decided to surpass and break them.

"The Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order will definitely change this world."

"Adley, you are the king of this world."

Whispering softly, Ain showed a gentle smile.

As the older sister, she was only temporarily taking the position as the queen of this kingdom.

The true queen of this world is Adley, her younger sister who possesses the blessing of the silver dragon, even though she hasn't grown up yet.

Because she is a child loved by the great silver dragon.

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