Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1036

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Chapter 1036: The Princess's Request

"Um... This is the original book from the divine era!" Gaspar sweat profusely as he carefully observed the cover of Princess Adley's book.

Big mistake, a really big mistake.

Never in a million years would anyone have thought that the book Princess Adley casually pulled out would be a priceless original from the divine era.

Any book that has survived from the divine era until now is rare, and considering the artistic value of the cover, it is a masterpiece even in the divine era's art peak.

The lines, composition, and colors in this book make the adult books in his trade guild look like child's doodles in comparison.

Truly, the oldest royal family continued from the divine era, even the educational books for the princess are such precious treasures.

"Don't you have it?" Adley appeared extremely disappointed.

Books symbolize knowledge.

Inside books, there are countless answers to questions.

The book is the embodiment of wisdom.

Sister Ain always tells her so and recommends many books for her to read. This book was also brought out by sister Ain!

" could it not be there!" As a merchant, Gaspar felt that his reputation was facing the biggest crisis ever.

Don't underestimate the importance of fulfilling Princess Adley's desire to read a book. If this opportunity is missed, there may not be a second chance in this lifetime.

To be associated with Princess Ain, who has been hailed as the "Nuclear Blast Queen," is an opportunity that many great merchants on the continent dream of!

If he didn't regularly offer rare candies as tribute to Princess Adley, he would never have the opportunity to be part of this rare chance.

He is simply a representative elected by the Kingdom's Merchant Association. There are several influential merchants within the kingdom who are more powerful than him. If he dares to say "no" here, it would be the end of his career!

How could it be possible to not have it? It's just an eighteen forbidden book from the divine era, and it's the highest level of artistic masterpiece. As a merchant, one must never utter the words "no" for any item that exists in this world!

"I'll bring it tomorrow!" Gaspar wiped his sweat while quickly searching his mind for relevant information.

"Hmm, I want to draw very beautiful pictures, like the ones with many little girls!" Adley innocently showed Gaspar the cover of "The Correct Way to Hatch Dragon Eggs".

The colorful and lively images of pure and innocent girls made Gaspar feel even more pressure.

This art style is definitely one of the best masters, even during the divine era. It's going to be a big expense!

There's no choice, this is the request of Nuclear Blast Queen's sister, Princess Adley, the kingdom's first heir.

He had no right to say "no".


On the other side, Ain and General Ryder signed a series of post-war treaties.

The empire completely gave up all the benefits of this war, fully withdrew their troops from the kingdom, and actively compensated for the kingdom's losses, without mentioning the complete destruction of the empire's first magic army legion.

This is the deterrent power of nuclear explosions. Even though the empire's main magic armored legion is still intact, with only the loss of their elite first magic army legion, and the second and third legions with the most mass-produced machines waiting on the border. However, the war has already come to an end.

From this perspective, it can be said that the kingdom won the war and forced the empire to sign an unfair treaty, which can be called humiliating.

After possessing the ultimate weapon of nuclear explosion, as long as Ain remains in power, it seems unlikely that the empire will be able to launch a second invasion in their lifetime, unable to solve this problem.

"The era ultimately belongs to you young people," said General Ryder, who personally signed a series of treaties that can be called a shame for the empire, anticipating the arrival of a new era.

The revival of the forbidden spell of the divine era.

The establishment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

The widespread use of the empire's magic armor.

All of this made him, who had been on the battlefield for most of his life, feel unfamiliar.

Whether it is the magic armor or the appearance of the ultimate forbidden spell, it will completely change the form of warfare.

In this case, the empire's first magic armor completely outpaced other traditional armies that relied on cavalry and infantry coordination.

These armies were also new armies supported by magical weapons in the war, they were the main forces that built the reputation of General Ryder, who was an extraordinary leader. They had steam tanks and city attack machines, which were the most advanced war weapons ten years ago.

In the wars with several northern countries, General Ryder took advantage of these weapons and expanded the empire's territory by a third.

The war against the kingdom was supposed to be the decisive battle for the empire's unification of the continent, so it was entrusted to General Ryder, who was recognized as the most outstanding army commander.

Who would have thought that a sudden nuclear explosion from the sky would completely change the situation of the entire continent?

The power of the forbidden spell during the divine era surpassed everyone's imagination. It was a power that was even more crazy than what was recorded. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to describe it as a power that could destroy everything.

On his journey to the royal city for negotiations, General Ryder only stopped at the area of the nuclear explosion and witnessed the breathtaking scene with his own eyes.

That was a terrifying world that could not be described in words. Starting from where the empire's first magic army corps used to be stationed, all the way to the horizon, everything was burned and destroyed.

An area of over several tens of kilometers turned into scorched earth under the power of the nuclear explosion. There was no trace of any intelligent beings left. Looking down from the rising balloons, the central area of the nuclear explosion turned into a huge vortex-shaped basin.

Anyone who saw this scene would feel their own insignificance.

The Empire's first magic army legion was unfortunate. They couldn't even resist and were wiped out by this power from the earth. The three titled knights were no different from the others in the legion against this power.

They were also lucky to witness the terrifying forbidden spell power, which was once thought to be a fantasy, even during the divine era.

In the span of ten years, this world has undergone tremendous changes.

General Ryder once believed that the Empire's technology represented the most advanced power in the world, the evolution of civilization.

But now, the kingdom informs the Empire that the glory of the divine era's power has not disappeared. The ultimate power of a nuclear explosion can instantly annihilate even the Empire's strongest legion armed with black technology.

"So, is the Empire prepared as I requested?" Queen Ain, emitting immense pressure, questioned General Ryder.

Similarly, General Ryder, who was in a disadvantaged position, had no right to say "no."

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