Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1035

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Chapter 1035: The Power of Love

"However, forcing it is not allowed, otherwise it won't pass the assessment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order." Princess Ain felt sorry for what she had to do next.

It's likely that girls on this continent who meet the conditions for hatching will be drawn in, no one can resist the temptation of the divine era's power.

It's very regretful, but sacrifices must be made for the new era of this world.

As the Queen of the kingdom, she was already mentally prepared to be called countless names in the future.

"So, what are the requirements for the test?" Count Gaspar calculated the interests involved and quickly found one profitable route after another.

The power of the divine era, promised by the newly emerged and only forbidden spellcaster on the continent, in itself was worth a fortune.

In order to gain the power of the divine era, all the girls who meet the conditions will have to come here, whether they want to or not.

Just look at the behavior of Duke Parbad and Viscount Shira earlier, even Duke Parbad who is of noble rank and Viscount Shira who is a quasi-hero-ranked knight couldn't control themselves, let alone others.

Moreover, for those underage girls who meet these conditions, this is not a bad thing.

Even if they were reluctant at first, their fathers, mothers, and relatives will make them come here regardless.

The royal and noble part is off-limits for us merchants, but as for the rest - the common-born women and the non-human races not under any country's jurisdiction - they are fair game.

The potential and opportunities to be gained here are enormous!

Just imagine, Count Gaspar would feel a rush of excitement.

This yet-to-be-established Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order is destined to become a battleground for countless forces!

"Soon you will know," Ain said, looking at the tall tower behind him.

Once this plan starts, no one can stop it, including herself.

Just as Princess Ain expected, she was going to form the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, and the news about this order reclaiming the power of the divine era spread throughout the continent in just a few days, with a tendency to expand beyond the continent.

The impact of this news was even greater than Princess Ain's coronation ceremony, causing a stir in all the countries of the continent.

The royal family, nobles, and merchants of the kingdom rushed to send their eligible young girls to the capital city, waiting for the upcoming assessment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

At this moment, General Ryder, the highest commander of the invading war from the empire, looked at the newly crowned Queen Ain with a strange expression.

"Queen Ain, are you really determined to do this?"

Due to the complicated relationship between the empire and the kingdom, General Ryder was actually Duke Parbad's cousin and Ain's elder.

The war between the empire and the kingdom never affected the common people because the royal families on both sides are actually one family.

The only difference is that the emperor of the empire pursues "black technology of the new era," while the kingdom has always adhered to tradition for millions of years.

In the eyes of the Empire, the royal family of the Kingdom is like ancient relics that refuse to change, while in the eyes of the Kingdom, the Empire is a rebellious group who goes against tradition.

But even so, the royal families on both sides continue to intermarry in order to maintain the power of their bloodline. This is a unique phenomenon in this world.

"Yes, I will establish a brand new knight Order called the divine era. No one can stop me." With the sacred silver dragon as her backing, Ain has the courage to face the whole world.

In order to fulfill her promise with the silver dragon, she didn't hesitate to lie to the entire world.

However, as long as everyone believes that this lie is true, then it is no longer a lie.

Just like how she was believed to have casted a forbidden spell that caused a nuclear explosion, the not-yet-established Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order is destined to bring about change in this world.

"Oh... you've really grown up, Ain..." Ryder looked at Princess Ain-- no, now she's the queen, with overwhelming courage.

There was a time when the little girl had grown to a level that even the vast Empire feared.

The title of divine era forbidden spellcaster, the ruler of the nuclear explosion forbidden spell, has become Queen Ain's exclusive title.

People now call the new ruler of the kingdom Nuclear Blast Queen.

Because of her presence, the three major legions of the empire have completely retreated to their original borders, and there will be no invasion plans for a long time.

Her existence represents the unimaginable ultimate power of this era.

With such power, one can truly do whatever they want.

If that nuclear explosion forbidden spell could be unleashed outside the kingdom, even the empire would be powerless. The strategic deterrence of this power is truly terrifying.

"So, what exactly is the assessment for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order?" The main information General Ryder needed to know when he rushed overnight to negotiate with Queen Ain.

The power of the divine era, the empire cannot resist this temptation.

"That is... the power called love." Ain had a melancholy expression on her face.

Only as a last resort, I really don't want to use this method.


"My sister said, it's love!"

"With love, we can gain strength."

Adley flipped through the book "The Correct Way to Hatch Dragon Eggs" while secretly telling Count Gaspar, who had found himself in a sneaky way.

"Love?" Count Gaspar sweated profusely, never expecting that love would be the key to passing the assessment.

How should they cultivate it? Would it be better to choose young ones with naturally gentle personalities?

"Hmm, we need love, lots and lots of love!" Adley also worried about how to have more love.

She didn't understand herself how to love the egg more. It was a mysterious field for her, still being young.

"Gaspar, do you have any books that are restricted to adults, like this one?" After thinking for a while, Adley found the only clue.

Sister said that the key to hatching dragon eggs is found in this book.

"Books that are restricted to those over 18? I have them here." Count Gaspar, the kingdom's top merchant, had all kinds of goods, including books that minors are not allowed to read.

After all, it is one of the needs of humans.

As a merchant, as long as he can make money, he will sell anything. Restricted books are just a piece of cake.

However, when he saw the cover of the book in Adley's hands, he suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.

"Wait... is the princess asking for a book of the same level as this one?"

"Hmm, it has to be as good-looking as this book." Adley looked at Count Gaspar with an innocent smile.

"Um... this..."